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Have apple trees that will be on their 3rd spring in and don't look like they'll have fruit for at least 2 or 3 more years as they are basically still spindly whips with few branches. They have leafed out nice particularly the 2nd summer but just haven't grown much. I have not fertilized. No pest problems to date except the occasional munched branch by deer which was controlled by deer spray. I probably didn't prune as much as I should have. Fedco and Henry Leuthardt are the first two that come to mind for me..

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Master Your Garden Month-By-Month

Have apple trees that will be on their 3rd spring in and don't look like they'll have fruit for at least 2 or 3 more years as they are basically still spindly whips with few branches. They have leafed out nice particularly the 2nd summer but just haven't grown much. I have not fertilized. No pest problems to date except the occasional munched branch by deer which was controlled by deer spray.

I probably didn't prune as much as I should have. Fedco and Henry Leuthardt are the first two that come to mind for me.. Grandpa's Orchard in Michigan should have what you are looking for. My only issue with the trees are got were that some were a bit too large and branched higher up on the tree than I like.

One of the apricots was about 2" diameter on the trunk. Any recommendations of fruit tree nursery in the Bay area? Any orlando fruit tree nursery recommendation? How do you hybridize trees zone to zone 3? Zone 4 fruit trees for espalier? Oh there is also Maple Valley Orchards, they are also in zone 4 I think. Gramps is in zone 6 and isn't as focused on northern plants, but does sell many hardy items if you check them out.

The three other places you can't go wrong with since they are in zone 4 themselves and since they are propagating outside can't grow anything not hardy there. I bought some trees from Maple Valley and the trees were very good but they came far too late since my season starts much earlier and they had to start out in the heat.

Henry Leuthardt isn't in zone 4. They are on Long Island, just south of me. However, I recently bought a more mature Honeycrisp from them and I had a good experience. They were pleasant and knowledgable and the tree was in good shape. Of course, I won't really know how it is until it leafs out in the spring, but so far so good.

Pruning will not help trees that aren't growing enough. It will just further delay fruiting. It sounds to me that your trees need fertilizer. Either a good dose of high nitrogen mulch or a high nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen leaches out of sandy soil with every rain. If you aren't getting about 3 ft of growth the first couple years, your trees need fertilizer. In later years inches growth is about right.

I except my apples to bear by year three. Of course I have a longer growing season. Yours should start blooming by year four if properly grown. Lawrence Nurseries in northern New York also specializes in cold hardy fruit. I've had good luck with them in the past but haven't purchased anything recently.

Here is a link that might be useful: St. Lawrence Nurseries. Try putting down a " layer of well composted manure two weeks before last threat of frost. I bet that will wake them up. As far as the location of the nursery is concerned it many or may not matter as most get their trees from wholesalers. Its more important that you are buying varieties that are well suited to your zone with a proper rootstock for your soil and buying from reputable nurseries.

Lawrence Nurseries is one of the few nurseries that grows all of its own trees in your zone but they are done taking orders for the season. Even if a nursery grows their own trees being further north will have no affect on their cold hardiness that I know of. Miller used to try to sell this myth but it would only hold true of seedling trees that have grown in colder climates for many generations. A clone is a clone- if it starts off cold hardy a piece of it grafted onto a clonal rootstock will be just as hardy even if it's grown in CA.

The myth in the opposite direction is common as well: locals here in Maryland have told me not to order from northern nurseries. The reason to order from a zone 4 nursery if in zone 4 is you know that everything will be hardy and they will also be focusing on hardy varieties. This is particularly important for plums for example -- St. Lawrence and Fedco have much, much better collections of zone 4 hardy plums compared to any other nurseries in the US.

I have pooled with friends to get the priceing. I am in maine zone and need semi d to get them out of reach of deer soon. Its a good thing I like deer meat. I have read conflicting reports about the cold hardiness of semi dwarf trees.

One argument was to plant standards and prune them to the size you want. We have plenty of room, we just want easier care.

I've heard the B-9 and M rootstock are hardy, but I would like to know if anyone has any advise. I use mm because it anchors well and I get wind. I'm not going to get as much cold as you get. For serious cold, if you have room for full size trees, Antonovka is very possibly the best choice of root stocks.

Sign In. Join as a Pro. Houzz TV. Houzz Research. Home Decor. Holiday Decor. Christmas Trees. Holiday Lighting. Gift Cards. Explore Discussions. Looking for suggestions on sources for fruit trees for Zone 4. Email Save CommentSort by: Oldest. Newest Oldest. Scott F Smith 10 years ago. Like Save. Related Discussions Any recommendations of fruit tree nursery in the Bay area?

I've grown Papayas of all kinds of varieties from seeds I've gotten out of papayas from Walmart, and fruit stands. Every type I've planted here has done great and I've always gotten fruit within the first year. Anyways, there are 2 nurseries here on 49th st. Last time I was in they both had large citrus trees and I'm sure they will deliver. Also, Home Depot and Lowes usually have large citrus trees. I hate to say it, but those places might have the best trees at the cheapest prices.

They also might be the most healthy because of the fast turnover rate. You already mentioned two of my favorite choices for fruit trees: Lukas locally and Kerby's for the best selection in Central Florida. I would also try Apenberry's go through the building and back out to the far left corner of the nursery to find the trees and while you are on Edgewater stop at Blodgett's too. They don't have a lot of fruit trees but it's always an adventure to see what wonderful things they have.

You are sure to find something unusual there. Hope that helps, Kate. Grafting I'll use the example of roses here. Just like japanese maples, most roses are not hardy to zones 4 and lower. The are zone 5 and up. Hybrid tea for instance are not hardy but they are grafted onto hardy roots.

Unfortuntely, this doesn't make them hardy in zone 4 and down, we have to protect them heavily so they will come back the year after and even then you run the risk of loosing them. Not because the root system is in danger but because the grafted part is.

But even if you loose the grafted part during the winter, you still may have roses that will emerge from the root stock, below the grafting point. Of course, they wont be the same hybrid tea that you bought since that part died, but a hardy rose from the plant on which it was grafted.

I would say the same rules would apply to japanese maples grafted onto hardy maple roots. You probably know the Explorer Serie roses. These roses are hybrids but are not grafted, they use their own roots to grow from and they are hardy to zone 3 and some to zone 2.

I have 5 of them doing very well and they never needed any kind of winter protection and I never even thought about giving them any either zone 4b QC, Canada.

Hardy Tropical Plants You Can Grow!

My book, my movies, my videos, my podcasts, my events Divine Earth Gardening Project. There is nothing permanent in a culture dependent on such temporaries as civilization. Rob S. If someone reading this lives in a nice microclimate and has the above available to them not to mention the extra time and money to try an experiament then go for it. If you are on a limited budget of time and money and are trying to be as self sufficiant as possible in the shortest amount of time then I gotta say forget it.

Have you ever had a really good blueberry, or just store bought? Connecticut's the perfect zone for growing them. BobVance February 7, , am #8.

Winter-Sowing 101

We've determined you're in Growing Zone. In early spring Bonfire Peach errupts with pink flowers covering it's branches as it's bronze foliage emerges. Why Bonfire Peach Trees? Because no yard space or garden is no problem when it comes to the Bonfire Patio Peach Tree. And while you can eat these peaches fresh off the tree, they're best used for baking or canning, which will bring out their sweet, peach taste.Despite its small stature, the Bonfire Patio Peach produces sweet, succulent and sizable peaches with plenty of flavor. Bonfire Patio Peach Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Bonfire Patio Peach Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop. These trees are moderate growers, maturing to a manageable mature height that fits in any space.

Best Fruit Trees in Silver Spring

Main Plant Information. Lehua Ohia Ohia lehua. Metrosideros collina Metrosideros pumila Nania glabrifolia Nania lutea Nania macropus var. The species name polymorpha , meaning "many forms," is most apropos. Probably no other native Hawaiian plant is found in a greater number of varieties than this one.

Boz is befuddled; he, like so many other kiwi aficionados, had no idea that this delicious fruiting vine grows well in a temperate climate.

What Month Do Grapevines Bloom?

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Which Fruit Trees Should I Plant in San Diego?

Summer fruits are among the most delicious things we eat, and ripe summer fruit from your own garden is even better. To keep your fruit trees healthy and producing fruit, learn how and when to prune fruit trees. Below are fruiting trees that grow well in northern Virginia and that we find are generally the easiest to care for. Choose a south or southwest position to plant your tree, and make sure it receives full sun. Figs like a soil pH in the neutral range, about 6 to 7 pH, and fertile soil.

Thread in the Vegetables and Fruit forum forum by maxcaviar: can anyone tell why my May 17, PM CST Southold, Long Island, NY (Zone 7a).

Permaculture Plants: Yellowhorn

Hi all, first time posting here! Have lurked every now and then but finally decided to register. We have neutral, well draining soil with plenty of sun and space.

Trees of Antiquity (formerly Sonoma Antique Apple Nursery)

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I originally ordered 3 pluot trees. I canceled 1 and totally regret it after receiving the 2 trees I kept on my order. The trees are huge! Beautifully grafted. Looking forward to my pluots! Ordered 4 trees from ToA in early April 2 for us, 2 for some nearby friends.

Despite having been brought up with using Lime, I feel that Linden is the more appropriate, as: a Linden is an old English common name as well, is still in popular use in some parts of Britain, and is generally fairly well-known as an alternative name here; b Lime as a name for Tilia is almost unknown in the US, so many there will be confused by it, not least because c Lime is also widely used for other plants Citrus spp.

This glossary of botanical terms is a list of definitions of terms and concepts relevant to botany and plants in general. Terms of plant morphology are included here as well as at the more specific Glossary of plant morphology and Glossary of leaf morphology. For other related terms, see Glossary of phytopathology and List of Latin and Greek words commonly used in systematic names. Also abbreviated dicot. Also spelled disk. Also elliptic.

Learn how to grow blueberries in your home garden. We'll take you step by step through planting, fertilizer and mulch, care and harvest. Local microclimate and soil is important, too, as we'll discuss below.