Charlesworth leicester horticultural society 1865

Charlesworth leicester horticultural society 1865

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Biodiversity Heritage Library

Search Results. If you intend to consult manuscripts and special collections, we strongly urge you to contact us in advance, to let us know the subject of your research, and to make an appointment to view the material, which can then be made ready for you. List of Collections View as Search Results. Bernard Clarke; c. Edward Carrington messuages, cottages, lands, etc ; Album containing postcards and photographs of soldiers during the First World War belonging to Winifred E.

North, undated, c. Rome of Lincolnshire and C. Harvey of Nottingham; Brand identity materials for textiles and clothing brands Ladybird and Viyella, c. Granger ; Collection of indentures for apprenticeships in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, Collection of letters primarily from members of the Venables-Vernon family of Sudbury, Derbyshire, to the Reverend John Addenbrooke, Dean of Lichfield, Collection of manuscript fragments and local ephemera from Nottinghamshire, 14thcentury Collection of miscellaneous items relating to Nottingham, c.

Radford and Son, civil engineers of Nottingham, c. Ltd and the Staveley Coal and Iron Co. Lordship, Manor Wapentake of Chesterfield; n. Hudson, Matthews and Co. Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicaien. Granger, Geology and geography notebook of Victor Cresswell , student at University College, Nottingham, Governance records of the Trent River Authority and its predecessor bodies; Ground floor plan of Middleton Hall, Warwickshire, Holograph copy of Survivors, a collection of poetry by George Edward Gee,c.

Inspector of Schools, Illustrations of heraldry by Samuel Collinson , stockbroker and artist of Nottingham, c. Jacob fl ,physician; early 20th century. Manuscript book belonging to Ludovicus Barrerius containing works in Latin on rhetoric, mathematics, astrology and horology, Manuscript book relating to property belonging to Jean Chappellier of Paris, Manuscript commonplace book entitled 'The Triumphs of Man', c. Undated, late18th century Manuscript volume of poetry including 'Needwood Forest' by Francis Mundy of Markeaton, Derbyshire, Manuscript volume recording customs of the Manor of Mansfield, Nottinghamshirec.

Barber , lecturer in pharmacology at The University of Nottingham, n. Shelton, C. Vennen, Joseph Noble, John Wright, Langar, Nottinghamshire; 24 November Material relating to the Mining Industry, including some rare ephemera relating to miners' health and welfare; Memoirs of Dr Neville Mowbray Potter, chemist and geologist , and a copy of his book 'Environment: the Truth'; Memoranda book for a farm in the Stragglethorpe, Holme Pierrepont and Cotgrave area, Nottinghamshire, Memoranda book of John Graham Clarke c.

Wakerley; Notebooks and personal papers of Frank Berry , pharmacy student at UniversityCollege Nottingham, Notebooks containing examples of arithmetic and calligraphy; 18th century Notes and course work in needlework made by students at University College Nottingham, Notes by P.

Cropper towards a History of Sneinton; c. Potter concerning the history of several parishes in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, 16th century Rist fl , student atUniversity College Nottingham and builder, Papers associated with D.

Lawrence collected by W. Forster, bookseller and Lawrence collector, Papers collected by a former clerk at Nottingham General Hospital, c. Swann, lecturer in electrical and electronic engineering at theUniversity of Nottingham, Papers of Dr Sam Lilley , science lecturer at the University of Nottingham,c. Lawrence, Papers of Eric S. Walker relating to the lace firms J. Kennett, student of English at the University of Nottingham, Papers of Jack Britton, former student at University College, Nottingham including dance cards, photographs of Karnival and posters relating to Student Union balls etc; and n.

Cripps and Sir C.Papers relating to Thomas William Bush , astronomer; Papers relating to University of Nottingham undergraduate Engineering courses; Parish summaries of Agricultural and Horticultural Census returns for East Midlands counties; Pencil sketch of Ossington Hall and Church, Nottinghamshire, in the style of J.

Nattes; n. Wortley , Principal of University College, Nottingham, and his daughter Glenys Wortley ; Photographs and other records of Valerie Stevens relating to student theatre at TheUniversity of Nottingham, Photographs and personalia of Fred Oakley fl , former student of UniversityCollege Nottingham, Photographs by A. Smith of mills in Derbyshire, c.

Ltd, lace manufacturers, c. Ronald K. Ross , Unitarian minister of Nottingham, Photographs of staff from the housekeeping department of Nottingham General Hospital; n. The Potter Collection of Deeds and Records, c. Ltd, merchant bankers, Records relating to A. Trease , Professor of Pharmacognosy in the Pharmacy Department, University of Nottingham, Report on the gardens and grounds at Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire, by Dr Hilary Taylor, landscape historian and consultant, Reports from the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England on listed ancient monuments in Nottinghamshire, c.

Spick and G. Parkes on the history of houses in Arnold,Nottinghamshire, Research notes of Lt. Metcalfe, geologist, Research papers of Dr David M. Smith b , geographer, comprising photographs of industrial sites in the East Midlands, Research papers of George John Warren Vernon, 5th Baron Vernon , relating to14th-century Italian writers Dante and Giovanni Boccaccio, c. Potter c. Rice , clergyman Scrapbook of original sketches, cuttings and illustrations from the midlands area, Screenplay and associated papers of Paul Bernard , film and televisiondesigner and director, Sermons of Rev.

William Smith died , and Rev. Tithe survey of Eakring, Nottinghamshire; Topographical photographs associated with Prince Leopold , 1st Duke of Albany,undated, c. Manson, and warrant to the Sheriffs of the town and county of Nottingham, Two VHS videos of animations made for Coats Viyella to promote the Ladybird clothing brand Two volumes of handwritten manuscript music score of Frank Lambert's comic opera 'Ladyland' Typescript catalogue of printed books in the library of the church of St Mary Magdalene,Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, by Oswald Allen, c.

Undated, c. James Collection of Manuscripts, The Wadsworth Collection of Manuscripts relating to the Charlton family, Nottinghamshire, Watercolour paintings and photographs of Canada by an unidentified artist, Watercolour sketches of the English Lake District by Reverend John Eagles ,artist and writer, Wollaton Library Collection; 12thth century The Wright Papers, being the papers of the Marriot family of Yorkshire and Worcestershire,

Derbyshire Record Office

Level: Item. Additional creator s : Charlesworth, John Other. So if you search our catalogue by subject using the links below then you are unlikely to find all relevant records. But you will find some

Missouri Botanical Garden & Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University ( -) A. M. Cecil; Alicia Margaret Amherst Cecil Rockley ( - ).

List of fellows of the Royal Society A, B, C

Help organising your research by adding bookmarking your articles. You can review your Bookmarks in the Saved area. Bookmarks and notes are personal to you and are not public. Weedon, county coroner. Agnes Stevenson said: lam housekeeper the Oaks. The deceased was the widow of James Broughton, a late coachman there. Six verbenas, 1 Martha. Broughton, 2 John White, 3 James Disney. Bouquet of wild flowers, 1 Wm Wigley, 2 Wm. HalL Design in flowers, 1 Sarah Broughton.

Title List

The invention of the steam engine, by James Watt, and the increasing use of coal to power machinery led to industrial concentration in the coal producing areas of the Midlands and the North. There was, generally speaking, a migration from the countryside to the towns with work available in the new mills and factories, although often under conditions of appalling hardship. Very little of this would have been felt, at any rate to begin with, in a poor rural community like Elstead, far from any great manufacturing centre. In there were 79 inhabited houses occupied by families.

Eventually I hope to post three virtual history walks around Rastrick which will cover upper, middle and the lower part of the township so to start with a Mid Rastrick walk may seem a little unorthodox.

Elgin County Marriage Registers 1865-1873

Click here for a map of England and Wales before the administrative changes of the last half century. British History Online: London. Click here for later Middlesex County Asylums. Click for London Houses including non-pauper with ten or more lunatics. O'Donoghue Chronology ?

University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collections

The primary focus of the biographical register is musical personnel first active before the end of , with a secondary focus on members of their circles - families, pupils, colleagues, and other important contacts - first active afterBeyond that, there has been no systematic attempt as yet to deal with musical personnel first active after , and so far the coverage is selective. A major upgrade of the contents of this page was completed in January , and newly added documentation including genealogical data and Trove tagging now brings the page content up to close to completion. Only such biographical information as can be confirmed from standard national databases or original documentation presented is entered at the head of each person entry in this page. Where no certain evidence of a person's birth year has yet been identified, the assumption is that we do not and cannot yet know with sufficient certainty to propose one.

Annual report Leicestershire Branch. (1 doc). Norfolk. SR CPRE B/3/ Newsletter of The Norfolk Society. (1 doc). Autumn. North Humberside.

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Continued from Elgin County Marriages —Return of marriages solemnized by John MacMillan, a minister of the Canada Presbyterian church for the year ending 31st day of December A. Russel G. I do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct statement of all marriages solemnized before the said John McMillan for the year ending on the 31st day of December next preceeding the date hereof. Fingal, January 19,Signed John McMillan.

The journal started in and continues today.

CorrespondenceSubjects include: discovery of fossils in Australia; observations of Tasmanian Aborigines; self-government in New South Wales; research on Australian and New Zealand fauna including platypus and moa; dispatch of Australian specimens and skulls of Maoris and Aborigines. Correspondents include W. Clift, G. Bennett, Sir Walter Buller, R. Etheridge, W.

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