Juju bees fruit tree

Juju bees fruit tree

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Compliments on your excellent service today! Cruz and his crew did a Great job. An unusual fruit tree for Texas. If you love growing fruit, but have struggled with other common fruit trees, it might be time to give jujube a try.

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Juju Candy Recipes

Bass--looking at the photos on your jujube web page, it appears Li is much larger than the others. Is this typical? If its flavor is as good as the others, it would seem that the bigger fruit would give the best yield. I tasted a jujube once at a rare fruit growers meeting, and wasn't impressed, but I expect it was one of the dry types you mentioned.

Maybe if I can find a Li I'll give it a try. Bass, just curious. What differences do you see between the Li and the Shanxi Li Jujubes? Welcome, Private Messages : Unread. Note: Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Many features may not work properly without it.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. Stay away from varieties that have been used in China mainly for drying like Lang and a few others, those are dryer in taste and somewhat sour.

In china most of the varieties are for drying. Many made it to the US in the early without proper evaluation of which is for drying or for fresh eating. I like jujubes better than apples. I dug out my apple tree and planted a jujube instead, at least I don't have to spray, and nothing bother it except my family member who come visit me so they can pick it.

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OK Cancel. Login to make your opinion count. Username or Email. Password Forgot your password? Log me in automatically on each visit. Private Messages : Unread. PostedReply with quote 1. Here are pics of my Rancona and Blanca de Maella which are spanish figs.

This was the first fig for Rancona. Reply with quote 2. Thanks for sharing Jose, I added a couple of Jujubes to my collection earlier this Springs.

Per Bass's recommendations I added the "Li and another numbered one". I'm wondering how an Asian pear would do in Michigan? The thought has come across my mind a few times in the past but brushed it off. Nonetheless, The Jujubes seem to be doing well and hope they will fruit next season.

I have them in pots for now. Your figs look very tasty! Reply with quote 3. Rafed, Asian pears will do just fine for you. I have 2 varieties growing here in 5b, Chojuro and Shinseki. My spouse loves them. I'm still ambivalent. They aren't great apples and they aren't great pears.

They ARE "refreshing" and the wasps and other bugs don't seem to bother them Butting out before the thread police come for me. Reply with quote 4. My Asian pears did well this year. The Jujube tree I got, I have 9 different varieties I grafted on it. They are all loaded, and I've been picking a bucket a day and they're super sweet and crispy.

They do well in cold climate. Reply with quote 5. Bass, That is downright evil! Just what I need. Something else that I can't live without. Reply with quote 6. Reply with quote 7. I picked about a 5 gallon bucket of JuJubees. Tasty, a great crunch with a good sweetness. Reply with quote 8.

Miracle fruit is a small red berry that if you eat it, it turns your taste buds and you can eat a sour lemon and turns the flavor into honey. It's fun watching people facing when sampling this. Reply with quote 9. Bass, What is the sweetest and most prolific of the Jujubes? Do you like chestnuts? I just picked about 7 lbs yesterday. Don't know how good they are.

It has been hot and dry and they are 4 wks early this year. The other tree is behaving more normally so we'll see. Reply with quoteMy favorite Jujube so far is Li, from the 15 different varieties I have sampled. The Sihong is very promising variety that has a crispy sweet taste that is a bit different than Li.Ken, I know several people who didn't like Jujube after trying the wrong variety. However after making them try it again they love it.

Bass is jujube a big tree? Sounds like I need to have a Li jujube tree. It can get about 15'' tall. Thanks Bass, I'll have to see if I can find a Li. Paully, here they can get big.

The tree I was picking from was almost 20 feet tall. In China each province has its own Li from what I have learned. The Li in Shanxi is larger than the average Li. Were these 2 breba figs. Previous Topic Next Topic.

Growing Jujube Trees and How to Use the Fruit

I ended up getting a few jujubees at my new house, I planted them this past April. Size is about that of Honeyjar. Tree grows fast. Bob, Thanks for the report esp.

F. jujub, jujubees, sort of Jubiler, va. ju - bi - le. C. to pension an old ser. fruit. vant. M. jujub - tree. to make merry.

Buy Jujube Trees

Arkansas Black Spur Large dark red skinned apple. High quality fruit for dessert and cooking. Lasts for several months after harvest. Self fruitful tree, however it will benefit from another pollinator such as Golden Delicious. Semi-Dwarf tree that grows ten to thirteen feet tall. Late season harvest. Hardy in Zones 5 to 9. Honeycrisp Cold hardy tree from the University of Minnesota.

What Is a Ju Ju Berry Tree?

Jujubes were produced beforeJujuben is an edible berry that grows in the tropics. But the name of the berry has nothing to do with the composition of the candy, which is probably related to one of the basic ingredients of jujubes and jujy fruits, juju gum. Jujubee is the stage name of the airline Inthyrath, a professional drag artist, makeup artist, singer and actress based in Boston, Massachusetts. Juju, an object that purposely has magical power, or magical power itself, can also refer to the belief system that involves the use of juju.

Pecan Media : food forestry and forest garden ebooks Now available: The Native Persimmon centennial edition. How permies.

Eating Jujube (Ber) Fruit during Pregnancy

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GROWING EXOTIC : With a Little Effort, Tasty Subtropical Fruits Can Thrive in Orange County Soil

The Jujube is covered with long, sharp thorns. They hunt you down. They daw blood. They hurt. If I get within a yard of a Jujube Tree I somehow get skewered. Another little fact you are never told about the tree is if you plant it then move it the old roots, and the new roots where you plant it, will send up young shoots annually seemingly forever.

This deciduous, fruit-bearing tree can grow to about 40 feet tall, has shiny foliage, flaky, Pollination is done by bees and flies.

Jujubes: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties

Kale, steamed pumpkin, chickpeas, avocado, black hijiki, broccoli, carrot and tofu with mint chutney sauce. With broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple and peppers. With brown rice and choice of miso soup or green salad. Soy protein with steamed broccoli, in a spicy brown sauce.

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The jujube is about the size of an olive or small date and has the texture and crisp, sprightly flavor of an apple. You can eat the jujube fresh out of hand or you can enjoy it dried—a favorite in China—or preserved in syrup—a favorite also in China and in Korea. The jujube can also be eaten cooked, made into compotes and jams or into paste. The jujube fruit you will find at the farm market in late summer will be greenish-yellow to yellowish-red colored with a smooth skin.

Sherwood is one of the larger jujube trees, growing up to 25 feet tall, but can easily be kept smaller with pruning. It features delicious bell-shaped fruit that averages an inch and a half in length as well as a more upright habit than most jujubes and far fewer thorns than any other variety.

These chewy, fruity gelatin-based treats take their name from the store-bought candy, often sold in movie theaters. Fortunately, this version produces a candy that's easier on the dental work. You can substitute other fruit purees--such as raspberry or blackberry--for the strawberry puree. Categories Candy. In a … From ricardocuisine. Reminiscent of the jewel speckled … From acoalcrackerinthekitchen. Remove from heat.

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