How to display plants indoor

How to display plants indoor

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Unexpected containers turn inexpensive small houseplants into showstoppers. Instead of investing in the usual decorative pots, spotlight plants in glass vases. Layers of stone or moss keep soil moist, and the high, clear sides of the glass vessels protect plants for a favorable growing environment. A twisty branch can add a bit of drama.

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Indoor plant ideas: 25 ways to create stunning house plant displays

Growing plants inside during the cold season might be very challenging. They require special maintenance, care and luminosity. These conditions are guaranteed naturally during spring and summer, in the garden. But this does not mean you have to be afraid of installing vegetal corners inside.

Besides their fresh beautiful look, plants are able to bring benefits to our health because they purify the air around us. Featuring a multitude of designs, materials and colors, the ways in which we can arrange indoor plants nowadays are endless. On stacks and window sills, hung with ropes or invisible strings, aligned by the fireplace or pairing a ceramic sculpture on a bookshelf — there are many solutions to arrange them in an interesting way.

They bring energy, change the mood and determine you to enjoy more the household activities. Explore our collection and pick what inspires you most! Succulents with their fleshy and juicy tissues are amazing during winter. You do not have to water them very often and are among unsophisticated plants. I know, our desks are usually full of books, sketches and pencils.

The picture above depicts a working place built on the idea of layers — the printer, the working countertop, the shelves for storing or exhibiting items. As you can see, almost every level features indoor plants — climbers and tiny leafy herbs that are responsible to change your mood.

The arrangements which play with different altitudes are very dynamic, thus lively and appealing. As a rule, big plants in big pots are usually put on the floor — they give the interior a solemn touch and function like metaphorical colonnades. Bring plants of decreasing heights nearby and you will obtain interesting visual effects. This combination is not very familiar because heat can affect plants. However, those cut flowers that usually last no more than several days are an option for vegetal arrangements near the fireplace.

The one above features six vases of different shapes and materials — copper, transparent glass and black ceramic. If you want to play with visual effects, fix a large mirror with a baroque frame behind and the flowers will reflect very beautifully. Greenery near the bed? Why not! This interior feels very exotic and it gives me the impression that the inhabitants sleep in a garden.

I believe they have fresh air all the time and feel very relaxed in this natural environment. A quite unusual approach, but very practical and catchy.

Attach six large pockets to a folding paravane, introduce bags or pots with soil in every pocket and you will get a lovely holder for your flowers. Indeed, the watering process might become difficult, but you can opt for artificial plants as well. If you are a big fan of greenery you can try this at home — a large area invaded by natural light where you exhibit plants everywhere. Around tables, on shelves, on the window sill and even hanging from the ceiling near the lighting bulbs.

The trick to avoid the feeling of overcrowded interiors is to opt for pure white backgrounds. Pots with ferns animate this terrace; they make a great combination with exposed bricks walls and wooden flooring. Not only the vegetal elements, but also the pieces of furniture lead you in this direction. Take a ladder and fix metallic trays at every level. I used to consider plants in the bathroom a no-no, but look how amazing the showering place looks surrounded by them!

However, you have to pick plants that love water and humidity. I believe the pots are so light they can be glued easily with pasting or gum. All rights reserved. Skip to content Search for: Search search button. DesignRulz 19 OctoberThis website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.

Indoor Plant Guide

And most of us are no longer satisfied with just one or two indoor plants — rather, people are starting impressive indoor urban jungles where many plants are clustered together. The trick to great indoor plant styling is to not only mix up the types of plants you use but how you display them as well. Related article: How to: Style a bookshelf Related article: Before and after: A dated living room gets a dramatic makeover with Canberra Outlet. For a more organic shape, we love the look of placing your plant in a washable paper bag like this one from Freedom. Available in small, medium and large sizes, as well as a range of finishes, these suit many interior styles including contemporary and boho. This large round brass look pot adds serious luxe vibes to our bookshelf styling without the price tag.

Volume of soil: The growing medium that is present — smaller pots require less fertilizer compared with larger pots because they contain less soil. Light.

Plant an indoor foliage display

One of my favorite accessories for any space are beautiful plants. They add color and interest, while livening up a space. There are several ways to display plants and few plants I use often and love to decorate with. Hope you enjoy. Have a great Friday! In this space we added raised planters with a variety of plants including a snake plant and succulents. I love the mix of plants in this space.

11 Simple Ways to Style Indoor Plants

Growing plants inside during the cold season might be very challenging. They require special maintenance, care and luminosity. These conditions are guaranteed naturally during spring and summer, in the garden. But this does not mean you have to be afraid of installing vegetal corners inside.

Here are some of her ideas for decorating your home with nature. Whether you work in an office or at home, there are so many easy-care indoor plant options — and even more benefits to be had working among them.

Indoor Plant Pictures, Images and Stock Photos

Rest assured, your home is not too bright, too hot, too cold, too damp or too dry for you to successfully harbour an indoor garden, or at least one or two potted beauties. There is more than one plant for every one of those situations, and caring for them is relatively simple. Look for the best house plants for low light, clean air, bathrooms and easy care. In fact, the hardest thing is often selecting your favourite container. From sleek ceramic to rustic terracotta, perfectly patterned to organic and shapely, there are so many beautiful designs hitting shop shelves at the mo!

Vertical Metal Plant Stand 13 Tiers Display Plants Indoor or Outdoors on a

Much of the scenic beauty of nature has been replaced by densely populated areas that sprawl for miles from urban centers. This visual pollution affects us all and leaves us with a longing for a closer connection with nature. We spend about 90 percent of our time indoors. Interior plants are an ideal way to create attractive and restful settings while enhancing our sense of well being. In addition, houseplants can be a satisfying hobby and can help purify the air in our homes. Indoor plants not only convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, but they also trap and absorb many pollutants. To be a successful indoor gardener, you need to understand how the interior environment affects plant growth and how cultivation differs from growing plants outdoors. Of all of the factors affecting plant growth in interiors, adequate light is by far the most important.

Modern houseplants are a must-have! Learn to style indoor plants like a pro with these 6 simple tips on pots, placement and plant choice.

As a toddler in Coffs Harbour, Ryan Klewer used to earn lollies by picking snails off plants for an elderly neighbour. In fact, for as long as he can remember, Ryan has felt connected to plants — not surprising as his mother ran a plant nursery where he worked most holidays. Ryan is now responsible for the care of several hundred indoor plants, scattered around cafes, homes and offices. When it comes to arranging plants in a space he says: "There's a difference between styling with plants and dumping a whole load of plants in one place.

The plants will look good all year round and are easy to care for. Suitable foliage plants include: earth star Cryptanthus bivittatus , emerald ripple Peperomia caperata , false aralia Schefflera elegantissima , parlour palm Chamaedorea elegans , polka-dot plant Hypoestes phyllostachya , maidenhair fern Adiantum raddianum , mosaic plant Fittonia albivenis and spider plant Chlorophytum comosum. After three or four months, lift and separate the plants and repot into their own containers. This will allow them to grow healthily without competing with one another. As the display is a temporary arrangement, you can easily combine plants with different care requirements without causing them harm.

Plants add colour, shape and personality to a room and for that alone we love them.

Indoor plants not only give an original look to your home, but they also make the atmosphere and energy in your house better and healthier. These are some ideas to make your house unique and beautiful. This is a very simple idea, yet it is extremely attractive. All it takes that you either buy or build a trellis, paint it and then hang your plants on it. The beauty of this design lays in the cohesion of the colors of the pots. This is an extremely creative idea to show your houseplants. It is also inexpensive in money and efforts.

Wild and free: Display your indoor plants in various pots, dishes and vases to create a relaxed, airy grouping that can be easily rearranged. FROM LEFT Asparagus fern just visible , Juncus effusus rush terracotta pot , Papyrus large glass vase , dill weed white vase , baby's tears or Soleirolia soleirdii small white dish and corkscrew rush or Juncus effuses 'Spiralis' smaller glass vase. Mini green wall: Place soil and plants in jars and bottles, then stack on sides in a wall-hung, painted crate, securing with strong double-sided tape or sticky dots — try brands like Scotch, Sellotape or 3M.


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