Landscape lighting design app

Landscape lighting design app

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Welcome to Landscape LightingWe'll walk you through the who-what-how of taking your yard's lighting scheme to the next level. Landscape lighting can be the thing that takes your backyard from basic to bling, but undertaking a lighting plan for your yard can be an intimidating project. But have no fear, as this need not be the case. Welcome to Landscape Lighting , where we'll walk you through a basic overview of the various types of lighting you'll find in a landscape and exactly what each of them is supposed to do.

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Landscape Lighting Design and Installation in San Mateo

See how the pros use outdoor lighting to highlight landscape design and beautiful exteriors. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. By: Karin Beuerlein. Eye-Catching Light Thoughtful landscape lighting is a treat for the eyes.

On this walkway, the offset lights have considerable distance between them, leading the eye naturally down the path. Some are located entirely in the garden bed while others cast light onto the path. Keep in mind that there will be a fair amount of natural moonlight at night to help you as well. Be sure to clean the lamp surfaces and check for burned-out bulbs at least once a year, and relocate the stakes if plant growth has blocked their light output.

Path lighting is something that is rarely done well. Whether you opt for inexpensive stakes or pricier fixtures, placement is critical. Think of them as gentle hints for where to go next, not outlining tools or runway lights for an airplane landing. Fewer is usually better. Path lights are visual aids in a dark space, but they also add color and texture if you place them near interesting plants.

Another approach to path lighting is to forego it altogether. In this scene designed by Chicago-area lighting firm Night Light, Inc. Night Light, Inc. According to MacMorris, you want to climb feet or higher to get the most natural look and to keep the fixtures hidden from view. Here, uplighting on trees near the house and moon lighting in the taller trees beyond preserves a woodsy feel and illuminates walking areas so that no path fixtures are needed.

This patio at the end of the pathway is illuminated softly with just two moon lights overhead. Seating areas benefit from moon lighting or lighting installed high overhead because there are no harsh bulbs at eye level and it creates a cozy, intimate feel. Candlelight is at the other end of the spectrum from moonlight — compared to the cooler kelvins, yellow has kelvins.

That means in combination with overhead moon lighting, warm tabletop candles really pop. This outdoor fireplace is spotlighted from a three-and-a-half story eave.

The hardscaping in this outdoor kitchen is lit with outdoor LED tape, which is a flexible strand of LEDs encased in silicone and designed to keep moisture out. Although the back is adhesive, the tape requires support from clips to stay in place. You need some electrical experience if you want to install this yourself. According to Mitchell of NiteLiters , many clients want water features to be lit from within and also uplit — even though that effect never occurs in nature.

Another approach for water features, says Mitchell of , NiteLiters , is to let the ear be your guide. You can let someone take it in as they come near it, and that can be a spectacular effect in itself.

This scene is lit with the entire view in mind, not just the water feature. Uplit trees across the viewing area provide balance; the designer used more lumen intensity and a wider lamp spread on the tree in the middle, which is the focal point. A bonus tip for lighting evergreens: Using a blue lens intensifies their green color. Statues, for example, are typically best viewed from a particular direction, but once you get hardscape and plants in place, it can be difficult to locate the light exactly where it needs to be to get the right effect.

This pergola stands on an island in the middle of a pond and is viewed from a distance, so rather than just lighting the structure itself, designer Dave Marciniak of Revolutionary Gardens uplit the crape myrtles on either side to spread the light across the entire feature.

This way it looks balanced, not stark. Lighting only the house can look unnatural — even bleak — but uplit trees and statuary add depth and softness. Shadow can be just as interesting as light. The spotlights on the front of this house were placed very close to the foundation so that the light would catch the edges of the beautiful stonework and create an intricate shadow pattern.

To avoid a dead dark spot at the peak of the roof, the designer placed one spotlight on a stem in the flower bed at left that sends light all the way to the top. This exterior is also uplit to highlight the stonework, and a path light in front spreads its beam over a bank of hydrangeas.

The warm bath of light on this house is created with a mix of down and up lights. Soffits tend to trap light and make the whole house look like a white-hot square.

The extra elements add visual height and softly silhouette the roofline so you get a true sense of the space. To generate a sense of drama for the front door of this house, which is set in a very narrow porch, Mitchell of NiteLiters chose to backlight the pillars instead of spotlight them. An amber lens makes the dark wood of the door look even richer.

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The Bright Ideas Blog

Call now to get on our Holiday Lighting Schedule! Glimmer Landscape Lighting specializes in working with you to create the perfect LED, low voltage landscape lighting design for your specific taste and budget. Glimmer Landscape Lighting is locally owned and operated. We are dedicated to providing spectacular service with attention to detail to ensure the complete satisfaction of each customer. We will make sure you get exactly what you're looking for! Glimmer Landscape Lighting offers an app that can get you a custom quote within 90 minutes from the comfort of your home.

Enhance your Alexandria or Arlington, VA home with landscape lighting. offer bulbs in which the colors can be changed using an app on a smart device.

Lighting Design Techniques

Call us today atExterior lighting design is the art of painting exteriors with light. Creative Nightscapes can increase the value of your home by adding a new dimension to your property with our professional outdoor landscape lighting design. Whatever the weather, quality outdoor lighting and LED exterior lighting will provide beauty, warmth, and security to your home. We are the 1 choice for professional exterior landscape lighting design in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas and surrounding areas. Call us at or fill out this form, and we will call to set up a free consultation! Please click here for more information. Creative Nightscapes — Landscape Lighting Design Exterior lighting design is the art of painting exteriors with light. Exterior Lighting Read More.

Landscape Design and Enhancements

As important as a good interior lighting scheme is, your outdoor lighting should not be ignored. In fact, one could argue that your outdoor lighting is just as important as your indoor lighting. Besides making your property safer, good lighting makes it more secure as well. Strategically setting up lights to help eliminate hiding places can greatly boost your home security.

Find out why DIALux is made for lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers. Find out why DIALux is free of charge.

Landscape Lighting in Westchester County, Putnam County & Surrounding Areas

This website is for visitors in the United States. Click here to shop in-lite Canada. Our patented connection system was created with the professional in mind: save on installation time and cost. Our professional program is committed to developing, promoting, and rewarding your business. Our in-sider program is free to join and gives industry professionals access to trade pricing, our community and the industry's top points program.

DFW's Most Trusted Outdoor Lighting Company

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Experience in-lite outdoor lighting. The in-lite 12 volt system. Decide which areas of the yard you want to light up and choose your fixtures.

From lighting systems in the pool and patio area, to outdoor speaker with the Lutron app, along with many other smart home apps such as Crestron.

You cut the top off a cardboard box and draw a rough lighting sketch with a sharpie. Lighting Designer is an app for iPad and iPhone that makes lighting setups easy to illustrate. Will you be in the back of a crew van? Waiting in the airport?

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Chat with us , powered by LiveChat. Landscape lighting is a fantastic way to show off your property while also revitalizing your yard, expanding usable space, and highlighting specific features of your home.This blog will provide an in-depth breakdown of everything there is to know about landscape lighting including lighting design, planning, maintenance, and much, much more. It will also go over some of our favorite landscape lighting products offered here at Blue Jay Irrigation and highlight a few of the reasons why we recommend them to our clients.

Path lights are an important consideration for outdoor spaces you plan to navigate at night.

The excellent success of lighting design projects derives from the skills of the professional employed in the design, from their know-how and the use of suitable programs , designed ad hoc for the realisation of decorative lighting for hospitality structures, private homes and restaurants. This is why we have compiled a list of the best lighting design software in this article. Let's continue analysing the performance and functionality of each program. Below, we will illustrate the features of the main design, rendering and graphic resources software. Specifically, we will carefully evaluate the functionality of each program, analysing them by category, namely:. Ask any 3D artist to name the best 3D modelling software and most will choose Autodesk Maya , one of the most widely used modelling software in design, animation and VFX studios. It is a really efficient kit, as well as one of the most complex to manage.

Great lighting has the power to turn your home or business from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It adds an extra layer of beauty and security to your entrance, driveway, walkway, decking, patio, and more. So you can feel proud of how your property looks not only in the day, but through the night too!


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