Deck and landscape design

Deck and landscape design

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Deck and landscape design in the Southwest


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So it seems that the only thing more important than the color of your garden beds and containers is the color of your house. Maybe it’s the “green” thing that so many of us have going on or maybe it’s the love of color and design. I don’t really know, but here’s what I do know. Whatever your reasons for choosing to live with green or purple or hot pink walls or whatever color you chose for your walls…you may have just inadvertently chosen your next deck color.

So let’s do a little homework on all the colors that are available for your walls, the deck, the pots, the plants and everything in-between.


Yellow and white

In the color wheel, yellow is the only color between red and green. So not only is yellow a very fresh and bright color, it’s a very good contrast color to green and red. Yellow is a great complement to green because it gives it a little more brightness. Yellow is also a very fresh color and very much “pop” of contrast to black. This color is great to use for decks, patio covers and even outdoor furniture.

Yellow can be paired with white in order to give a more earthy feeling. This is something to be careful of, but it’s an option if you’re looking for a more calming color combination.

A little on why I like the combo of green and yellow, I’ll admit, I do it because I like yellow. But if I was designing my home and had to choose between a bright, fresh yellow color or a light green that would be a much easier choice to make.


Orange is bright and sunny. It’s also a good color for outdoor patios and decks, in part because it tends to bring in more sunlight and it’s a color that really brings out your plants and greenery. If you’re looking for a nice, fresh color that makes your garden, patio or deck pop, orange is a great choice.


The reason orchid isn’t listed is because it’s kind of a gray color, but since it’s a great neutral that goes with a lot of things it can be a great option if you’re looking for a clean, fresh color that also works well in so many color combinations.


The reason beige is called beige isn’t because of the color it is (which is actually more brown than green), but because it’s one of the only two colors in the color wheel that can go with every other color. That’s right, it’s a super versatile color that goes with most colors, from green to blue to yellow, so it’s a good option if you want a color that can be used in all kinds of home projects, from paint to furniture to plants to accessories.


Neutral colors can be difficult to use in projects, especially in design projects like this one, because they can sometimes feel too white or too blue. One option you have is to go with a color that will bring your design to life, but not be overpowering.

I went with a soft cream color because it has a warm feeling and looks pretty nice.


Cream can be a bit difficult to use because it can be too light or too dark for certain projects. However, because it’s a neutral, there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to look great in a variety of different rooms in your home.

A Final Note

I’ve only covered the basics of color in this post, but if you want to learn more about different colors and their different uses, check out some of these links:

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