Salary landscape designer with associate degree

Salary landscape designer with associate degree

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Salary landscape designer with associate degree

Salary survey by reveals national average salary for a job title with name "Salary Landscape Designer" (3 salaries available with an average salary of $48,000)

Average Base Salary

• $48,000 / year

• No of Openings


Salary Curve for Salary Landscape Designer

The average salary for a salary landscape designer with associate degree is $48,000 in United States. Salaries are increasing in general in U.S. as the average salary goes up by 4.5%. The wage trend for a salary landscape designer with associate degree is always above average when compared to average salary for all occupations in U.S.. Salary is calculated using sample data collected from employers and job boards in February 2018.

Market research by Sector

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Average Base Salary

• $42,000 / year

• No of Openings


Median Base Salary

• $42,000 / year

• No of Openings


Employment Trend for Salary Landscape Designer

Number of openings for Salary Landscape Designer has grown by 9% in United States, from 20 to 22, from 2018 to 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the number of people employed in this field is expected to decrease by -0.7% from 2018 to 2019, in general.

Projected Job Growth for Salary Landscape Designer

Job openings for Salary Landscape Designer is expected to increase by 7% in United States, from 2018 to 2023. However, this is faster than the average for all occupations.

Salary Comparison

Salary ranking by percentile shows that Salary Landscape Designer is ranked at 7 of 753 fields of work in United States.

Salary distribution in United States

Average salary for Salary Landscape Designer is estimated to be around $42,000 per year for the coming 5 years. However, in some areas, the median salary might be quite a bit higher or lower than this figure.

Pay Range for Salary Landscape Designer in United States

The wage range for Salary Landscape Designer in United States, based on years of experience, is $35,000-$55,000, which is more than most people in this field earn. In order to begin earning at $55,000, the starting years of experience need to be about 20. And in order to earn at $35,000, the starting experience must be more than 5.

Job Description for Salary Landscape Designer

A landscape designer is someone who takes on a lot of detail and cares about making their outdoor living space work for them, whether it’s planting, designing, planning, or maintaining. There are several different kinds of landscape designers, each of whom specialize in different areas. All landscape designers do a number of things, such as designing a house plan and garden plan, making planting and yard design recommendations, and providing maintenance instructions.

Job Duties for Salary Landscape Designer

Typically, a landscape designer is responsible for following his or her plan. The plan usually includes what is to be grown and in what arrangement. The plan will also include what should be cut back or removed, the size of the outdoor space, where the landscape should be placed, what tools and materials are needed, and the design for water and irrigation. Sometimes landscape designers do work that requires technical skills and knowledge, such as how to build a raised garden or design a rock garden.

Work Environment for Salary Landscape Designer

Work Environment



Relatively Quiet




Extreme Humidity

Mostly Sunny


Mostly Calm

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


Some Snow

Mostly Rain

Tools and Materials Used in the Landscape Designer’s Job

The specific tools and materials used in a landscape design project depend on the type of design being created. The most common tools used for outdoor planting and landscape design include lawnmowers, leaf blowers, small hand tools such as pruners, rakes, pitchforks, wheelbarrows, shovels, trowels, spades, and hoes. Landscape designers often use equipment like electric or gas weed eaters, string trimmers, or garden tractors. Landscape designers often need tools like hammers, clippers, scissors, pruning shears, paintbrushes, and hammers.

Tools and materials for outdoor gardening include rakes, spades, garden tractors, hand trowels, garden hoses, wheelbarrows, shovels, trowels, and clippers. Landscaping designers need a variety of outdoor equipment, such as tools for pulling plants, tools for leveling soil, and equipment for mowing grass. They may also need equipment like string trimmers, weedeaters, and garden hoses. Landscaping designers use these tools and materials to create designs in landscapes, lawns, gardens, and patios.Landscaping designers use the equipment to work in the garden, to plant and weed, to clear debris and brush, and to remove unwanted plants.

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