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Information About Wandflower

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Growing Dierama Wandflowers – Tips For Growing Angel’s Fishing Rod Plant

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Wandflower is an African plant in the Iris family. The bulb produces a grassy type plant with small dangling flowers, which garner it the name of angel's fishing rod plant. Learn more in this article.

Changing an existing lawn into a wildflower meadow

A wild lawn is not as neat and tidy as a chemical lawn and it's not immediately obvious that you are creating something beautiful, so if you are worried about your neighbours or family thinking you have lost the plot or neglecting your lawn. You might want to fence off the area you are going to let go wild to make it obvious just what you're doing. The best and cheapest way is to erect a simple rustic fence of half posts set on round posts, it will also fit in nicely with the finished mini meadow.

Traditional wildflower meadows can contain up to 100 species of flowering plants. Some competing with the grass and this is why chemical dependant farmers have destroyed traditional hay meadows .

The grass and wildflowers you can sow, or encourage naturally over a longer period, depending on which method you choose, will depend on the type of soil in your garden. Some wildflowers prefer clay, some sandy, some saturated and some dry, but all prefer poor soil.

Further down this page I have listed wildflowers and the types of soil they grow best in. Including acid soil, sandy soil, loam, clay sole and saturated soil and the silty soil found on the banks of wildlife ponds and streams.

The best position in a garden to grow a wildflower lawn

Like most flowers and grass you're meadow plants will grow best in an open, sunny, non shaded position in your garden. However, it is not a problem if your garden is mostly shaded you can purchase and sow hedgerow and woodland plants or seeds that will tolerate shady areas. In fact, if the wildflower lawn extends into trees or a wildlife hedge, grass banks and stony areas, etc. the greater the diversity of the grass and wildflowers you will be able to grow.

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