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Garden artwork

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Because a garden work of art

The work of art in a garden requires an outdoor exposure that requires it to be necessarily made with materials resistant to atmospheric agents and sudden changes in temperature. The work can be defined as such if it comes from the creativity of an artist, and as happens for the works that are purchased for the interior space, the cost is often quite high. Entrusting a sculptor with the creation of a work of art for your garden means entrusting him with an important task, especially if this garden is very popular. The very large gardens offer more possibilities to place more works, but even in a small space a single work will be able to make it very interesting.


The work is exhibited to be admired and appreciated; generally benches are also placed next to it, just as if it were an open-air museum.

What is meant by a work of garden art

The work is usually made of stone (we refer above all to statues, which can reproduce classical subjects or be abstract works), but it can also refer to the garden itself: the particular pruning of a plant undoubtedly represents a work of art. art. The care and dedication of the gardener has led to the creation of truly unusual shapes for a shrub, and this exemplifies his genius.

Design and exclusivity

Today, design has become an increasingly incisive part of the world of outdoor furniture and this means that artists can give vent to their ideas by thinking them not only for the home but also for the garden. Being a real extension of family life, the outdoor space, especially in summer, is fully lived, also to be in greater contact with nature. Beautifying also means having not only what is necessary but being able to have it with an extra touch of flair that can make the difference.

Outdoor lighting

The work, to be admired even during the evening, must be surrounded by an adequate lighting system that also allows it to be observed with the diffusion of a light different from that of the day. Garden works of art are sold at outdoor furniture stores, but can be commissioned directly to a craftsman.

Materials and artistic trends

The materials on which it will be possible to orient oneself are stone, marble, iron. In fact, all the great masters of our art history have always worked closely with the materials mentioned above, especially since their creations have always found exposure in large villas and public squares. A work, in order to be appreciated, must be understood, so it will certainly happen that an iron work created by a contemporary artist may have an unusual shape, but that is precisely the art you want to express. In this specific sector, art and functionality can express themselves in synergy and correctly, let's think for example of the design of a fountain.

Art and fountains

Let's move away from what can be defined monumental fountains, which in themselves have a considerable artistic value, focusing instead on a model of fountain that can find perfect placement even in a small garden. For example, the use of cast iron, modeled in a rather essential and minimalist form, represents a work of art which, however, also associates the practical function of a fountain. In this case, the work is no longer just an object to be admired for its beauty, but can also be used practically. By combining many pieces of this kind, an outdoor space is obtained that will bear the signature of many illustrious masters.

The work of art over time

However, the work remains something that acquires value over time and is enriched with new value every time someone visits your garden and will be amazed. Giving up a work of art in the garden means giving up having a unique garden, because it is precisely that work that can make it different from all the others. Many prefer to use large boulders, to be placed in various areas, and to call sculptors to make drawings for you.

Garden Artwork: Costs and Innovative Trends

By visiting the various shops you will realize what an outdoor work of art means and you will also be able to evaluate the economic budget to be budgeted. The more valuable the material used, the higher the asking price, as well as the better known the author, the higher the price. By focusing on a medium-sized work, you have the opportunity to change the shape of the garden, even if it is small, and create a point of interest that will certainly catch the eye of your friends. We must not forget to emphasize that plastic in the last period is also enjoying great success in this sector, because it offers the possibility of being molded into any shape and made in any color. Resistant, and moreover easy to clean, it guarantees a particular effect and is often also used to create unusual and often bizarre benches of particular design.

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