Tomato Dark chocolate: dark cherry cherry with excellent taste

 Tomato Dark chocolate: dark cherry cherry with excellent taste

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Gone are the days when tomatoes were necessarily red. Many people love pink, raspberry, orange fruits. There are now green-fruited tomatoes, but absolutely not for everyone - the tomatoes are almost black. It is believed that they are very tasty, but not everyone is attracted by the appearance. One of the new varieties with an unusual color of tomatoes is Dark Chocolate.

The history of growing varieties of tomatoes Dark chocolate

The history of tomato cultivation Dark chocolate is being written before our very eyes: it is still very young. This is a variety that goes through the "cherry" list, that is, small-fruited, cherry-shaped. Dark chocolate was brought out quite recently, and in 2013 the agricultural company "Poisk" presented it to the public. The variety was registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2015, allowed for cultivation in all regions without exception. Recommended for foil greenhouses for small farms. Not a first generation hybrid. Included in the series "Vkusnoteka", receives mostly positive feedback from gardeners.

Description of the variety of tomatoes Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is an indeterminate variety, the bush grows up to 1.5–1.7 m. Formation and timely tying of shoots are required. Leaves are of normal size and color. Medium early ripening variety: fruit ripening begins approximately 3.5 months after germination.

The fruits are tied on elongated clusters, which contain about ten tomatoes ripening at the same time. The first brush is tied after the 7th or 8th leaf. Ripe fruits are purple-brown with a green tint at the stalk, medium-sized, smooth, almost round. The mass of a tomato is about 25 g; these are so-called cocktail-type tomatoes. Fruits are medium-dense, contain two seed nests. Cracking on bushes is not typical for tomatoes.

Almost all tomatoes within a cluster ripen at the same rate

Characteristics of the variety

Tomato fruits Dark chocolate is characterized by an excellent taste: they have a balanced content of organic acids and sugars, fruit notes are guessed in the taste. Their use is universal: they can be used fresh, including for decorating various dishes, and for all kinds of preparations for the winter. It is possible to manufacture a dried product.

The color of tomatoes indicates an increased content of anthocyanins in the pulp, that is, this variety also has healing properties.

The yield of the variety is not very high: up to 5 kg of tomatoes can be harvested per square meter (according to the State Register, the average yield is 4.7 kg / m2). From a single bush, the yield is about 2 kg. The variety has increased resistance to most diseases, but requires preventive treatments against late blight.

The fruits have a perfectly round shape and an unusual color.

The main advantages of the variety are:

  • great taste;
  • disease resistance;
  • tolerance of temperature rise and fall;
  • good yield for cherry;
  • versatility of use.

The main advantage, apparently, is the high content of nutrients in fruits, the possibility of using them by patients with various diagnoses. The issue of transportation and storage duration is controversial: the data on these points are contradictory. The disadvantages of the variety are:

  • the possibility of growing only in greenhouses;
  • the requirement for qualified formation and tying of bushes.

Actually, if we consider these points as serious shortcomings, up to a third of the known varieties and hybrids can be rejected. But the fact that not everyone likes the unusual color makes the variety not very common. Currently, several dozen dark-fruited tomato varieties are known, but mainly they produce fruits of medium and large size. Most often, these tomatoes have an excellent sweet taste. These are, for example, Black Crimea, Black Pineapple, etc.

Comparatively small fruits (up to 50 g) of the Black Mavr variety, they have an excellent taste. Tomato Black bunch of tomatoes taste like a plum. Slightly larger than that of Dark Chocolate, the fruits of the Black Pearl variety are also higher in yield, but the taste is assessed only as good. The comparatively small-fruited Chocolate tomato also tastes good. Thus, among the dark cherry cherries, the variety in question is unique in its own way.

Tomato Chocolate is another unusual representative of tomatoes

Features of growing tomatoes

It cannot be said that the agricultural technology of the dark chocolate tomato is elementary, but there is nothing supernatural in it. Since this is a greenhouse variety, you can start preparing seedlings already in early March, in order to transplant them into a greenhouse garden in early or mid-May. Seedling care is normal. It is advisable to dive the seedlings into separate medium-sized cups at two weeks of age. Watering of seedlings is carried out in moderation, you can do without feeding.

The seedlings are transferred to the greenhouse when warm weather sets in, when the soil warms up to at least 16 aboutC. It is important that the height of the greenhouse is not less than two meters, and there must also be the possibility of serious ventilation. Thickening of this variety is useless: there should be no more than three plants per square meter of the garden. For tying, it is better to use not stakes, but to build a trellis in order to more evenly distribute the fruit brushes in space.

Bushes begin to form immediately after the appearance of the first stepsons. It is wiser to lead the plant in two stems: the strongest of the lower stepsons is assigned to the second, the rest are broken weekly. The yellowing leaves are cut off as they appear, and with the beginning of the browning of the fruits, all the leaves are cut off until the first brush. The tip is pinched in mid-August. To increase fruit set in the greenhouse, the bushes are slightly shaken during flowering. When tying the stems, they try to pass the twine directly under the fruit brushes.

The tops of the shoots of tomatoes should not be forgotten to cut off in time

The usual irrigation scheme is twice a week, without waterlogging. Mulching is highly desirable. Tomatoes are fed three times per season, according to the traditional scheme. It is better not to use mineral fertilizers for black-fruited tomatoes, but to do with infusions of mullein, ash and cut grasses. A good prevention of fungal diseases is spraying the bushes twice a month with a yeast solution (take half a glass of sugar and a bag of yeast in a bucket of water).

Despite the ability of tomatoes to ripen during storage, it is better to let the fruits of the Dark Chocolate ripen on the bushes: this way they will be tastier. But with the onset of the autumn cold, the entire bush, if there are green tomatoes left on it, is dug up and hung upside down in a warm room: this way the ripening takes place more efficiently.

Video: Tomato Black Chocolate in a greenhouse

Reviews of tomato varieties Dark chocolate

Tomato Dark chocolate - for exotic lovers. These are small-fruited tomatoes of an unusual color, so people who are accustomed to everything traditional do not always like them. But the fact that the taste of the fruits of this variety is excellent is said by everyone who has tasted them.

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Mid-season, semi-determinate, productive variety tomatoes of greenhouses and open ground.

Bush height 1-1.2 metera, a garter to the support and pinning is required. The best result was obtained when forming a plant of 3-4 stems. Fruits are collected in clusters of 8-18 pieces each.

The leaf of this tomato is of a potato type, dark green. The inflorescence is of a simple and intermediate type. The first inflorescence is laid above 8-9 leaves, the subsequent ones - every 3 leaves.
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The main qualities of the fruit

Fruits are plum-shaped, glossy, smooth, thick-walled, at the stage of maturity, beautiful red-brown color, weighing 30-50 grams, very sweet, delicious. These multi-purpose tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption, whole-fruit preservation, as well as for table decoration.

Tomato is susceptible to apical fruit rot during drought.

Dignity varieties: high yield, original color and excellent taste of fruits.

Tomato variety Black Moor in 2000 included in the State Register in the Russian Federation for garden plots, home gardens and small farms for growing in open ground and under film shelters.

A site about tomato varieties with true gardeners' reviews - Tomatland.
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"Mikado black"

Tomato "Black Mikado" was released by TM "Vesna". This variety is considered collectible, but its authorship is unknown.

Characteristics and description

The plant is indeterminate, its height is within 150 cm. The variety can be grown both under a film shelter, and in open ground.

The tomato of this variety is more rounded than that of the pink mikado. The color of the fruits is brown-purple, large, within 250-300 g.

According to the taste characteristics, tomatoes are of a balanced, tomato flavor, pleasant, aromatic.

Tomato "Mikado black" characteristics and description of the variety, reviews, photos, yield do not have much information, since the variety is still little familiar to vegetable growers.

Disease and pest resistance

Those who have already managed to get acquainted with the variety say that after processing the variety is not affected more than the plants growing in the neighborhood.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage is that the tomato is cracked at the stalk.

Features of growing varieties

A feature of cultivating a variety is its formation into one shoot. Timely pinching will allow not to distract nutrients from tomatoes for the growth of unnecessary vegetative mass, and thereby increase productivity.

Tomato variety "Striped chocolate" (video)

I like to grow exotic vegetables, I have tried tomato chocolate cream, striped chocolate, yellow and pink cherry blossoms, etc. from tomato plants on my site. I would like to leave an opinion about Striped Chocolate. Wonderful tomato, I will plant it again. The taste is incredibly pleasant, fleshy flesh, nothing better for salad and sauces. I ordered seeds by mail, germination is excellent. When choosing new varieties of vegetables for myself, I rely on the reviews of those who planted these plants, so far there are no disappointments, thanks to all vegetable growers who share their opinions.

For many years I have been cultivating tomatoes in my dacha, I have a greenhouse, I grow vegetables in it, which require more heat. Last year I bought a dark chocolate tomato, that's what happened (see photo). Tomatoes are small, grow in clusters, sweet. The grandchildren really liked them. In addition to this tomato, I tried to grow Striped chocolate, this tomato is just a miracle, large, sweet and fleshy.

For the last 3 years I have taken a great interest in dark tomatoes, tried to plant Marshmallows in chocolate, Striped chocolate, Black cherry, Chocolate. Each variety has its own advantages. For example, Black cherry did not use fertilizers for tomato, and in the first half of summer she watered large-fruited varieties with nitrogenous fertilizing. When the ovaries began to appear, they fed the wells with phosphorus components. All dark varieties taste sweet, of course, large vegetables have salad flesh, pleasant. Tomato Cream chocolate has small fruits, they do not crack, it is convenient to roll them into jars.

Features of growing in a greenhouse

Black Prince tomatoes are successfully grown in greenhouses. Moreover, the yield increases due to the formation of the bush and suitable conditions. A feature of growing varieties in greenhouses is the ability to sow seeds or plant seedlings. In one case or another, the greenhouse climate will help the tomato to develop quickly and enter the fruiting period. But indoors there are nuances, on the observance of which both the health of the plant and its yield depend.

  • maintaining a temperature regime favorable for setting and ripening fruits is easier to control in the greenhouse
  • with humidity, things are a little different - it is often increased, and this can provoke fungal diseases. Therefore, constant ventilation should become the norm.
  • the same applies to watering. Indoors, the soil dries out more slowly than in an open bed. Before you start watering, do not be lazy and check the soil moisture level
  • treatment of bushes from diseases and pests should be carried out in a timely manner, since in a comfortable environment the problem that has arisen spreads very quickly
  • greenhouse soil requires annual decontamination. In order not to accumulate pathogens, it is recommended not to use the same greenhouse for growing tomatoes from year to year. If there is no other possibility, in small greenhouses they resort to changing the top layer of the soil or steaming it. Chemicals are used on large areas. The most common is a solution of copper or iron sulfate. You can also use sulfur checkers.

The greenhouse is a great place for growing tall tomato Black Prince

Post-care of plants

Caring for tomatoes Striped chocolate after planting involves irrigation, loosening the soil, weeding regularly, and tying the stems onto trellises or stakes.

To increase yields, plants are treated with chemicals from diseases and parasitic insects, organic matter and mineral fertilizers are introduced into the soil.

When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, the main stem is formed using the pinching method. Every 14 days, pinch off processes less than 4 cm long.


Moisten the soil under the plants as needed, taking into account the precipitation. Tomatoes of the striped chocolate variety prefer rare but abundant watering with warm, settled water in the evening or early morning. In drought, the crop is irrigated every other day, in moderately warm weather - weekly.

After transplanting seedlings, the roots are able to absorb moisture not earlier than after 10-14 days. Before flowering, the bush is enough for 3 liters of water, after the flowers open, a single dose is increased to 5 liters. Varietal tomatoes are watered at the root, avoiding moisture on the leaves to avoid sunburn.

Top dressing

The first feeding of plants is combined with the first watering, applying 0.7 liters of solution to the root of each bush, including:

  • 40 g superphosphate
  • 25 g ammonium nitrate
  • 15 g of potassium sulfate
  • 10 liters of water.

You can use mullein infusion (1 kg per bucket of water) in a single dose of 0.5 liters.

The second time striped chocolate tomatoes are fertilized during flowering. The shop fertilizers Red Giant, Kristalon, Fertika fill the deficiency of microelements.

During the formation of ovaries, foliar feeding is effective with a solution of wood ash, prepared at the rate of 200 g of dry matter per 1 liter of hot water. The leaf spraying agent is insisted for 48 hours, the volume is brought up to 5 liters with water.

The last time during the fruiting period is poured under a tomato bush. Striped chocolate solution prepared from 60 g of superphosphate, 30 g of potassium fertilizer and 10 liters of water. Ready-made mineral complexes Estrel, Dozrevatel, Fertika, Benefit are also used.

Watch the video: Tomato review of 7 varieties - with tasting!


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