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Berry bushes

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You need to prune annually - irregular pruning leads to thickening of the crown and the accumulation of pests and diseases. If you need to cut a large number of branches, it is undesirable to carry out the entire pruning at one time - it is better to stretch the process for 2-3 years.

Pruning is one of the main aspects of caring for shrubs and trees. Inexperiencing it or performing it at the wrong time will greatly harm the plant. Today I will talk about the rules for pruning the most common crops.

I got acquainted with chokeberry in practice in the gardens of Altai. From there I brought some of her bushes. I picked her berries and made a wonderful wine: ruby-colored, thick, “with body”, and the taste, in the words of one familiar expert, “… something from the field of muscat”.

Aronia (chokeberry) has many valuable properties. It is distinguished by winter hardiness, early maturity, annual fruiting, high productivity, non-shedding of fruits and their keeping quality, resistance to pests and diseases, ease of harvesting.

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People call it chokeberry. And she is not a mountain ash at all and is known in botany as chokeberry. Aronia is unusually fruitful. Its special value is in the fruits used to make jam, jelly, and delicious wine. In addition, they are also healing.

In 1925 Michurin pollinated the flowers of Siberian hawthorn with rowan pollen and obtained viable seeds. The best of the hybrid plants, which gave large pomegranate fruits in the fifth year of life, was recognized as a variety

The first harvest - a handful of nuts, we collected and tasted five years after planting. And since that time, our hazel trees bear fruit abundantly every year. Hazel harvests are always impressive. We collect more than ten liters of nuts from two bushes.

In some years, caterpillars of this moth infect up to 20% of rowan fruits. And since there were almost no rowan trees last season, the apple trees suffered. Several small caterpillars settled in the apples at once, and they pierced the whole fruit with their brown passages.

Currants, gooseberries, honeysuckle and raspberries: site selection and planting scheme, preparation of planting material, soil preparation and planting technology, specialist recommendations.

There are more than one and a half hundred different types of vaccinations in the world. The most commonly used of them are ten. And the most common and widespread is budding - grafting of a cutting, consisting of one single kidney, located on a small shield of the bark.

Cutting is one of the methods of vegetative propagation, which allows, without special material and physical costs and in a relatively short time, to grow almost any plant from its vegetative part (shoot).

Copulation, which is precisely what is called grafting with a cuttings, allows you to minimize the time when plants enter fruiting, or to accelerate the onset of flowering, if the plants are decorative. This method is simple and accessible to anyone.

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If damage is detected quickly and the naked cambium (a thin, juicy layer of cells between bark and wood) is alive, then the wound should be treated as soon as possible with a decoction of young linden bark, similar in consistency to paste

We began our acquaintance with ezhemalina with three small bushes sent from Moscow. This was about 30 years ago. Since then, she pleases us with abundant, annual harvests.

The place for planting honeysuckle is illuminated, because in nature it grows in forest glades, clearings, the outskirts of swamps. Sandy soils are suitable, and low-lying wetlands are acceptable. But the ideal option is chernozems with an acidity of pH 4.5-7.5.

Usually an apple tree is grafted onto an apple tree, a mountain ash to a mountain ash, etc. But by grafting a pear on a mountain ash, we get a structure, most often short-lived, but such grafts increase frost resistance, the quality of the fruit, and this is an interesting topic for experimenters

Choosing a planting site at random, we risk creating conditions for the planted tree that are not suitable for its development. Today I will talk about the preferences of common fruit and berry crops for soil conditions.

There is not a single fruit or berry species that does not need pruning - the most important agricultural technique that ensures the successful development of plants. Today we will tell you about pruning chokeberry, honeysuckle and sea buckthorn

The drug is intended for seed treatment, foliar treatment of plants and can be used at almost all stages of the growing season. Novofert is compatible with most pesticides in one working solution. +7 (910) 313-80-13

If we turn to any book on growing plants, then the first section, which begins the description of agricultural technology, is called "Site Selection". And now, in all honesty, let's say: how often do we follow his recommendations? But this is very important.

When drawing up a site plan, you first need to determine the location of the house and buildings. If you already have a house, you can choose a place for a garden and a vegetable garden. The garden is usually placed closer to the house, on the north side, to protect the entire area from northern winds

Rowan chokeberry with mountain ash has nothing in common, except for the name. Yes, and it is wrong, the correct name is black chokeberry. A two-meter shrub of the Rosaceae family blooms at the very beginning of summer, bears fruit in September

It is practically pointless to transplant adult plants and their parts (cuttings, etc.), there will be no sense. Transplanting young seedlings is more promising, but even when planting them, luck is too rare. Propagation of plants during introduction and acclimatization should be done only by seeds.

Using elements of regularity is the best way to bring a touch of solemnity to the exterior of a country house. However, it should be remembered that even the most modest composition in a regular style is a luxury item, since its elements cannot be cheap by definition.

To understand the intricacies of watering, you need to know the composition of the soil of your site, study the moisture needs of fruit crops in different periods of the year, assess the water hardness and find out the level of the groundwater.

We love the fruits of these plants, we admire their lush flowering, but we grow in our gardens mainly for gastronomic purposes. And we don’t think about the fact that you can use them to create wonderful decorative compositions.

Many gardeners grow chokeberry. Therefore, I want to share with everyone my recipe for making very tasty juice from its berries, maybe someone will also like it and come in handy this fall.

In this article, I will list and briefly describe the types of fruit trees and berry bushes that have good resistance to high temperatures and low air humidity.

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In terms of healing properties and taste, it surpassed raspberries. A shrub with a perennial rhizome was not in demand due to its sharp thorns. However, thanks to breeders, varieties without thorns have appeared. It has an external resemblance to black raspberries. It tastes sour.

Blackberry varieties

  • Erect blackberry - is considered the most common. The bushes give a good harvest and save space on the site.
  • Semi-creeping varieties are extremely rare. Experienced gardeners recommend planting this particular variety.
  • Repaired blackberry - allows you to harvest 2 crops per season: June, August.

Care features

It gives a rich harvest on well-fed land. In erect varieties, it is necessary to tie up young stems. Planting blackberries is carried out in a trench strictly along the line, otherwise there may be difficulties in care. During the fruiting period, the bushes need to be watered abundantly.

Juicy blackberries ready to harvest

Blackberry processing

When treating raspberries with a fungicide solution in early spring, walk with a sprayer over the blackberry bushes - these "sister" cultures suffer from similar fungal ailments. If the blackberry crop last season was ruined by gray rot, treatment alone will not be enough. To obtain an environmentally friendly harvest during the budding period, before and immediately after flowering, spray the bushes with Fitosporin solution.

Treatment of blackberries during the budding period with a solution of Aliot or Fufanon-Nova will not interfere - these insecticides will protect the berry from a complex of pests.


Gooseberries are often called northern grapes or Russian cherry plums. An unpretentious crop gives good yields. Bushes feel great in lighted areas. They are afraid of shadows and waterlogging. You can find gooseberries in almost all regions. Bushes begin to bear fruit from the third year. The berries can be green, yellow, or reddish-brown. There are at least 1500 varieties

Gooseberry varieties

  • European varieties are praised for their high taste. The disadvantage is the instability to disease and frost.
  • American - are not afraid of drought, give a good harvest. In terms of size, the berries are inferior to European varieties.
  • Hybrid - combines all the best. In garden plots, they are considered the most common.

Care features

Gooseberries do not tolerate acidic soils; it is recommended to add garden compost and lime to the planting trench. Bushes are planted in September. When planting in spring, the plant may die. Old and dry branches must be pruned. Collect gooseberries as they ripen. Due to the thorns on the branches, it is better to do this with gloves.

Red gooseberry

Landscaping with fruit trees

Fruit crops are often used in garden design. They are planted as background vegetation, in free-type hedges, for landscaping pergolas. This is especially true in small areas, where fruit trees and berry bushes perform two roles: they decorate the landscape and bear edible fruits.

"Useful" tapeworm

Any fruit tree or shrub is used as a tapeworm: a plant of a suitable habit is planted on a lawn or in a paving window in the yard. A tree (bush) planted separately from others always attracts attention, so it is important to choose a species with beautiful fruits of a bright color.

Suitable for single cultivation in order to decorate the site dogwood, apple trees with red fruits (Macintosh, Liberty, Red Delicious), apricot with fruits of unusual black color (Black Velvet, Black Prince). In principle, if you plant any fruit tree and take proper care of it, it will look quite attractive.

Advice. If the tree is grown in the yard, you should select a variety that does not shed fruit. Otherwise, during their ripening period, it will be necessary to carry out daily cleaning.


Fruit plants used in the creation of a hedge must meet certain requirements: tolerate a haircut painlessly, have a dense crown, and do not react to thickened plantings.

What to plant in a hedge:

  • Golden currant - blooms with bright yellow flowers collected in a brush, exudes a strong pleasant aroma
  • Irga - shrub with pleasant to the taste berries
  • Honeysuckle - a thin-stemmed tree resembling a liana
  • Aronia - medicinal shrub with carved leaves
  • Sea buckthorn - a thorny shrub or tree with narrow bluish-green leaves and bright yellow fruits that completely cover the shoots
  • Cherry plum - unpretentious undersized fruit tree.

Vertical gardening

Climbing fruit plants are used to decorate arches, gazebos, terraces. In decorative landscaping interesting lemongrass chinese and actinidia... The fruits of these vines are used for the preparation of compotes, teas and medicinal infusions.

Schisandra chinensis

Most common in vertical gardening table grapes... The vine is tied to pergolas, creating shady picturesque pavilions. Ripe bunches of grapes will not only decorate the resting place - they are more desirable from a gastronomic point of view.

Adherents of original landscapes can create an ornamental garden using fruit trees and berry bushes, combining them with ornamental plants, perennial flowers and conifers.

In this case, the "useful garden" is harmoniously woven into the design of the site, and the harvest is not relegated to the background.

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