Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Abakansky Pink

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Abakansky Pink

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It has long been known that tomatoes are the most important and most important crop for a gardener. And this is not surprising, because people use tomatoes at every convenient opportunity: they salt, ferment, bake, stuff and consume fresh. And a huge variety of varieties and types of this culture are designed for every taste and color. There are more than 10,000 tomato varieties worldwide. In the article we will consider a description of the characteristics and rules of caring for the Abakansky Pink variety.

Description and characteristics of tomato Abakan Pink

The Abakan pink tomato variety is very popular among gardeners. He first appeared in the Altai Territory.

According to the characteristics, the variety belongs to the group mid-late tomatoes. The period from germination of the first shoots to maturation is approximately 100-110 days. The fruiting time is lengthened, which is undoubtedly a big plus.

According to the description, the determinant bushes of Abakan pink do not reach a height of more than 150 cm. The growth of the stem stops after the formation of the inflorescence on the crown. This variety requires timely garter, and tomatoes may need extra sun protection, as the leaves of the tomato are medium and not thick.

Never cook tomatoes in an aluminum pan. The acid in tomatoes, when interacting with aluminum, forms dangerous compounds that can cause serious harm to health in the future.

A favorable growing environment for this plant - open ground or greenhouse... When growing in open ground, the height of the bush reaches 75-85 cm, but this does not affect the fertility of the tomato.

With proper care, one tomato seedling can form up to 6 fruits... Most of the harvest is heart-shaped, but flat-round fruits are also found.

Advantages of the variety

The Abakan pink variety has unique qualities:

  1. The approximate weight of one tomato is 200-300 grams, but some fruits can reach up to 600-800 grams.
  2. Pink fruits in the form of a heart are moderately prone to ribbing.
  3. Six seed nests are formed in the fruits, but the number of seeds in them is small.
  4. Tomatoes very tasty, have medium density and pink color.
  5. Do not crack.

The calorie content of the Abakan Pink tomato is 14 kcal.

Characteristic features of growth in different regions

Experienced gardeners know that tomatoes are a thermophilic crop. Abakan pink is a universal variety. And caring for it does not differ much from the general requirements for growing a tomato.

It should be remembered that in the south, where it is always warm and humid, a tomato can be safely planted in open ground... And in a temperate climatic zone, they will grow more comfortably in greenhouses.

It is more expedient to grow seedlings through seedlings. In this case, the sprouts will be strong and resistant to certain types of diseases.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Like most varieties of tomatoes, it is customary to plant Abakan pink for seedlings in March... It is best to soak the seeds in a weak solution of potassium permanganate before planting. This will disinfect them.

According to the recommendations of the producers, the seeds are planted in lightly compacted soil. Previously, the soil is mulched with peat or fertilized with a small soil layer. At the end of the planting of seeds, water the soil abundantly with warm water and cover it with foil.

The seedling container should be in a warm place until the first shoots... After germination, the film cover is removed and the pot is placed in a bright place. After 60 days from the moment of planting, the seedlings can be transplanted into open ground or a greenhouse. The plant is planted half a meter apart.

It is advisable not to plant plants of the same family next to tomatoes - eggplants, peppers, since they have common diseases and pests.

Every year in Spain there is a tomato festival called - La Tomatina. This is a battle where the main weapon is the tomato.

Care after planting

Varieties of pink tomatoes in care are quite whimsical. As mentioned, tomatoes do not tolerate drought... The soil should be constantly wet, watering - regular, water for irrigation - warm and preferably settled. In this case, you need to ensure that so that water does not get on either the leaves or the stems of the tomatoes.

Before the formation of inflorescences, the seedlings are watered in the amount 4 liters of water per 1 m2, and then it is customary to gradually increase watering. At the time of fruit formation, watering should be about 11 l per 1 m2.

Regular loosening will supply the soil with oxygen - this will have a positive effect on the growth of the plant. You can feed Abakan pink with both organic matter and mineral fertilizers.

Immediately after planting in the soil, the sprouts can be watered with liquid organic fertilizers, and mulched on top. The main thing is not to overdo it. After all, mulching attracts many insects. When the inflorescences fall off, fertilizers containing magnesium and boron.

The choice of calcium chloride is the most common mistake in growing nightshades. Potassium sulphate it will just as well compensate for the lack of trace elements in the soil, while not harming the tomatoes.

Abakan pink will need a garter if grown outdoors. In greenhouses, as a rule, the tomato does not grow to large plants.

Diseases and prevention

It is worth noting that Abakan pink is quite resistant to many diseases, but there is a risk. The main enemies of tomatoes include:

  1. Aphid
  2. Medvedka
  3. Wireworm
  4. Colorado beetle
  5. Phytophthora

It is especially dangerous late blight... As a rule, to avoid brown rot, it is enough not to flood the crop and plant seedlings in ventilated areas. Insecticidal preparations will help in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle.

Brown rot spores are moisture resistant... That is why it is important not to flood the leaves and stems with water. Late blight is able to destroy a seedling in a week.

Tomatoes are not only popular, they are present in every kitchen in the world. They are loved by adults and children. A wide range of applications allows tomatoes to be classified as one of the most versatile and demanded crops.

The Abakan pink variety combines the correct texture, fresh taste and unpretentious care, which makes it one of the most recognized and common among gardeners.

Abakan pink tomato: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomatoes are perhaps one of the most popular vegetable crops among agronomists and farmers. The point is not only the excellent taste and the possibility of their wide application, but also a wide variety of varieties and types. It is impossible to list all the existing species, since each new season presents new items. Connoisseurs of new products react to them immediately. As for the "Abakan pink tomato" variety, it immediately attracted the attention of domestic gardeners and owners of rural land.

The Abakan pink tomato was bred in Altai. The originators of the bred variety is the Lance Company Closed Joint Stock Company.


Seeds for seedling crops are planted 2 months before the time when cultivation in the beds is planned. This usually occurs at the beginning of spring. First, the seeds must be treated with a manganese solution, then planted in containers for seedlings and covered with a film to create greenhouse conditions. Any soil for vegetable crops is suitable as a soil.

When transplanting to a permanent place, you need to observe spatial isolation - by 1 sq. m should have no more than three bushes. Immediately after transplanting, it is better to cover the ground with foil in case of late frosts.

How to grow tomatoes

For a good harvest, follow all agrotechnical rules for growing.


It is best to plant Abakan pink on a cloudy and calm day. Prepare the land for planting in advance. Dig up the garden in the fall and burn all the garbage, foliage, remnants of old plants. In the spring, disinfect the soil with boiling water and garlic tincture.

Important! The distance between the bushes during planting should be at least 40 cm.

Then pour warm water over the beds with sprouts. Beware of getting water on the leaves of plants, as this increases the risk of developing fungi and pests.

The plant needs timely watering. Moisten the soil every 5-7 days. If summers are hot and dry, increase the amount of water. Remove weeds. This is especially true in the period after the rains. Weeds serve as a favorable environment for the development of parasites and pests, and also disrupt the metabolism of the bush itself.

Do not forget about loosening the soil. It is best to do this before feeding and fertilizing. Loosen the soil every 10 days. In addition, Abakan pink requires the obligatory formation of a bush. Form it into 1 or 2 stems.

Also tomatoes need to be pinned. Stepsons are additional shoots that form and develop along with the main stem. Remove them by hand or with garden shears. Garter bushes are also required. Otherwise, under the weight of ripe tomatoes, they may break.

After 10 days from the moment of planting, carry out the first top dressing - add ammonium nitrate or potassium salt to the soil. Carry out the next feeding every 15 days. Tomatoes are also fertilized with liquid mullein, wood ash, humus.

Features of cultivation and possible difficulties

If Abakan pink is lagging behind in growth, sprinkle the leaves with a solution of water and urea. After watering, sprinkle sieved peat or compost over the beds. This keeps moisture in the soil instead of evaporating. It is important to remember that excess moisture with a lack of heat leads to the death of the root system.

Water the tomatoes outdoors in the afternoon to avoid losing excess water as they evaporate. If you notice shedding of flowers, it means that the bushes do not have enough moisture. Spraying with boron solution will help to cope with this.

Important. For deeper penetration of fertilizers into the soil, the soil must be pierced with a pitchfork.

Diseases and pests

Abakan pink, like other varieties, is not protected from diseases and pests. The plant sometimes infects the whitefly. This is a small insect that looks like a white moth.

Whitefly gathers in large flocks on plant leaves. The reasons for its appearance are high humidity and a lack of fertilizers. Spraying with milk whey will help get rid of pests.

Another pest of tomatoes is the wireworm. The worm penetrates deep into the ground and eats the root system, which leads to the death of the bush. To prevent the appearance of a wireworm, gardeners recommend scattering eggshells on the garden bed.

Of the diseases, late blight is recognized as the most common. The fungus enters the stem and lives there until the bushes begin to wither. The main reason for the appearance of late blight is an excess of moisture and intense heat. It is almost impossible to get rid of phytophthora. If infected, it is recommended to immediately pull out the bush and burn it away from the beds.

Sometimes Abakan pink gets sick tobacco mosaic... The virus appears in the form of yellow patterns on the leaves. It is impossible to get rid of it, therefore, special attention should be paid to preventive measures. For example, spray the bushes with a mild onion-based solution.

Features of caring for tomatoes

Experienced gardeners claim that even the most unpretentious variety will thank you with a good harvest with good care. The culture is easy to grow. But at the same time, the emphasis should be on timely watering and fertilization. Tomatoes do not like weeds and need weeding. The Abakan pink variety does not differ either.

Watering mode

Tomatoes love watering. It should be done with clean warm water every 7 days. If the summer is rainy, reduce the amount. In drought, plants are watered every 4 days. 1 bush requires 5 liters.

When tomatoes have formed on the branches, moisten every 3 days, 3 liters per well. When ripe, the amount is again reduced to once every 7 days so that the tomatoes do not crack.

Top dressing

After planting tomatoes of this variety, the first feeding is done after 2 weeks. Then during the appearance of flowers. And the last time during the fruiting period. The first time it can be ammonium nitrate with water. Then chicken droppings and potassium sulfate. And the third top dressing consists of mullein. Each bush requires 1 liter of fertilizer.

Prevention of diseases and pests

The usual remedies for prevention are manganese, garlic and wood ash. But there is a recipe for a remedy that will also help protect the tomato from pests of different origins.

  • water - 10 l
  • vitriol - 100 g
  • lime - 75 g.

Shaping and garter

Bushes grow tall, so they need to be tied up. It is recommended to take soft tissues and make support even before planting in open ground. As you grow, you need to engage in shaping. It is imperative to remove stepchildren so that the plant spends its energy on ripening and growing new fruits.

Loosening and weeding

After watering, loosening and weeding must be carried out. This will help open up oxygen to the roots. It will also protect you from stagnant water and damage to the root system. The tomato will receive all the elements it needs. And the weeds will not interfere with the growth of tomatoes.

Pests and diseases

Another important quality of "Abakan pink", which has not yet been mentioned in the article, is its high immunity. It allows tomatoes, in most cases, to cope with diseases themselves. Therefore, you should not use chemistry again.

The main enemy of the plant is the Colorado potato beetle. It is dangerous for only planted seedlings. Over time, the Colorado potato beetle loses interest in tomatoes. He returns to them in the fall. This time, his goal is unripe fruits.

If there is no time or desire to manually collect beetles, then any pesticides can be used to treat the seedlings.

"Abakan pink" is a tasty tomato with large fruits, which has good immunity and flawless appearance.

Real reviews of gardeners and gardeners about the Abakan pink tomato variety

Judging by the reviews, the Abakansky pink or rather red variety is very similar in its characteristics to the Oxheart tomato. They are distinguished by excellent productivity, large, tasty fruits and strong immunity. But at the same time, tomatoes that are not similar to those stated can be grown from purchased seeds.

User Siniza60, Russia, Korolev, 08/05/2019

Hello again everyone !! Today I will share with you about another variety of tomatoes that I have grown for the first time this year.

I must say that it was these tomatoes that ended up in my greenhouse with cucumbers, it happened ... and I'll tell you that the neighborhood with cucumbers, and in this greenhouse I also have pepper growing, went quite well.

Tomatoes of the Siberian collection, in a package of 20 pieces and cost mere pennies (in comparison with the tomatoes of the agricultural firm "Partner").

Germination is normal, not 100%, but quite ... I planted 15 seeds, at the stage of planting tomatoes in the ground I had 5 of them. Now I don’t remember why, maybe I removed the weak ones when picking ...

March 27

June 3

The bushes took root well and felt great. For the entire period, I fed only once - with a special fertilizer for tomatoes and peppers.

July 25

This is how the bushes looked on July 25, a little over 1.5 meters tall.

And so on August 3.

Due to the cold summer, tomatoes turn red very badly.

I took off the first ones in this form.

Compared to the picture, the spot is much larger, but it does not interfere in any way.

Tomatoes are very sweet and fleshy, even unripe ...

I will recommend and plant it myself, especially since the seeds remain.

User Oladushka, Moscow-Krasnoyarsk, 02/08/2019

We grew Abakan pink.He did not show himself in anything. But, perhaps, he was not suitable for our conditions - OG in Siberia. Maybe he will behave differently in the greenhouse.

User Lemika, Russia, 04/06/2019

I bought the seeds of the Abakansky pink tomato of the Siberian Garden trademark several times, and they never let me down.

There has always been good germination. The seedlings tolerated transplanting well.

The bushes grow quite tall, over a meter. You have to tie them to high stakes.

Tomatoes of this variety grow large. Not every year I was able to remove ripe tomatoes from the bushes, more often green ones. But I have no greenhouse and poor land. However, even in such conditions, when the weather is favorable, the tomatoes sang on the bushes, it is early ripe.

I liked the taste of tomatoes, fleshy, sweet. Outwardly, ripe tomatoes look exactly like the tomato shown on the package.

With the onset of autumn, tomato bushes are affected by late blight. That is why at the end of August it is sometimes necessary to remove unripe tomatoes. But they ripen well in boxes and keep well.

This year I again bought seeds of the Abakan Pink variety. I ordered them in the online store “7 seeds”: - online store everything for the garden and garden - Paradise for the gardener. Convenient interface, large selection, fast delivery

The packaging is colorful.

The properties of the variety are described in detail. I didn’t weigh the tomatoes I grew, but they were quite large.

The seeds are packed in a paper bag.

There were not 20 seeds in the package, but 22. This surprised me, usually “Siberian Garden” packs just as many seeds as indicated on the package.

This year, the seeds of the Siberian Garden tomatoes made me very sad. Previously, the germination rate of tomatoes of this brand was one hundred percent, but this year many varieties showed only 50% germination rate.

Fortunately, this does not apply to the “Abakan pink” variety. Almost all seeds of this variety have sprouted, 9 out of 10.

Shoots appeared quickly and amicably. Sowing on March 17 with dry seeds.
This is what the sprouts look like on April 6th.

And this photo was taken 4 days later, on April 10. Plants develop quickly.

Hopefully this year the weather will be favorable for growing tomatoes.

I can recommend the “Abakan pink” variety from “Siberian Garden”.

User Lyobov, Russia, Novosibirsk, 03/11/2019

Good day to the readers of the review!

Several times I met on the Internet rave reviews about the Abakansky pink tomato variety. Since I respect, I wanted to grow large and fruitful tomatoes at my place. I didn't have to look for seeds for a long time, and so they added to my collection, with such a package, of the Siberian Garden trademark.

Pre-read the information on the back to make sure it meets my needs. All the characteristics were fine with me, especially its early maturity and the quality of the fruit. The growing conditions are familiar to me, I saw nothing new and unusual.

In the near future after the acquisition, it was not possible to find a place for him in the garden, and only this year, looking at the expiration date, I decided to definitely test it.

Sowed for seedlings in March, after pretreating the seeds in potassium permanganate and the germination stimulator EPIN Plant Growth Regulator. Plant loops appeared on the fifth day, the storage period did not affect germination. Based on many years of experience, I believe that manufacturers deliberately underestimate the shelf life in order to stimulate sales. I and those that have been stored for ten years, sprout well.

I planted seedlings in a greenhouse, hoping for a big harvest and a long-term yield. It is not clear what has grown. Definitely this is a re-grading or low-quality seeds? A low plant, no more than sixty centimeters high. Very small fruits, but the color was pink. Here is such a scanty harvest. This is all that grew before the fall, later only turned pink. I didn’t find more pictures, it wasn’t a star variety and didn’t take pictures, I didn’t find pictures even in ripe form. A huge disappointment, it is always a pity for the place, especially in the greenhouse, where every meter counts and for worthy tomatoes.

User nechaevatu, Russia, Perm Krai, 03/08/2020

Delicious tomato! One of my favorites!

I recently discovered Abakan pink from Sibsad, grown for only two seasons.

The bush and fruits are very similar to the Cardinal variety I described or the classic Bovine heart. The taste did not fail, the tomato is fleshy, sugary, and asks for a salad!

The summer of 2018 was hot, many varieties dropped the second, and some even the third brush. Abakan pink tied everything up! And even in September we continued to feast on its sweetest fruits from the bush. The yield is excellent, the bucket from the bush was definitely collected!

Now this wonderful tomato will delight me and my family every year.

User: llerrem, Russia, Abakan, 08/31/2020

Tomato Abakan pink. Since I am closely engaged in agronomy, I have to acquire new varieties every year and check them for the declared characteristics. Abakan pink, showed its best side. The variety is indeterminate, tall. The brushes are simple and tied with 2 to 5 fruits. The fruit forms like a bull's heart. And when cut, you can see almost the pulp, only a little liquid where the seeds are stored. The skin is thin and delicate, not suitable for transportation, only for immediate consumption. Fruit weight ranges from 150 to 500 grams, but on average 350-400. The variety is fruitful, and 2 buckets or more of tomatoes can be removed from 1 meter. Suitable for lovers of salads, tomato paste, ketchup and juices. A mature tomato is not stored for long, and why should it be stored, you need to eat it!

I advise all gardeners to try this tomato variety!

Watch the video: Variety Spotlight: Berkely Tie Dye Pink Tomato


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