Skin softening bath

Skin softening bath

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of Queen Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra used this recipe to make the skin on her body soft and seductive.


  • 1500 gr of clean barley
  • 1000 gr of dried broad beans or lupins
  • 500 gr of rice
  • 500 gr between rosemary and angelica or frasalvia and fennel
  • 3 liters of water


Boil all the herbs mentioned above in the water for about half an hour. After boiling, filter and pour everything into the bath water.

Enjoy the bathroom for at least a quarter of an hour.

The bath should be done two / three times a week.

How to Make an Oat Bath

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The oatmeal bath is both relaxing and emollient, especially when the skin is itchy (e.g. during chickenpox or if you have touched poison ivy), [1] X Research source or when it is inflamed (e.g. as a result of allergies , insect bites or sunburn). [2] X Research source Oats are excellent for the skin, smell good and leave it soft. Inside the oatmeal bath you would stay indefinitely. As an added benefit, there are unlimited variations of the traditional bathroom, some of which are described here. Follow these steps to prepare a simple but effective bath to soothe the skin in the comfort of your home.

How to Soften the Skin

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There is nothing as beautiful as a new leather bag or wallet. However, leather that has just left the factory is often stiff and not very soft: this can negatively affect your look and make it less pleasant to wear your new accessories. Fortunately, it's easy to soften overly stiff skin by using a few simple aging techniques. You can get the desired aged effect in a second by rubbing it with a special softener, restoring the necessary moisture or manipulating it manually.


Available in FRESH, FLORAL and COCONUT fragrances

• concentrated softener with three fragrances: fresh / floral / coconut
• special formula that makes the garments softer
• the special microcapsules guarantee a prolonged release of the fragrance
• creates a protection on the fibers in order to protect it from dirt and for easier cleaning
• reduces electrostatic charge making ironing easier
• ideal for washing by hand or in the washing machine and with all types of water hardness
• does not contain phosphates, bleaching agents, chlorine, dyes, EDTA and NTA
• biodegradable
• gentle on the skin, dermatologically tested
• bottle with a transparent section on the back for an instant view of the actual amount of detergent
• The practical packaging of concentrated products allows you to save both economically and in terms of storage space

DILUTION: From 1 liter of concentrate up to 100 washes in the washing machine and up to 200 washes with hand washing!

USE: Washing machine: mix 10 ml of “ESSENS Home Clean Fabric Softener” with 20-40 ml of water and pour into the dispenser. For a more effective dilution of the highly concentrated softener it is recommended to dilute it with water before pouring it into the tray. Hand washing: add 5 ml of “ESSENS Home Clean Fabric Softener” to 10 liters of water, immerse and rinse with plenty of water.

WARNINGS: read the instructions carefully. Do not use for cleaning face, hands, body or food. Keep out of reach of children. Causes serious eye irritation. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately and abundantly with water. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do, continue rinsing and see a doctor. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and soap. If swallowed, seek medical attention and show product label or packaging.

INGREDIENTS: 15 - 30% cationic surfactant, preservative and perfume.

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The Warming Body Scrub "Hot Chocolate" gently awakens tired skin, embracing the senses with exotic scents.

Cocoa butter moisturizes and nourishes the skin, vanilla and organic hazelnut tone it, while the chili extract warms the tissues, making your skin smoother and softer.

Directions for use: apply to damp body, massaging gently with circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

This light cream is based on organic lychee extract and five oils - organic avocado oil, organic borage oil, organic wheat germ oil, organic cocoa butter and shea butter - which saturate the skin with vitamins, nourish it and making it soft and silky.

How to use it: apply the cream all over the body daily.

This toning body scrub based on organic orange oil and natural sugar immediately restores the skin's softness and elasticity.

Directions for use: apply to damp skin in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. Use two or three times a week for best results.

“Whipped vanilla” moisturizing body cream is a light body jam that offers pure pleasure for the skin, seducing the senses with its vanilla scent.

Shea butter and organic oat milk nourish and moisturize the skin. The organic vanilla extract calms, while the macadamia oil adds a matte silkiness.

Organic verbena extract, organic ginseng extract and a complex of active ingredients, tone and moisturize the skin, leaving it fresh, supple and smooth.

How to use it: apply the cream all over the body daily.

Lemon Verbena Body Cream. Estonian nature.

No SLS, No parabens, No mineral oils

The Pomegranate & Sugar Sorbet body scrub gives the body a fresh and sparkling sensation and its refreshing scent and lifts the mood.

Organic jojoba oil softens and moisturizes the skin, while mint makes it more elastic.

Organic pomegranate along with organic brown sugar clean the pores and help the skin restore its natural appearance and texture.

Directions for use: apply to damp body, massaging gently with circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Borage oil, a valid help for the heart thanks to the concentration of Omega 6, rebalances the epidermis: spread it directly on the skin (it is also precious as an eye contour!) or take it in capsules as a supplement. It is a very important element for those who have problems with the menstrual cycle and helps to resolve disorders related to the hormonal system.

Every now and then (no more than once a week) treat yourself to a natural scrub: it will help you remove the dead cells. To pamper skin that tends to dry out, you can create a DIY recipe by mixing sugar and lavender oil, or a handful of salt in two / three tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of yogurt.

Massage your body with honey

Not everyone knows that honey is a natural antibiotic and antibacterial: after a day of intense cold, when the skin is cracked, put a few tablespoons of honey in a bowl, add a little white yogurt to make the mixture softer. Once in the shower, you can spread the mix on your face and body, especially on the reddest areas. Turn off the water jet and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse gently. There skin it will immediately be more hydrated and nourished.

When the skin hurts, you can also use the honey pure: immediate well-being effect.

Cream for irritation due to diapers

In young children, the skin is tender, thin, does not emit enough fat, prone to dryness and irritation. The lack of skin fat is particularly evident in the areas of the body, closed diapers, which are most often irritation and intertrigo.

In protective cream under the Nanny Eared diaper two elements are connected - cream and powder. This cream forms a protective film on the skin area, while breathing, however, blocking the penetration of stimuli. It has an anti-inflammatory, drying, astringent and disinfectant effect.

It is applied to places with rashes, redness and diaper rash, if necessary and under the diaper, in order to prevent the appearance of irritation.

The composition does not include dyes, alcohol and prohibited components.

  • Zinc oxide - has a local anti-inflammatory, soothing and drying effect
  • zinc stearate - has antimicrobial properties, healing effect
  • Peach oil - softens, nourishes the skin, eliminates peeling, heals cracks, makes the skin soft and supple
  • extract from calendula flowers - has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity.

The leader of popular creams from irritation due to the use of diapers is Bubchen cream (Germany). The main components of this remedy are: zinc oxide, wheat germ oil, extracts of medicinal plants (residi, chamomiles), beeswax, vitamin E and panthenol. Eliminates diaper rash, irritation and inflammation of the baby's skin from diapers, does not cause allergies, there are no prohibited dyes and preservatives in the composition.

Chicco baby moments with Italian cream remove diaper rash, irritation, protect baby's skin from irritation due to using diapers. The main components of this remedy are: zinc oxide, panthenol, extracts of medicinal plants. There are no harmful components in the composition. The disadvantage of this cream can be called its price, which significantly exceeds the cost of similar products from other brands.

Shveytsarcky Bepanten cream comprising provitamin B5, lanolin, beeswax, chamomile extracts and spirals, has a good guar effect and safe composition, given its address for use as diaper rash and diaper rash, and from lactation fissures ( hence, the possible ingestion of a small amount of cream through the baby's mouth should not harm him).

The groin area of ​​the skin from irritation caused by the diaper can also be treated with the Uriyaz Cu Zn cream described above.

Summing up, we can conclude that the best skin irritation cream is the one for you. You can find it only by one method - trial and error.

Owners of sensitive skin need to stop choosing hypoallergenic skin care products, protect them from external influences: ultraviolet radiation, heat drying, wind, frost. It is necessary to use gloves when cleaning, work in the garden, wear clothes from natural fabrics, wash clothes well by rinsing, do not take them away with spicy, smoked, fatty, exotic foods. Follow the reactions of your body - having studied them, you can avoid many problems.

The main thing is not to forget that symptoms similar to harmless skin irritation can cause pathogens of skin infections and some diseases of the internal organs, so if the irritation does not go away and is aggravated, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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