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Garden tents

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The garden tents

The garden, representing an open place, does not have completely closed and reserved spaces, but these can however be created using garden curtains. When we talk about curtains we immediately think of the classic awnings, which are part of this category, even if other solutions are included in this sector.

The gazebo tents

The gazebo is a place where it is possible to shelter from the sun, and it is necessary to have it for those who want to take advantage of the garden to also be able to eat outdoors, which would be unthinkable during the summer days if you did not have a similar cover. Some models of gazebos are sold already equipped with curtains, with a very light fabric, often made of cotton, which allow the structure to be closed laterally. This protection guarantees greater privacy for those inside the gazebo. It is a model that was created precisely to satisfy the request of those who need a space that is not too exposed. If, on the other hand, the gazebo has already been purchased but in its standard structure it does not have curtains, they can always be made to measure by adding to the structure the classic sticks that are also used inside. When the awning is not needed, it can be conveniently tied to the sides of the gazebo.

  • Gazebo tents

    Gazebo awnings allow you to have protection from the external environment in a discreet way, as they represent a rather pleasant aesthetic element. They are made to avoid the ...

Pergola awnings

Referring to garden awnings, we certainly cannot exclude the covers of pergolas. Here the solutions are very different even if the awning, unlike that of the gazebo, has a different function: it protects from the sun. The fabric in this case can be shaded or totally blackout. The version of the curtains is presented fixed or movable. In the second case it is located on two tracks where, with the use of a simple rod, you can proceed with opening or closing. The movement could also be mechanical and therefore managed directly with a remote control. In any case, the garden awnings guarantee greater privacy, the choice of the model itself is also influenced by the space available and the place in which they must be inserted.

The bamboo garden tents

The bamboo garden awnings see the presence of small reeds next to each other, they can be hooked to any structure, they do not require any maintenance and moreover they have a system that allows them to be opened and closed. They are sold in different tents, and putting more of them together will create a real dividing barrier, where it is not even possible to see what is on the other side. In solutions where there is a fabric cover, there is also the guarantee of being able to easily replace it.


Although these are often stain-resistant and waterproof fabrics, due to use they can wear out and therefore it becomes necessary to replace them. An excellent opportunity to perhaps choose a fabric with a more current pattern that also gives the garden a different look. This advantage allows to preserve the structure and to have the possibility to replace only the cover. In most cases this possibility is explained by the seller at the time of purchase and, in this case, the replacement fabric can be purchased in the same place.


In any case, the awning will keep its characteristics longer if it is treated properly. This means that for structures that allow you to open and close the awning, it is recommended to keep it closed during the winter and open during the summer or alternatively to disassemble it and store it in an indoor place.

The classic curtains

A final mention deserves the classic garden awnings, which in the versions of attached pergolas, can be chosen among the various covers. The fabric prevents UV rays from passing through and this guarantees protection for those seeking shelter under the tent. Furthermore, the possibility of installing it according to the customer's needs means that the garden awning has undergone an evolutionary process and it is no longer necessary for it to be anchored to a structure, but could also be fixed directly to the ground, just like a classic awning. . There are so many solutions that they will meet the needs of those who have to shelter large areas of their garden from the sun, or those who have a rather small space, where often the standard measures of traditional tents do not meet these criteria.

Vast choice and continuous innovation

The market intends in this sector to continue its research, because garden awnings are indispensable, and having an increasingly complete choice also in reference to characteristics that differentiate one model from another is very important. The garden awning can also be coordinated with the fabrics of the sofa or furnishing accessories. The same specialized shop could provide both, and this can become an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a change that can bring novelty to the style of your garden. Those who today find themselves faced with the need to replace garden tents will realize how the choice has significantly expanded compared to when they had previously purchased them.

Garden furniture: Garden awnings

The garden becomes increasingly important given the very few green spaces available and the housing needs, which force most people into more or less comfortable spaces.

Here the garden becomes the place of relaxation, free time and the place where expectations for well-being are placed.

At least during the summer.

But not all gardens are completely closed and therefore allow no reserved space for relaxation.

And for this reason and with this function, garden tents were born.

Garden awnings and awnings are very different furnishing accessories.

The former are not just tents, even if they are called that.

Often they look much more like gazebos and other similar solutions than classic awnings.

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