How to make a bird feeder with your own hands: an analysis of several of the best designs

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands: an analysis of several of the best designs

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How nice it is to enjoy the sounds of nature in your suburban area and listen to the lively twitter of the bird family. In order to attract these little helpers to the site, who destroy all kinds of pests, you should prepare a small gift for them - a feeder. Winter is a real test for birds. Under a layer of snow, it is quite difficult for them to find food to maintain their vitality. The bird feeder will be a salvation for birds in the winter months, when they are forced to escape not only from frost, but also from hunger. There are many options for how to make a do-it-yourself feeder, allowing you to make original designs from scrap materials.

What do you need to remember when making any feeder?

The range of ready-made feeders is wide enough. But it is still much more interesting to turn on the imagination and build an original and cute design from unnecessary materials at hand. In addition, the whole family can be involved in a useful and exciting activity.

Regardless of what design the product will have, and what will act as the material of manufacture, a good bird feeder should have:

  • A roof that protects the feed from precipitation. Food soaked in snow or rain quickly becomes unusable.
  • A wide opening that allows the bird to freely enter and exit the feeder.
  • Material resistant to high humidity and temperature extremes, the use of which will allow you to create a feeder that is ready to serve for more than one season.

Thus, you are not limited only to wooden building materials, in fact, a feeder can be made from anything.

And also, you can build a squirrel house. Read about it:

The outdoor bird feeder can be made of wood, juice or dairy bag, plastic bottle, any unnecessary box

Making a classic tree feeder

Wooden bird feeders in the form of miniature houses are made of boards and moisture-resistant plywood. The presented option refers to a variety of bunker feeders, in which food enters the bird's dining room in portions, which greatly facilitates the owner's care for the birds.

Construction details are cut from 20cm wide boards and 16mm thick plywood

The above drawing of the bird feeder, made in exact proportions, will facilitate the manufacture of the side walls of the structure

Instead of moisture-resistant plywood, you can use plexiglass, for fixing which in the side walls you should cut 4 mm deep grooves using a milling machine. The optimal size of the side wall made of plexiglass will be 160x260 mm. You can also use screws to fix the side panels to the end of the walls.

To connect the parts of the bird feeder made of wood, you can use both wooden edging and glue, as well as ordinary self-tapping screws. The corners of the product must be sanded. To equip the perch, a round bar (el. 8) is used, which is attached to the edges of the side in 10 mm drilled holes.

The roof can now be attached. For this, the left roof half is firmly fixed to the side walls. The right half of the roof and the ridge are separately fastened together. Only after that, with the help of furniture hinges, both halves of the roof are assembled into a single structure. The gap formed in the assembled product between the plexiglass and the bottom of the structure allows you to regulate the feed supply: one filling of the feeder can be enough for 2-3 weeks. Thanks to the transparency of the plexiglass, it is easy to observe the amount of food for the birds.

A beautiful and functional design is almost ready. As a finishing touch, the product can be coated with a layer of drying oil or painted.

Other original ideas

There are many variations in the manufacture of hanging dining rooms for birds. The most common and easy-to-create option for building a feeder is from a plastic bottle or juice bag.

It is preferable to use containers with a volume of at least 1-2 liters, which will allow you to visit the feeders and treat yourself to goodies not only for little sparrows and titmouses, but pigeons and other relatively large birds

At the top of the package, holes are cut for threading a fishing line or cord. The length of the fasteners should be 25-40 cm. On both sides of the container, using scissors or a knife, two spacious entrances are made opposite each other, allowing the birds to enjoy their meal without hindrance. It takes no more than 15-20 minutes to make a simple structure. The finished product is easily fixed with a cord in a convenient place near the house and is filled with your favorite bird treats.

Here are some more examples of original designs:

With a little imagination, you can create original bird feeders from the most ordinary bottles, which will become a real decoration of the site

Easy-to-manufacture and maintenance-friendly variations of hopper feeders

When figuring out how to build a bird feeder, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. It is enough to recall examples of the arrangement of functional structures familiar from childhood and, showing a little imagination, create an interesting hanging dining room that will delight the family with an attractive appearance, and feathered guests with delicious treats.

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  15. Conclusion

What you need to make a do-it-yourself bird feeder from a bottle

No professional tool is required for manufacturing - all components are at hand. The base for the trough is a plastic bottle with a capacity of 1 to 5 liters. A half-liter bottle is too small - there will not be enough space inside for birds, it is inconvenient to handle it.

Of the tools you will need:

  • writing accessories for marking - marker, felt-tip pen
  • awl - to create a hole from which it is convenient to cut along the contour (you can do without)
  • cutting object - sharpened knife, scissors
  • electrical tape - glue the edges of the cut from sharp plastic so as not to injure the birds
  • wooden sticks - those that are put in the delivery of sushi or rolls are suitable
  • wire, rope.
  • paints, applications - for additional decoration.

This is enough for a regular feeder. If desired, it can be improved - unusually designed or modified. In this case, paints, decorative elements and additional containers are added to the list.

The minimum set of tools for work is always at hand

Feeder from a plastic bottle with sprinkled feed

What do you need

  • Plastic bowl
  • scissors
  • awl
  • plastic bottle
  • small tray
  • bolt with washer and nut
  • knife
  • bird feed
  • wire
  • pliers.

How to do

If the bowl is too tall, trim the edges. Poke holes in the bottom of the bowl and bottle cap. Make a hole in the tray where the structure will be installed. Connect the lid, bowl and tray as shown in the video.

Cut a small piece above the neck of the bottle to allow food to pass through. Pour it into the bottle and screw on the cap with the attached parts. Screw a wire to the bottom of the bottle and make a hook out of it. See the video for details.

Turn the feeder over so that the bottle is upside down. The food will gradually pour out of it into the bowl. To add feed to the bottle, simply open the lid, add it and close the container again.

The bottle can be attached to the board to make the birds even more comfortable to sit:

And this video shows how to make a similar design from two bottles of different sizes:

What can you feed the birds in winter?

In nature, the food of birds in winter is the fruits remaining on the bushes of hawthorn, mountain ash, rose hips, seeds of trees, herbs. The food is selected depending on the type of bird. The birds will select the grains that suit them, some grains will be thrown out of the feeder. In winter, birds are less likely to choose crops and look for fatter grains and oilseeds.

In no case should you add salty foods.

Birds Suitable feed
Pheasant Large grains such as corn
Tit, field sparrow, nuthatch Unsalted lard, mixtures of fine or ground grains, including sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, millet, nuts, oats
Pigeons Grain, buckwheat, peas
Blackbirds Apples

Feeding birds with bread is considered dangerous. Especially if the bread is moldy, it can hurt them. Bread is not food for wild birds. Lard is a well-known and often used food; tits, nuthatches, small species of woodpeckers, and grosbeak readily eat it.

It is recommended to pour water into the drinker, which becomes very popular in winter.

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