Hose reel trolleys

Hose reel trolleys

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What are

The hose reel trolleys are a practical and convenient solution that allows you to keep the sprinkler hose in order.


Today the frenetic pace makes it necessary to always look for innovative solutions capable of reducing times. This has also influenced the gardening sector which has recently been committed to presenting innovative solutions. The hose reel trolley is one of the simplest but very convenient equipment. It is basically a structure on which the irrigation hose is wound, equipped with comfortable wheels to be transported from one part of the garden to another, with an easy handle for transport. The hose winds through a lever, which makes the work much less tiring. There are several models of hose reel trolleys on the market, it depends on the length of the hose to be wound. They are made of plastic and this allows them to remain exposed to the elements for a long time without suffering any damage. It is a gardening item that you absolutely cannot do without because it allows you to always keep the garden perfectly tidy. It also satisfies an important need, which is to be able to make a pipe and water reach any space. This saves effort and time because the hose reel trolley is transported thanks to the comfortable wheels. It is a simple object to use, suitable for any type of garden because if it is to be used for a small garden, it can be chosen in the hose reel trolley version for a reduced size. If, on the other hand, it is necessary for a garden of rather large dimensions, on the market you will be able to find the model that best corresponds to your needs.


As already mentioned previously, it is possible to find different models of hose reel trolleys on the market. These differ according to their structure which can be made for easy portability and therefore equipped with wheels or be fixed. The fixed version is chosen if it is a rather small garden and therefore the usefulness of this tool is relative only to that particular space. The model with wheels is convenient if it is to be used in various areas of the garden as it can be transported very easily wherever it is needed. By contacting the best-stocked shops it will be possible to realize how many comforts the hose reel trolley can offer.

Where to buy

The hose reel trolley can be purchased at stores that sell gardening and DIY items but, being a rather popular item, it is also found in many commercial spaces that dedicate an area to the garden. The purchase can also be made on the Internet, of course, always by contacting sites specializing in gardening. This is a very popular article so it can be found almost everywhere. Of course, if you are looking for a particular model, you need to choose a well-stocked shop that can guarantee the customer the latest hose reel models presented. At the time of purchase, you must always check that it is a good quality plastic and that it can therefore guarantee good durability over time. The purchase that is made on the internet is accompanied by a description and a series of images showing the item to be purchased. The customer is advised to correctly check all the details shown on the descriptive card before placing the order. Furthermore, to know the payment methods and delivery times, you must carefully read everything and if the delivered item should be defective or should have parts that are not intact, follow the return procedure always reported on the site. The costs related to a hose reel trolley depend on the model chosen but substantially start, for the smaller models, from a relatively affordable price, and then increase in reference to the different models. By going directly to the shop, the customer has the opportunity to personally check this handy gardening tool which, among other things, is also aesthetically pleasing, above all because it allows to maintain a certain order within the space. Instead of always seeing the usual hose in the lawn, after using it, it can be comfortably wrapped on the trolley and placed even in a small space because the trolleys are small in size.

Hose reel trolleys: irrigation system: Hose reel trolleys

Hose trolleys are very important in your irrigation system, because they allow you to be very tidy. They are very important above all to keep your garden in order, because you must absolutely know that it is not good for the lawn when you keep huge and psanti pipes on it for a long time, often the grass and the flowers are affected and start to bloom much less frequently than you think. So if you own a lawn you will absolutely have to go to specialized shops selling gardening items to get a hose reel cart suitable for your possibilities, but you can also buy everything on the internet.

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