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Garden cushions

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The garden cushions

The use of ever new materials leads to the possibility of creating rather unusual seating shapes, which however may not have the expected comfort. The problem is easily solved with the use of a pillow. Even seats made of classic materials, such as plastic, require this 'aid' if they are used for a long time. The garden sofas are sold complete with the cushion for both the seat and the backrest. It should not be forgotten that the pillow is an element that could get wet if left unprotected. The solution to this problem is obvious: just remove all the seat cushions that are exposed outdoors or move the same seats to a sheltered place.

Waterproof pillows

Alternatively, you can always orient yourself on waterproof cushions, which are basically created for all the deckchairs that are next to the pool and therefore can get wet more easily. The product used for the coating is of great quality, not only waterproof but also resistant to the sun's rays. The draining polyester padding prevents water from coming into contact with it and damaging it. No maintenance is required. Their coating is available in different shades to make it easier to combine with any garden. Initially they were born as a solution especially for public places, but today they are starting to have a wide diffusion also in the private sector as more and more people in the garden decide to install a swimming pool.

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Traditional Pillows

The traditional garden cushions are instead covered in cotton or with a honeycomb fabric. In both cases they are rather light fabrics but they are not waterproof, so if a pillow comes into contact with water it is advisable to remove the padding and let it dry avoiding it from happening a second time. The stores specializing in this article offer garden cushions in different patterns. The most classic often tend to focus on the same color or pattern as the garden curtains, while others reproduce imaginative prints. The use of too bright colors leads, due to continuous exposure to the sun, to make the pillow fade very quickly. Obviously, the lining can be washed separately from the padding because it can be opened through buttons or a zipper. It is advisable and advisable to read the label of the pillow, which contains the precise indication of the washing method to prevent the lining itself from fading and therefore no longer adequate.

Shapes and colors

The shape of the pillow is not only square, but can also be rectangular or even circular. The use of cushions of different shapes makes this piece of furniture even more important since, in most cases, the cushions are chosen in a classic form. Referring to what was mentioned earlier, it is preferable to choose rather light shades, which however stain more easily, and for this reason only rather resistant fabrics are used that can withstand even washing at high temperatures. So far we have described garden cushions that can be used as a piece of furniture on sofas or armchairs. The cushion that is combined with the chaise lounge or other seats may not have the replacement cover included in the package.

Importance of the lining

At the time of purchase it is always preferable to ask where to buy a replacement cover, otherwise it will be necessary to make a customized one. Cushions are a very eye-catching element in a garden, and for this reason we pay a lot of attention in packaging them, just to give them a very nice look. Furthermore, it is only possible to give a different look to the garden in every season by renewing the cover. This is why furnishing accessories are essential to guarantee today to those who experience the garden as the extension of the internal space a valid opportunity to renew their green space. Even on classic plastic chairs, the cushion is the ideal solution to make them more comfortable. Although there are no specific cushions for classic seats, you can always use the same version of the cushions used for indoor chairs.

Storage of pillows

At the end of the season it is recommended to remove all the cushions to wash them and then to store them in a clean and dry place, so that they can be used in the following season. The pillow is undoubtedly essential for a good rest even outdoors so, even if you do not want to spend an exaggerated cost, it is always good to have a chest with cushions available to use if necessary. During the summer, if many people use the cushions, a mid-season wash is recommended. That is why replacement covers are very useful.

Garden furniture: garden cushions

The garden has become a place for relaxation, where all the possibilities of well-being are often placed.

For this reason, over the years they have entered the garden furniture, furniture that strongly recall relaxation, wellness centers and slightly new age atmospheres such as chaise lounges and relaxation beds.

To make both your furniture and the atmosphere even more effective, you could add an element that gives a touch of elegance to the furniture: the cushions.

Once only soft covers for wooden chairs, today real objects of furniture, the cushions are exhibited in any size and any shape.

They are often sold as complements along with garden furniture.

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