To make your hair blonde and beautiful

To make your hair blonde and beautiful

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by Caterina Sforza

This beauty recipe by Caterina Sforza to make "blond and beautiful hair" consists of boiling ivy leaves and ash obtained from the stems of the same plant. After boiling, you will have to filter "and wash your head with that water and you will make your hair beautiful and blond ».

However, to make the recipe even safer, Caterina recommends that all women also put three small pieces of rhubarb root in the decoction, which are left to infuse for a whole day. After which a cloth is soaked and the head is wrapped with it "and laxed until it is almost dry and no doubt it will shine like gold".

The best blonde haircuts in the universe are these of the stars (to copy this spring)

Goldilocks would be envious.

We have seen them at concerts, on TV, in movies, in music videos and on social media, celebrities with blonde haircuts are a staple in our lives. One of the certainties that accompanies us throughout our existence is that sooner or later we would like to wear blond hair like movie and music stars, so as to finally take away that whim of having blond hair like Shakira (whim we have from first grade where obviously our classmate had angelic blonde hair). But surely even natural blondes know well that a well-groomed and perfectly cut hair really makes a difference in our style. So, dyed blondes and natural blondes, let's join in the search for the most beautiful blonde haircut of celebrities to imitate in this spring summer 2021!

Honey blonde, sandy blonde or platinum blonde, blonde hair always brings a new and bubbly brightness to our faces. But without a good haircut we risk weighing ourselves down and looking careless. So how to do it? As always, the choices to best bring blonde hair are many and varied: from bob hair to long hair, from symmetrical hairstyles with a central line to those moved with a side line, the haircut is essential to make the most of our fluffy golden hair. And if it seems to you that this article so far has confused you rather than helping to clarify, do not run away, because below there is a small gallery to your rescue where The most beautiful blonde haircuts of the stars are gathered to inspire you with your haircut of spring summer 2021.


Here then is the simplest and most rational solution: bleaching your hair and making it shiny blonde by yourself, at home. He is alone with absolutely natural products. And with a trick that we suggest you follow to avoid the "wig effect" in the transformation from brown to blond: leave a few centimeters of dark roots, with the color matched to the eyebrows.

The procedure we propose is very simple, does not require particular applications, has a reasonable time and a very satisfactory final result. Try it and you will not regret it.

  • 80 g of cassia
  • 10 g rhubarb (yellow)
  • 10 g cinnamon, for a warm blonde (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon of sesame oil
  • The juice of ½ lemon
  • to taste of chamomile infusion (concentrate) for a thicker consistency than a yogurt


  • Leave on for 45 minutes - 1 hour on washed hair.
  • Also rinse more than once.


How to make hair thicker

This article was co-edited by Christine George. Christine George is a hairdresser, colorist and owner of Luxe Parlor, a prestigious luxury salon based in Los Angeles. Christine has over 23 years of experience in hairdressing and hair coloring. She specializes in (but not limited to) custom haircuts, high quality color services, balayage, classic highlights and color correction. She holds a bachelor's degree in cosmetology from the Newberry School of Beauty.

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Whether you've always had thin hair or have recently been thinning due to age, you may wish you had thick, luscious locks. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase the thickness and volume of your hair, such as using a special shampoo or resorting to a keratin treatment at the hairdresser!

Do you want to go blonde? Here are five things to know

Golden Blake Lively or champagne-colored highlights like Emma Roberts? It doesn't matter which blonde you have in mind, what matters is that it's the right one for you. The advice of an expert to avoid mistakes

There always comes a time, almost like a sudden enlightenment, when we realize that becoming blonde can be the solution to everything. To the daily boredom, to the companion who begins to take us a little for granted, or to the one who has not yet noticed us, to the uninspiring work, or, more simply, to our look that we no longer like. It is the "blondness syndrome". It affects more or less all of them, even if it was a distracted thought lasting a few seconds like: "What blonde could I be?"

And here is the point. Because in the research phase among the new blondes sported by celebs, the trends that explode on social media and those launched by salons, everything can become a source of inspiration to get rid of the old color and move on to that gold touch capable of making us reborn to a new us.


And then, you know, our imagination when it comes to "beauty changes" has no boundaries, but color does and if we make a mistake we risk finding ourselves with a headset on and our home mirrors shot for at least a month. For this reason we asked a Pier Giuseppe Moroni, Artistic Director of Wella Italia, to tell us what are the steps that must be evaluated before moving on to blond, of whatever nuance it is.



Arrive in the salon with Blake Lively's photo and say: "I want them like this!" it's easy. More difficult to understand if that tone of blond can do for us. In this case, the advice from the hairdresser becomes fundamental: «The skin tone commands everything, it is the driver of the new look. Doing the right blond on the right complexion is the most important challenge for the hairdresser. If wrong, the look is trashy! For rock stars sometimes the blond is a stretch but there is! Let's not forget that they have a hairdresser who follows them from morning to evening, always ready to make them perfect ».

Generally before switching to a bright blonde it is better to define the cut. Including the fringe that often highlights the regrowth: «Not necessarily, the thing is very subjective. It depends on the percentage of white hair, on the natural color if it is very dark, if the regrowth is only on the crown and therefore maybe a fringe can also hide and help in some cases. I believe that bangs are not a problem, on the contrary, often one of the most common things is having white hair on the hairline ".

«It is important to understand the life of the customer so that she can keep the color and also how much she is willing to spend. Maybe propose a gradual change. For a true professional it should be taken for granted to take these things into consideration. Give the client the utmost importance by making her as little slave as possible to the hairdresser. Maybe she spends more in the beginning for a well done color treatment, to make her go back to a more distant time. The challenge lies in making women as autonomous as possible ».

"If it's blue raspberry, assuming that the right complexion is suitable for blondness, I would advise you to lighten but not to go blonde. If she wanted to become blonde, the only alternative is bleaching and the steps are long and "painful" both for the wallet and for the health of the hair. A woman who has short hair can afford it more easily, because by cutting them often, they reinvigorate themselves. The more time the hairdresser takes to bleach, the less it damages the hair (use low oxygen, lighten in different steps and on different days to rest the skin, etc ...). If it's red the approach could be less violent, resorting to the lightening of locks, on the natural red base ".

Going blonde also means that you may need to change your wardrobe and some makeup elements but don't twist it. A professional will also have to take these details into account when choosing the color. The same goes for the eyebrows. Dyeing or thinning them a lot depends on the final effect you want to achieve. There are those who prefer the contrast of dark eyebrows and blond hair to have a more dramatic look and those who prefer bleaching them to create more harmony with the new color. In this regard, experts remind us that the rule is not to lighten more than two shades of our current eyebrow color.


Morelli Experts of Bellessere - Hair


Blond hair, despite being very beautiful, needs a lot of care.

Especially if we need to bleach them to make them clear.

These problems are amplified in the summer especially when we go to the beach. In fact, between sun and salt, the hair really risks.

Morelli Experts of Bellessere - Hair

Morelli Experts of Bellessere - Hair

Morelli Experts of Bellessere - Hair

Mattia Alfreducci

To the Mayor of Arezzo Alessandro Ghinelli
To the President of the Region Eugenio Giani

Hello Mayor,
I am writing this open letter to you with a certain bitterness, disappointment and concern.

With my mother and another partner we own a hairdressing and beauty salon that employs 5 people.

Two weeks ago, given the strong increase in infections, our province was declared a red zone with all the relative restrictions dictated by the DPCM.

I obviously don't have the skills to understand if the measures are right or wrong, if they are needed or not, but I can read.

In fact, in the DPCM I read that:
"In the red zone only the following movements are allowed:
- for proven reasons of work, health or necessity (even to another Region or Autonomous Province) "

This, if I am not mistaken, means that except for reasons of work, health or necessity you cannot move.

The streets of the city are full of cars and people on foot, the police are circulating it is true, but I have never seen a control ...

I'm not making controversy because we are closed, we will remain without complaining as long as necessary, but I'm asking you: in addition to closing hairdressers and beauticians and the few other activities, why not do the rest that the red zone provides?

We are worried that under current conditions our sacrifice and of all those who cannot work at the moment will remain in vain if you, who are the first responsible for both health and civil protection and public order, do not decide to adopt the right measures to control compliance with the rules.

We have done our part by scrupulously applying everything that has been indicated to us to work safely, from the sterilization of instruments (which we already did before) to reducing the number of jobs to respect distances.

I repeat to myself we are still here ready to do our part by remaining closed until everyone's safety goes away, you do yours for everyone's safety.


Last but not least, do it for those who are brought to their knees by this situation and begin to wonder if it really makes sense to respect the rules in a country where, too often, those who do not fare better.

with the way he chooses to take sides, he will tell a lot about his values ​​and the sense of legality he intends to inspire throughout the community!

PS: I trust in the prominence that the local media will be able to dedicate to your response against this shameful phenomenon.

Beautiful hair: the right products

Again with regard to washing, try to use products suitable for your hair type: do you have colored hair? Frizzy? Ends? Long? For each of these options you can find a shampoo and conditioner that are right for you. If you have long and / or frizzy hair, remember to give your hair frequent masks before or after washing.

Among the products to keep your hair healthy, one not to forget is sunscreen: not only is it necessary to protect the skin from the sun's rays, but also the hair needs adequate care to counteract the negative effects of the wind, salt and UV rays. Even conditioners and oils designed to add shine can compensate for the daily stress your hair goes through.



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