Fall Garden Centerpieces – DIY Fall Décor Centerpiece Ideas

Fall Garden Centerpieces – DIY Fall Décor Centerpiece Ideas

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As the summer garden winds down, the grasses fade and seedpods take on a brown, mottled hue. That is nature’s cue to start collecting elements for a DIY fall centerpiece. Here are ideas for a fall centerpiece that should get your creative juices flowing.

Making a Fall Centerpiece from the Garden

The backyard is full of interesting finds that can be combined with fruits, flowers, pumpkins, and gourds for fall décor centerpiece ideas. Add a creative container or carved out pumpkin to show off your bounty.

First, visualize a theme. Do you want to emphasize certain colors? Do you want an outdoorsy, dried look or a whimsical, pumpkin filled arrangement?

Start collecting the backyard bounty. Take a stroll through the garden and pick up dried seedpods, pinecones (if you have pine trees), interesting bits of wood and branches, clusters of berries, ornamental grass seed heads, sprigs of colored leaves, fall-blooming flowers, evergreen boughs, magnolia leaves, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Choose a container. Do you want a centerpiece for a long table arrangement, or for a smaller table? A pitcher filled with dried elements from the garden could decorate a side table. Fall garden centerpieces especially beg for out-of-the-box containers, such as antique pieces, nostalgic tins, or woodsy finds. Do not forget, carved out pumpkins or gourds make great floral containers, as do glass. Once you have the container, it will give you more ideas for filling it.

Fill your chosen container. With container and outdoor filler in hand, decide what goes in it. Ideas for a fall centerpiece include small, different shaped gourds, all sizes candles, fruits, nuts, small pumpkins, and flowers. A walk through the local garden center will yield many possibilities to add to your centerpiece. Some of these may include:

  • Mums
  • Aster
  • Goldenrod
  • Ornamental Cabbage and Kale
  • Sunflower
  • Pansy
  • Alstroemeria
  • Celosia
  • Colorful Leaved Coral Bells
  • Dianthus
  • Viola

Additional Fall Décor Centerpiece Ideas

Cornucopias are a traditional fall centerpiece that can be modernized with current colors and real fruits and nuts instead of plastic and silk. For a quick arrangement, line a pedestal cake plate with fall leaf twigs, then top with gourds and dried corn cobs. A large, clear glass vase or candleholder can be filled with goodies around the candle. Nuts, acorns, candy corn, small gourds, pumpkins, and small oranges are a few ideas for filler.

Also, once the arrangement is finished, add other components such as a wood tray underneath with candles or small pumpkins or gourds added on the tray for a distinctive look.

Don’t forget you can browse online for more inspiration.

21 DIY Dollar Tree Centerpiece Ideas

Posted on Last updated: January 4, 2021 Categories DIY

Home » DIY » 21 DIY Dollar Tree Centerpiece Ideas

Stay within your budget with these Dollar tree decor centerpieces. They’re creative, fun to make, and cheap!

Whether you’re prepping for the holidays, your wedding day, or you’re just looking to spruce up a table, centerpieces are the key. They belong in the middle of the table, but that’s where the rules end!

You can create a centerpiece from pretty much anything. In fact, the more creative you are with your materials, the more interest the piece brings to your table.

So, here are 21 brand-new ideas (done on a budget).

DIY Fall Centerpiece

A quick sidenote before we get to the tutorial: I try to generate LOTS of ideas for potential blog projects, and then narrow those down to the ones I *think* will work. And then I start experimenting. A few projects work on the first try, but most take four or five – or more – tries to get quite right. And then there are other projects that just fail spectacularly! I have to cut my losses, including the time and money invested, and move on to something else.

When I decided to try to make a centerpiece on the cheap with supplies from the thrift store I was 85% certain it was going to be one of those giant failures. Luckily I enlisted two fabulous friends to do most of the hard work while I took photos of the process, and they were able to transform my budget purchases into this pretty creation:


These next ideas are meant to express the bounty of the fall harvest, so they would make great Thanksgiving centerpieces.

To create this centerpiece, use a tray to gather everything into one spot. Anchor the centerpiece at one end with a tall container filled with foliage and feathers, add the candlesticks and candles, a small round wicker tray and a few stacked plates, then add pumpkins.

Since this centerpiece is meant to evoke feeling of a bountiful harvest, fill in all those empty spots with acorns, leaves and other small items.


Another idea for giving a nod to a bountiful fall harvest is to fill a wooden dough bowl with pumpkins, twiggy orbs and a grapevine wreath. Layering the ingredients is the key to creating a centerpiece such as this one.

Start the layering by adding the grapevine wreath first (you can see it leaning against the back side of the bowl), add the larger elements like the pumpkins and spikey orb, wicker acorn, then finish the arrangement off by tucking a few stems of cotton into the empty spots.

Placing the dough bowl on a runner or piece of burlap will help to ground the centerpiece on your table.


Talk about bounty! Fill your table with a display of pumpkins and candles running down the center of your table, without using any container at all.

To create a Thanksgiving centerpiece like this one, put the candlesticks in place first (for this look, I like them staggered instead of lined up in a row), then place the pumpkins, turning and leaning them against each other. Lastly add dried hydrangeas and greenery to fill the empty spots. And nobody ever said that all your candles have to match!


In this beautiful DIY Fall centerpiece video tutorial by Scrapbooking With Me Crafts, on YouTube, you will learn how to make this easy idea for your kitchen or dining room. You begin by adding a stick-on letter to each jar. Then, you will paint each jar with craft paint, and then taking off the letter after the paint is dry.

Image By: Scrapbooking With Me Crafts Via YouTube

Then, you will just wrap the twine around the jar and tie a bow. Then, you will add the Fall faux leaves and flowers.

Image By: Scrapbooking With Me Crafts Via YouTube

This Fall mason jar centerpiece is so cute, just love it! The fact that it is so cheap and easy makes me really happy as well.

21. Holly Berry Christmas Wreath Centrepiece

They say Christmas wreaths go on doors, but who says you can’t adapt them to suit your dinner table? This tiny wreath places a red candle at its center, picking up on the colors of the holly berries beautifully.

The best part of this craft is that, despite taking only minutes to assemble, it turns out looking absolutely stunning! Not to mention, it’s gentle on your wallet.

So, now that you have enough ideas to decorate every surface in your home (and then some), go forth and craft! Make sure to leave any of your favorites in the comments below.



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