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Mimulus Bach flower

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Mimulus in Bach flowers is indicated for people who are afraid of everyday material things.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Mimulus

Common name in Italian

: yellow mimol

Scientific name

: Mimulus guttatus (Family Scrophulariaceae)


The remedy Mimulus among the Bach flowers is generally indicated for shy, silent, delicate people who are very sensitive, who have difficulty in relating to others and are afraid of known things, such as spiders, insects, the dark, a possible accident, claustrophobia, etc. These are fears not of what they do not know but of things they know and have already been experienced.

For fear of repetition of painful moments and states, the mimulus person prefers to avoid all those situations that could cause the event again.

Mimulus is a silent person who does not share his phobias with others because he is almost ashamed of his fears and hides them without facing them.

He is a calm and shy person and consequently cannot bear loud noises, noise, strong light, excessive cold or excessive heat, often stammers and blushes.

This state of affairs makes daily life difficult to live even for those around him because everything and even the people themselves are perceived as a possible threat.

Edward Bach gives the following description of a person Mimulus «Fear of the things of the world: illness, pain, accidents, poverty, darkness, loneliness, misfortune, the fears of everyday life. These people bear their fears in silence and in secret and do not like to tell other people about them ”. (1)


The Bach flower remedy mimulus is for stimulate to have more courage to face daily life with more serenity and to overcome without much fear the difficulties that life presents every day. In practice, it allows the mimulus person to reintegrate into the world and not be afraid of it.


If you want to prepare the Mimulus mother tincture of Bach flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, the method to be used is that of solarization.


The plant is in bloom during the summer period (June - September).

It is not an easy plant to find especially because it grows mainly near waterways, in very humid areas and, not bearing chemical pollution, it is becoming increasingly rare to find it.

It is a plant native to North America and the word "mimulus" comes from the Latin "mino" which means "actor, mime" because it seems to resemble a mask; while "guttatus" means "" spotted "since the flower is dotted with red.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Mimulus, Bach flower n.20 for those who are very insecure

Agitation, tachycardia and sweating in the hands. They can be clear symptoms of a discomfort in everyday life, of a concrete fear in facing certain situations such as an exam, a job interview, any test to pass. Type fears Mimulus, in fact, they are everyday fears, as well as phobias, and can be alleviated by making the personality of this type less fearful and nervous, stimulating the strength that we tend to hide and not exploit.

Bach flower n. 20: Mimulus (Mimulus Guttatus)

Originally from North America, the Mimulus plant belongs to the family of Scrofulariacee. You can find it along small streams or leaning against a wall, always apparently poised, with large flowers with yellow petals slightly spotted with red. The flowers of the plant usually close when there is a lot of wind, thus protecting themselves, and then reopening when the sun comes out. Mimulus was the first plant discovered by Edward Bach, corresponds to yellow mimol and is one of the 12 healers.

Mimulus Bach flower

MIMULUS - Flower n. 20

Mimulus Guttatus , Mimmolo , Yellow mimic , Muscade, Mimosa.

Favorite phrase: " I CAN'T DO IT, I AM NOT STRONG ENOUGH ".

Action: from the fear of the world. to trust in the world

The plant, about 30 cm tall, is native to North America, and is found in Europe in the humid and cold northern regions. It blooms near waterways and streams, with its large single yellow flowers with red speckles, which bloom from June to September. It usually rests on other plants or against walls, as if seeking protection. At sunset the flowers close and reopen in the morning with the sun. When it is about to rain the flowers close and if there is a lot of wind the leaves close to protect them.

Shelfmark: growing hovering over the current of water, it seems that the seedling is always on the point of being uprooted and dragged away, but the roots of the mimol are well embedded in the ground, to the point of not being removed from its seat due to the flow of water. water that constantly bathes it. Suspended in the embankment, it conveys an impression of precariousness, but also of tenacity given by fearlessly resisting the danger of the current. The yellow of the flowers refers to the sun and the power of light to dispel fears.

PLANT PERSONALITY: very sensitive to climate changes, when it gets dark or it is about to rain, it closes its petals as a sign of fear. Insecure, with its roots visible, and covered by 10 cm. of water, seek the protection of other plants to keep upright. Fragile and delicate in appearance, its branches break easily.


Word of Bach: "For the fears caused by the things of the world, such as illness, pain, accidents, poverty, darkness, loneliness, misfortune, fears related to everyday life. I secret their fears because they don't willingly talk about it with others ".

State negative : not well integrated into the world in which he lives, he is afraid of what he has felt, a tangible, concrete, precise fear of the things of the world that he has lived and knows: dog, doctor, lift, bereavement, travel, injections, bad luck, loneliness, accidents, poverty, illness, pain, darkness, death, particular spiders or insects. In order not to repeat painful experiences, he prefers to avoid exposing himself again. Slim structure. Refined, refined, peaceful, silent and solitary, shy, introverted, reserved, insecure, hypersensitive, very cautious and delicate, he needs protection. He bears his phobia secretly and silently, does not like to talk about it with others, is ashamed of his fear and hides it without facing it. He fears all excesses and is bothered by them: noises, cold, light, screams, confusion. Under stress, he becomes agitated, can sweat, stammer, blush and even raise the volume of his voice. He feels in awe, as if everyone is better than him. He lacks courage and postpones the "highlight". An alibi for not acting: the disease.

State positive: calm, understanding that sometimes loneliness is helpful, balanced modesty, peace, a sense of refinement, balanced shyness, quiet humor.

Statistically found diseases (according to some authors), which the subject could face, if not harmonized: i persudoration, dizziness, panic attacks, chest discomfort, excessive sweating, paraesthesia, lipothymia, tremors. Hypochondria, somatization. Shyness. Blush easily. Tic. Stuttering, hoarseness, aphonia, dysphonia, dyslexia. Heartbeat, tachycardia, palpitations, extrasystoles. Nocturnal enuresis, urinary and fecal incontinence, peripheral circulatory insufficiency, aerophagia, heartburn, meteorism, esophageal bolus, colitis, diarrhea. Dyspnea, breathlessness, hunger for air, dry cough, laryngitis, asthma. Premature ejaculation, impotence, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea. Fear of exams. Claustrophobia, agoraphobia. Venereal illnesses.

Reformulations of the students who attend my courses: frail, scared, hypersensitive, isolated, introverted.

Sexuality: when he overcomes the fear of sex he likes to discover the person slowly, gently, slowly and constantly.

Positve thinkings: I approach my fears and defeat them with determination, strength and courage are within me, I just have to get them out, my body is thin, but that doesn't stop me from living peacefully, thinking I can fight my fears, in I have already overcome reality, I do not fear the future because I am sure that it reserves joy and happiness for me, I smile at life and I do not let the opportunities pass, I accept my sensitivity and use it to help others, I face difficulties and do not postpone things, I have the courage to come out of my shell and confront myself with those around me.

Children: babies who are afraid of everything and cry for no reason when they wake up. Clinging to the mother's skirts out of excessive fear. Running away, crying or screaming for no obvious reason. Fear of the dark and the public.

Healing: helps to cope with the tremors of everyday life. Anxiety transforms into calm, serenity, balance. It removes from objects the hideous veils with which the imagination had covered them. Good integration into the world.

Condition that develops, harmonizes or awakens: C. ORAGE

Archetypal representation: "Primary Fear". The first emotion that faces the human being is fear. And according to how the individual copes with the agonizing and traumatic experience of birth and the fear of imminent death in no longer feeling contained by the amniotic fluid, it will determine how he can cope with the vicissitudes of life.

CHAKRA: it acts on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 7th vortices

Preparation: the remedy is prepared by the method of sunburn. The indicative flowering period is from June to September

Positive affirmations: i am free and happy with life.

FREQUENT ASSOCIATIONS: Agrimony, Hornbeam, Impatiens, Larch, Oak, White Chestnut.

Mimulus Bach flower

Who needs the Bach flower Mimulus he is a person who sees dangers everywhere, is often anxious, fearful and has a great imagination that does not coincide with reality. This state of mind can arise after many frightening events or as a result of particular situations such as an economic crisis, clearly the person begins to live in apprehension fearing losing his house, car, land, etc. person Mimulus becomes a real torment, because in everything she always sees the scary side, moreover, if she listens to something negative, she immediately thinks that the same story could happen to her thus allowing herself to be influenced, in fact if someone she knows tells her that she had to make a specialist visit also she deems it necessary to do it. In the negative state, Mimulus He also comes to think that the specialist is not up to the situation because he has not found any disease in her. This person, for fear of being left alone, hides his fears by not speaking to anyone, and avoids all situations considered fearful by making the most trivial excuses such as: I have a headache, I have stomach pain, I have back pain.

Shy person, blushes easily, sometimes even stammering, hypersensitive to heat, cold, to those who raise their voices, to dazzling light, to crowds, to closed and open spaces,
Please note:
this Flower should be administered for every certain fear: gallery, bridge, height, darkness, open and closed space. etc..

The typical phrases of the person who needs the Bach flower Mimulus:

I am bothered by the loud radio, the strong light, who speaks loudly.

I only eat healthy foods, I am too afraid of being sick.

quarrels scare me a lot.

I would like to avoid tunnels, bridges, and overly busy areas that make me anxious.

I am shy, insecure and sensitive, but better not tell anyone.

I'm very scary, better nobody knows.

I would like to fly, but I will never take the plane.

I am afraid of diseases, thunderstorms, infections, dentist, travel, thieves, dogs.

if I go up the ladder I cannot look below, I get dizzy.

when I go to the balcony I always feel the emptiness under my feet.

at night I always sleep with the shutter a little open, the dark scares me.

the crowd at the museum makes me nervous.

every time the teacher questions me I am afraid of a bad grade.

Typical symptoms of the person who needs the Bach flower Mimulus:

lower back pain in the right kidney area

fear that something will happen to an event

fear of the job interview

strong sensitivity to light, heat, crowds, loud noises

anxiety about clinical exams

panic attack for certain fear

Balanced mimulus
The person with this disposition will never put his life in danger, he will be stronger in the face of a fearful event even if he will let someone else face it first, and will be the only one able to explain how to overcome fear since knows the feeling very well. The flower remedy in the blend transforms fear into courage.

By Graziano Petrucciani

Transpersonal Principle of the Bach Flower Mimulus:
Anxiolytic, Relaxing, Stuttering, Fragility Somatization, Emotional

Disharmony: Shyness, Fragility, Phobias

Proceedings of the 3rd A.M.I.F.
Italian Medical Association of Flower Therapy

Prof. Ermanno Paolelli
- Holder of the Chair of Biological Psychiatry
Medical School
University of Human and Technological Sciences of Lugano (Switzerland)
- Founder and President of the A.M.I.F.

Bach flower Mimulus
Transpersonal principle: retraction
The transpersonal hypothesis consists in testing the essence in cases of fibrous retraction (orange peel skin), wrinkles, fibrous bridles, keloids, etc.
It could be interesting in the case of carpal tunnel, in scleroderma, etc.

Source: Handbook for the local application of Bach flowers
Author: Ricardo Orozco graduated in Medicine from the University of Barcelona in 1982. He studied acupuncture, chiropractic and flower therapy.


------------- Fear shyness specific fears that can be summarized as "fear of the world"


physical hypersensitivity, emotional nature

he worries about a certain situation, but keeps his fears to himself

always imagine that everything is more difficult or dangerous than it really is

there is always something she is afraid of

specific fears and "phobias": for example, fear of cold feet, dark corridors, certain diseases and physical pain, painful death, financial ruin, accidents, crowds fear of losing loved ones fear of horses , of mice, dogs and other animals fear of telephoning, of new situations, fear of going to hospital, agoraphobia, fear of crossing a threshold, limelight fever

hypersensitivity of all kinds, for example to cold, noise, too bright light, too loud voices, intense smells, being contradicted

one would like to be in peace, without being questioned

fear causes a strong inner tension

sometimes you stumble in speaking, you are assaulted by stuttering or a nervous laugh, you talk too much, always because of nervousness

he blushes easily, his hands become sweaty

commitments are postponed due to an unconscious fear

you are afraid of new things and you always need time to deal with them

it is hoped that certain problems will resolve themselves

you are afraid of being alone, nevertheless in company you are shy and nervous

you become very anxious if you come across a contradiction or something goes wrong

during convalescence one sins by excess of caution for example, one avoids moving the broken leg again after it is healed

you get sick if you come across the things you are afraid of

babies cry upon awakening for no apparent reason

children get nervous or frightened cling to their mother

children do not want to hear tales about violence


Positive potential

on overcoming fears, one recognizes one's limits and one can accept the normal course of things with greater relaxation

one has the impression of going towards life and accepting reality with courage

you live in your own time with kindness and sensitivity

personal audacity and understanding for others who are in similar conditions


The types Mimulus they are shy and insecure, extremely sensitive and above all they are easily frightened. They look like living sensitive mimosas. The things that arouse their hypersensitivity are so many that, for close people, it is not at all easy to always have regard for them. They are especially sensitive to the following stimuli:
loud noises, high tone of voice, dazzling light, neon lighting, rude words, cold, quarrels, hostile behavior.
The strongest character trait of a kind Mimulus it is fear, which refers to concrete objects and situations, as opposed to that of type Aspen. Typically these are things from everyday life, for example:
diseases, thunderstorms, water, pain, injections, dentists, accidents, travel by car or plane, thieves, animals, for example dogs.
The sensitive nature often makes life difficult for guys Mimulus, who often enslave others unwittingly, causing them to have regard for their fears and their hypersensitivity.
A slightly exaggerated example will clarify how this happens in practice.
Suppose such a person is invited home by a friend or acquaintance and stays overnight with him. We also imagine that, being the apartment very small, the two are forced to sleep in the same room. Probably the following ritual would take place, which has become habitual for the type Mimulus. The host, out of consideration for his sensitive guest, would be forced to go to sleep earlier than usual, to allow him to fall asleep at the usual time. The shutters should remain open a little, so as not to arouse his fear of complete darkness. The alarm clock would be moved away from the bedroom, so as not to prevent him from falling asleep with its ticking. The large pendulum in the living room would be stopped, so as not to frighten it with its chimes.
During the first hours of the night the landlord would probably be awakened several times by his guest with the prayer to stop snoring, then in the middle of the night he, completely unnerved, would certainly beg him to have a room by himself, not being yet managed to sleep a wink. Please, the landlord would then leave the bedroom and go to sleep, a little uncomfortably, on the sofa in the living room.
The next morning the host would pour the ready-made coffee into the sink, having forgotten that it upsets his sensitive guest. Luckily he had some milk left in the fridge! Even the morning music, in the background at breakfast, would be turned off so as not to shake it.
The visit to the museum would be interrupted earlier than expected due to crowding, so as not to arouse his fear of the fray. The visit to the tower of the television antennas would be a bit tiring, ending up then going up on foot instead of by elevator. Even the search for a suitable restaurant would not be very easy: one too noisy, the other too smoky. The project of going to the disco would also turn out to be a fiasco: the music too loud and the dazzling light effects unbearable. We would then agree to go to the cinema. Even if the film was nothing special, the almost empty venue would be perfect.
The example may sound a bit too busy, but there really are types Mimulus who make life difficult in this way and who in this insensitive world are almost incapable of surviving. Seen from the outside, their life looks like a caricature, but for them it is reality.

In the initial description Bach claimed that the type Mimulus it presents "a strong desire for stillness, an aversion to conversation and questions". Some time later he cited the «fear of crowds, of noise, of speaking. to be alone ".
The concept was then expanded to indicate a generally nervous disposition and a desire for tranquility. People Mimulus they are hypersensitive to the environment and avoid conflicts. The delicacy and sensitivity that distinguish them induce them to escape from the turmoil of life are like children who, hands over their ears, run away from the fireworks, in search of protection.
They are, in short, like delicate flowers.
Like a freediver holding his breath, Mimulus it is able to survive for some time under water, which is another reason why it needs pure, well-oxygenated water.
The guy Mimulus it can be associated with breathing or rather, with the lack of breathing.
He ceases to breathe when he is frightened and typically breathes shallowly, filling only the upper part of the lungs.
Their negative aspect is easily perceptible and with a certain irony could be symbolized by a shy little mouse. Even in this regard, however, Bach hit the mark perfectly: the people Mimulus they are afraid, but "boldly go forward", they have the "ability to react and face the difficulties of everyday life".
What, then, is the great lesson, the lesson of the soul, as you would call it Bach, in this case? In his opinion, such individuals aspire to pity and solidarity since, due to the very circumstances of their existence, they possess the tenderness and compassion necessary to understand.
To better clarify the concept, here is a practical example: if we are afraid of dogs and suddenly we find one in front of us as we walk, fear will block us instantly, as if we were hypnotized, he says. Bach. At that moment we don't know what to do, we are so scared. The golden strength of Mimulus it will certainly not make the dog disappear, which will continue to growl, ready to bite us. But if we can shift our focus from feeling to thinking, we can better organize our defense. With a clear mind we can decide what to do: engage in a fight with the dog, shout at it, call for help by recovering the voice, escape and climb a tree, whatever we consider valid. Courage is not the absence of fear, but a clear action that contrasts fear. Mimulus helps us, therefore, to use our intelligence and makes its way into the mind, in order to induce us to evaluate the facts objectively.

So far as Mimulus finds himself managing particularly stressful situations, he will tend to accentuate his disharmonious attitude. It will then no longer be sufficient to AVOID the situation that generates fear to instill in him a bit of tranquility. The only escape from the fear of "the things of the world" will be to go back, to RETRIEVE to a "time that perhaps was happy" as happens in Honeysuckle.
The correspondence between the two flowers is then established. Where it is no longer sufficient to AVOID the situation triggering fear, the modality that can help to manage the real situation is represented by "disconnecting" completely with the present, taking refuge in a vision of the past considered non-anxious and falsely reassuring.

Source: Bach Flower Therapy Last Frontiers of Tradition, Dr. Maurizio Lupardini.

• There is total distrust in oneself and one's abilities, a sort of "inferiority complex,
• You suffer from fear of concrete things and facts, even if you find it hard to talk about them, and you get sick if exposed to these things or too much pressure,
• Almost mediumistic sensitivity towards the expectations of others towards oneself,

Source: The Path of the Soul. Nuova Ipsa Editore srl, Via G. Crispi 50, 90145, Palermo, Dr. Stefano Boschi.

Therapeutic strategies
Reassurance is the key word, done in a soft, low voice. The information we give must be comprehensive, without hesitation or suspenseful pauses. It is important that the patient takes care of her own territory, that she has a place considered safe in which to retire to "rest". Restoring contact with the earth will be the main objective of our strategies. There are breathing exercises, bioenergetic techniques, visualizations. I really love to use subtle aromatherapy: in these cases I recommend applying the oils, using a cream as a vehicle, on the soles of the feet (where, however, there is the only point of the Kidney meridian, the Kidneys) and in minimal quantities on the perineum (area of ​​the first chakra). This simple energetic operation greatly increases the therapeutic effects on fear, whatever the general strategy adopted. Vetiver and Atlas Cedar are certainly the most effective and most used oils in these cases.

How to use the Bach flower Mimulus

Let's talk a little about the uses of Mimulus. It is used like any other Bach flower. You have to buy it at a herbalist's shop or online. In practice, you are given a bottle with the remedy to be diluted inside. You have three different possibilities to use it.

The first is the method of dilution. If at first glance you may think that the cost is excessive for the single remedy, you have to change your mind when you think that to create your flower therapy remedy you have to use only 12 drops of the flower, to be put in a 30 ml bottle together with a tablespoon of brandy (it is the preservative) and natural mineral water. With the bottle of 30 ml go on on average a month or more. Remember to buy the 30 ml bottle in dark glass and equipped with a dropper.

However, usually not only one flower is used but more than one, because there are many facets of a person and many aspects to work on. There is practically never a single personality. For this reason it is necessary to consider the dilution of several flowers. Instead of 12 drops you have to put 5 per flower for a maximum of 6 flowers. However, they are usually chosen on the basis of a flower therapist.

Both for the dilution method with single flower and with the dilution method with other flowers, the intake does not change. You can take 4 drops 4 times a day. Under the tongue or in a nice glass of water, sipping it.

The third possibility is to take Mimulus as it is, that is, pure. It is considered a type of emergency recruitment, to be used in critical situations. Perfect therefore to manage sudden fears, which come quickly and cause you to panic. You can use Mimulus both under the tongue and inside a glass of water.


The main accusation made of all Bach flowers including Mimulus is that they don't work. In practice, not being supported by scientific evidence, only a placebo effect is attributed to the flowers. But the fact that it has no scientific evidence doesn't mean it doesn't work.

The basic remedy has no contraindications because there are not even the active ingredients of the plant inside. In fact, it works thanks to the vibrations that the plant itself releases into the water. You can take it without problems therefore. There are no interactions with other medicines or with other natural remedies.

They can be taken by both children and animals. Some may be concerned about the presence of the brandy. Especially those who have had problems with alcohol or parents who want to give the remedy to children. According to experts, however, the quantity is so small that it is not a problem. However, if you have any doubts, I recommend that you ask a herbalist.

Finally, I remind you that Bach flowers do not replace medicines. So you don't have to interrupt medical treatment to use Edward Bach's remedies. They do not cause addictions and can be used by everyone.

Curiosities about Mimulus or Mimolo

The Mimulus it is obtained from Mimulus (Mimulus Guttatus). It is a rather well-known plant native to North America, to be precise, the Rocky Mountains. Here in Italy it is much less common while it is in Northern Europe. It belongs to the Scrofulariacee family, grows near water courses and rests on the walls.

It is about 30 centimeters tall. Its flowers from which the Mimulus flower therapy remedy is extracted bloom in summer. They are beautiful yellow flowers with reddish spots. When there is a lot of wind or a strong sun, they close in search of shelter.

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