Butterflies fluttering in the kitchen - Strange and curious news

Butterflies fluttering in the kitchen - Strange and curious news

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Who hasn't ever seen cute little butterflies fluttering around their kitchen?

It often happens that, one morning, opening the cupboard or the cupboard where we keep our supplies, we see some pretty little butterflies appear which, with a satisfied air, flutter here and there.

ATTENTION, ATTENTION, INTRUDERS ON BOARD! In fact, these are the delicious Plodia interpunctella Hb. or his friend the Ephestia kuhniella Zell.

How to recognize them? Very simple… here they are for you.

Ephestia kuhniella Zell.

Plodia interpunctella Hb

These are two pretty little butterflies which, with open wings, measure from 1.5 to 2.5 cm whose larvae live at the expense of food substances. The butterfly mothers who begin to appear in the months of April / May, lay their eggs directly in the substances that the larvae will feed on (flour, sweets, seeds, pasta, dried fruit, etc.). From the eggs after an incubation period that varies from a few days to a few months, the larvae are born that live in this stage from one month to 12 months. And they grow, grow, at the expense of our spaghetti until they too become delicious butterflies (passing through various stages of development) which, after having met their prince charming and having been fertilized, lay other eggs up to 5 generations (of spaghetti). over the course of a year.

How to fight them? Stop eating pasta! But no, I'm joking, you have to rummage well in the pantry and check all the supplies, including the apparently closed packages and if you notice that there is some "floury" in the packages, it means that the larvae are having a sweet feast. Throw it all away.

In addition, you need to capture the mothers and their husbands butterfly and send them to flutter outside your home.

The 5 curiosities and oddities of the city of Milan

Milan, a hasty city and capital of economy and business, has always given itself a serious and cold image: how can you imagine then that, moving around the metropolis, you can come across strange and curious things?

Yet it is just like that ... after having shown you the most beautiful places in Milan to photograph, we want to introduce you to the 5 most curious things about Milan which, in any case, remains “a great Milan”.

Among the strangest and most disturbing things to see in Milan is the Biscione, heraldic symbol of the Visconti, which later became the coat of arms of the city. According to legend, the effigy was adopted after the return of Ottone Visconti from the second crusade, as a reminder of the defeat of a Saracen. Another more imaginative interpretation instead attributes to Umberto Visconti, progenitor of the family, the choice of the coat of arms.

It is said that during the Middle Ages a dragon tormented the inhabitants of Milan, feeding on children and causing yellow fever with its pestilential breath. Many tried to kill the dragon, until Umberto Visconti was successful: he celebrated the victory, choosing as his effigy a snake with a child in his mouth. The symbol recurs in many places in the city, starting with the famous one Sforzesco Castle.

Walking through the streets of Milan, it is easy to realize how i murals over the years have become an integral part of the urban context, strange creations loved both by inhabitants and tourists. Among the most particular street art works, we point out the graffiti of Corso di Porta Ticinese (including a re-reading of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam) and those of Garden of Cultures, in Porta Vittoria.

New and spectacular murals are the portraits on walls of via Mercalli, on the corner with via San Calimero: a tribute to illustrious Milanese figures who have disappeared, such as Enzo Jannacci, Alda Merini, Giorgio Gaber, Luchino Visconti, Franca Rame and Claudio Abbado. Finally, scattered through the streets of the city, you can meet the cubic men of Bros or i Pao penguin taproots.

Did you know that in Milan there is a street called the Road of the Gnomes? This is via Lepanto, in Maggiolina residential area, north of Milan. The curious nickname derives from the aesthetics of some houses in the street, built in the shape of a mushroom or an igloo ... just like those of the gnomes! These strange circular houses were designed in 1946 by the architect Mario Cavallè.

Even today, half-hidden by vegetation, eight of the twelve original houses are still visible. They have a diameter of 7.5 meters and a height of just over 3 meters. In total they have an area of ​​45 square meters, plus a basement and a small garden. Some houses are still inhabited, although it seems that only two of these have maintained the original layout of the spaces, with the entrance, the bathroom, the two bedrooms and the kitchen.

One of the strangest and most disturbing places in Milan is certainly the Church of San Bernardino alle Ossa, in piazzale Santo Stefano. The church was built in 1269, near the leper colony in via Brolo and the cemetery-ossuary to house the victims of the disease, which was then incorporated by the church itself in 1626. In the small chapel of the ossuary, all the walls are covered with bones and human skulls, belonging to those who had been buried in the cemetery.

The altar is also full of skulls, kept in glass cases, along with the remains of some sentenced to death. As if the narrow space and the sinister decorations weren't enough, a legend has it that one of the skulls on the altar, belonging to a little girl, comes to life on the night of November 2, to invite the other skeletons to stage a macabre dance with her.

The strangest and most disturbing thing that can be seen in Milan, however, is the installation called Wall of Dolls. It is a metal mesh close to a wall, which is located a few steps from the columns of San Lorenzo in via De Amicis. Here, some dolls made by 50 well-known brands of the Made in Italy fashion world - including Trussardi, MaxMara, Alberta Ferretti, have been hung, or rather hanged. Other dolls were added later, donated by the associations that joined theinitiative against femicide.

The goal of the wall is therefore to raise public awareness of the problem of violence against women, using dolls as a symbol of the victims. The initiative is commendable, but the overall aesthetic effect, although exciting, is a little disturbing.

Sexual practices in the world: the strangest and most curious

By Kati Irrente | Thursday 29th January 2015

What are the traditions concerning sex, the strangest and most curious sexual practices around the world? Let's take a little trip into traditional rituals, in customs and traditions which regulate social relations and more specifically i sexual intercourse of the populations living in the various latitudes of the globe. After reading the rites of tribal peoples scattered on Earth or based ceremonies sexual rites of the ancient Egyptians, some of you will be shocked to learn about some uses and customs that are so strange as to seem fake, but it is all true! We bet that you are curious to know which social norms regulate, or have regulated, the physical relationships between people scattered all over the world: you just have to continue reading!

Journalist by vocation, I have been writing for the web since 2008. I deal with Italian and foreign news, politics and customs. A naturopath who is passionate about green living and good food, I divide my free time between music, cinema and comics.

Butterflies fluttering in the kitchen - Strange and curious news

Well to know

Curious news from the world

Caffeine like Viagra

Problems with libido? Does your erotic charge not activate at maximum power? No problem: a cup of coffee a day, and you will be in better shape than before. According to research conducted by the University of Michigan, coffee helps sexuality. All thanks to caffeine, which, over time, seems to have a preventive effect against erectile dysfunction for men and a decrease in libido for women. This is not new: it has long been clear, according to scientific research, that a moderate consumption of caffeine, equal to three or four cups a day, has positive effects on health. In the American study, which involved about 800 couples of people over sixty, it was found that in 62 percent of cases, coffee drinkers had maintained a more active and satisfying sex life. To the good connoisseur ...

Younger, and with more breasts: a chewing gum is enough

One of the most curious Japanese "inventions" of recent times is by the Japanese: it is called Bust-Up, a chewing gum, soon on the market, which fights the signs of aging and increases the volume of the breast. Where physical activity, massages and cosmetic surgery are not enough, here is the prodigious chewing gum. Rose flavored, it should be chewed three or four times a day. The secret is all in an Asian medicinal plant, pueraria mirifica, which - as the producers reveal - thanks to its active ingredients, always keeps the tissues toned and keeps the breasts in shape.

Cooking is good for the brain

News that will delight chefs and housewives from all over the world: it is Japan again that offers a sensational revelation. Tohoku University scientists have found that intense cooking activity improves blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, an area of ​​the brain that controls decision-making and computing skills. The experiment, conducted on fifteen women between 35 and 55 years of age, with supersophisticated techniques, such as optical tomography, showed that dedicating oneself to the art of cooking requires complex brain actions, such as to keep the brain active and vital. The effect is also positive on men: with a three-month cooking course, followed for at least 15 minutes a day, the activity of the prefrontal cortex becomes evident. In this way the forecasting and calculation capabilities increase. A simple and fun way to keep in shape one of the most important areas of the brain for cognitive activities. Who knows if the secret of great magnates and scientists lies in the art of cooking!

All the strangest laws in the world

There are so many laws around the world, but there are some that are really weird. If you are curious to find out which are the strangest laws in the world, take a look at this ranking.

On the English coast if you find a dead whale, know that the head belongs to the King, the tail instead belongs to the Queen.

In Vermont, the northeastern state of the United States, women need written permission from their husbands to get false teeth.

In Florida, if you are a single woman, know that you cannot go skydiving on Sundays. What are you risking? The prison.

In England, all men who have reached the age of 14 must practice the bow for two hours a day.

Also in Florida it is forbidden to go with the skateboard in a police station.

In France it is forbidden to call a pig "Napoleon"

In England it is considered high "treason" to stick a stamp upside down, this is because all stamps have the image of the King or Queen Elizabeth. In Thailand it is forbidden to step on coins and banknotes, because the monarchs are printed on them.

In Australia it is forbidden to arrive with dirty shoes, if you arrive at the airport with shoes dirty with mud or dirt, they will be confiscated. This measure is implemented to defend the ecosystem and the environment.

Another strange law they have in Australia concerns potatoes, you are not allowed to keep more than 50 kg of potatoes inside your home! Do you think it is a law that have been in force since 1946.

If you are in Singapore beware of what you chew, one of the laws prohibits chewing gum, and since 1992 it is also illegal to import them.

Even in North Korea there are some strange laws, one concerns jeans, it is in fact forbidden to wear blue or light blue ones because they recall the image of the United States of America.

If you are allergic and have to go to Japan, pay close attention to this law, it is in fact forbidden to introduce medicines containing codeine and ephedrine. So if you are allergic or suffer from asthma, remember to ask for special permission from the Japanese authorities.

Blocked arteries: the 12 foods that are bad for the heart and circulation (1 of 3)

When it comes to heart health, you may already know that eating healthy and avoiding junk food is a good place to start, but it can be more complicated than you think. A lot of the foods we like and eat every day can damage our heart. For this reason, it is always important to be aware of what we should avoid and why we should do it.

We thought we would list you 11 junk foods which you should definitely avoid in order not to clog the arteries.

Red meat

There Red meat, or raw, such as beef or lamb, they can be harmful to the heart. One study claimed that people who consume red meat every day have high levels of N-oxide trimethylamine, a chemical linked to heart disease. Other researchers have also found a connection between eating red meat regularly and being at risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Canned vegetables and soups

Canned vegetables and canned soups seem like a convenient way to add more vegetables to our diet, but they often contain too much added salt, especially if they have sauce or broth.

Too much salt increases the blood pressure, which reduces the amount of oxygen that goes to the heart and can also cause a heart attack. Many of the preservatives used in these canned products can be harmful, and a popular soup additive, monosodium glutamate or MSG, has been linked to heart palpitations.

Frozen meals

Frozen meals are convenient, inexpensive, and often low in calories. However, many frozen foods contain preservatives and high levels of sodium which is used to flavor food. People should eat around 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day, but some frozen foods contain much more.

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