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Advice and recommendations on the timing and rules of planting seedlings of garden strawberries in the North-West region from the head of the nursery "Strawberry plantation Fionova"

Strawberry plantation "Fionova" offers seedlings of strawberries (garden strawberries), raspberry and currant seedlings. All planting material of our own production is fully suitable for cultivation in the North-West. +7 (981) 699-13-04

Sunberry improves vision, has antiseptic properties, is used to treat kidney and bladder diseases, to treat purulent wounds, abscesses, burns, and improve digestion.

Fruit nursery "Vsevolozhsky": seedlings of fruit and berry and ornamental trees and bushes, strawberry whiskers, perennial flowers. The planting material is zoned. We offer plants in containers of various capacities. +7 (931) 250-89-61

In folk medicine, strawberries were used for a lack of hemoglobin, for narrowing of the blood vessels that feed the heart, for cholelithiasis, diabetes, gout, to normalize the intestines.

To extend the period of obtaining strawberries, a number of techniques are used: varieties with different ripening periods are selected, remontant varieties are grown, accelerate the beginning and delay the end of the growing season.

On my site in the Pskov region, among other plants, I grow garden strawberries and grapes in a wall culture. I want to share my experience of growing these crops in this article.

Lianas on the garden plot solve both functional tasks and aesthetic ones. With the help of large vines, you can close the buildings on the site, decorate a high fence, make the bare wall of a high house less monotonous.

Strawberries are widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Here are some simple recipes for strawberry masks to remove age spots and freckles, to tone, fresh and velvety skin, for oily skin.

In the North, cloudberries are called the body cleaner. And its composition confirms this. In cloudberry fruits: 83.3% water, 0.8% proteins, 3-7% sugars, 3.8% pectin substances, organic acids, phytoncides, leukocyanins, carotene ...

Whiskers are indeed actively formed on plants of almost all varieties of garden strawberries. There are, however, varieties that drive out very few mustaches, and there are varieties that do not produce them at all. And these varieties can be propagated either by dividing the bush or by seeds. But most mustache varieties are kicked out, and quite a few. So what do you do with them?

I bring in manure - 1 bucket per 1 m², superphosphate, azophoska, I dig deeply. If there is no manure, then I deeply bury the plant residues. I sow rye there. In the spring I bury rye, add min. fertilizers, humus, and compost

With the further care of strawberries, in general, there is nothing complicated - you just have to strictly follow the "rules of the game". That is, to provide protection against diseases and pests (I put this in the first place, because if they are available, for example, in our climate, there is simply no harvest), as well as balanced nutrition, sufficient irrigation and timely removal of whiskers and old leaves.

Garden strawberries (popularly called strawberries or victoria) are probably the most popular of our berry crops. This is a kind of queen among summer berries, which is not surprising - its fruits are beautiful, tasty and also healthy.

The most romantic, the most delicious, the brightest, the largest, with cream, with condensed milk, in the form of jam or just fresh, just from the garden - all this is about garden strawberries. In one of the recent issues of the magazine, our readers could read an article about growing garden strawberries, but she has a sister - remontant strawberries. Today there will be a conversation about her.

Strawberries are correct to call only nutmeg strawberries. This is the only type of strawberry, and all other varieties are garden strawberries. At the same time, wild strawberries differ from garden strawberries only in that the latter turned out as a result of spontaneous hybridization, that is, with the help of wind or insects, an actually new plant was formed, which annually gives us large, sweet, gorgeous-looking berries.

How to grow a dugout - a hybrid of strawberries and garden strawberries - in the beds. Features of culture, choice of a planting site, care, varieties of earthworms.

Blueberry cultivation is nothing new abroad. There, this culture has long been industrial, profitable. Its fruits can be found freely in city supermarkets. In our country, blueberries are still the property of individual enthusiastic gardeners.

Most of the work on caring for garden strawberries can be minimized by mulching the soil, that is, covering it with organic materials, which are both natural and artificial.

Many gardeners are familiar with remontant strawberries. They grow it in the beds, harvesting delicious berries from June until frost, and since the weather has become unpredictable lately, I began to grow strawberries in large pots in a greenhouse.

Recently, more and more plants have begun to appear in gardens that were previously considered forest or marsh. Increasingly, gardeners and summer residents are planting garden blueberries on plots, especially since now its seedlings are on sale. However, this plant has its own specific requirements for growing conditions. And it's no surprise that sometimes gardeners fail.

Strawberries are one of the most widespread and popular berry crops. The ability to grow in various environmental conditions, high profitability of cultivation, ease of reproduction, early maturity and many other positive qualities of culture allowed it to spread throughout Russia, where it began to be cultivated already in the 18th century.

In connection with the active propaganda for the destruction of moles, which has recently been carried out in many horticultures, I also decided to fight these mammals from the order of insectivores in my garden plot. I fought with different methods, but the mole bypassed all my traps, laying its new passages under the beds with garden strawberries.

I would like to share with the readers my experience of growing strawberries from seeds. For some reason, most gardeners hesitate to take on this business, because it seems to them that it is very difficult and time-consuming. I will try to dispel this misconception. After all, this is the most economical and very inexpensive way to grow a healthy strawberry outlet of your favorite variety.

There are 7 wild strawberry species growing in Russia: wild strawberry, green strawberry (hilly) or half-strawberry; oriental strawberry (Asian forest strawberry); European strawberry (nutmeg strawberry); plain strawberries; Bukhara strawberries, Sakhalin strawberries.

Cloudberries in the garden are still a rarity! While abroad, all these cultures are already commonplace. And this is understandable, because they know very well that the fruits of these cultures are very rich in biologically active substances, without which modern man can no longer survive. The largest number of cloudberry plantations is concentrated in America and the Scandinavian countries, where industrial plantings of these plants have already been created and even the first varieties have been obtained.

Lingonberry grows in coniferous and deciduous forests throughout the forest zone. It is also found in pine forests - white moss together with heather, in pine forests - green moss - often together with blueberries, in peat bogs, in the tundra.

Due to the increased demand for strawberry seedlings, especially new promising varieties, gardeners can organize micro-nursery gardens on their own land and grow in them the necessary amount of planting material for themselves.

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Given our cold winters, summer residents, of course, want to purchase those plants that can survive the Siberian frosts. And recently, imported plants are accompanied by labels, which indicate not only the name of the plant and the variety, but also the climatic zone. What it is? The modern system of climatic zoning was adopted by the American Department of Agriculture (USDA) initially for the needs of its own agricultural production. The territory of the United States was divided into districts ...

The harvest conveyor is operating at full capacity. However, it is at this time that various diseases and pests are inserted into the wheels. When picking cucumbers with tomatoes from the beds, do not pass by the weeds. They really like this weather - the sun mixed with rains. Naturally, late blight also does not sleep. We process tomatoes with 1% Bordeaux liquid. If individual plants are sick, remove the fruits and put them into the workpiece, ...

It all starts with a survey and analysis of the territory. A study of the site will show how much area can be allocated for a garden and in what place. It is best to set up a garden on a flat area or on a southern (eastern) well-lit slope. Low-lying places are not suitable anyway. Cold air accumulates here, and the plants receive an insufficient amount of heat, which adversely affects their fruiting and the taste of fruits. In addition, late spring frosts can provoke shedding of the ovary and a decrease (sometimes complete loss) of the yield.

Advice. On a terraced plot for a garden, it is better to highlight a terrace located at the very top of the slope.

Fruit trees are very demanding on the composition of the soil: it must be fertile, have good moisture holding capacity (the ability to absorb and retain moisture, not allowing it to quickly evaporate) and easily let air through.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to completely replace the soil, therefore, for planting each tree, you need to prepare a large planting hole, filling it with imported black soil.

Mature trees have a strong root system that goes deep into the soil. In order to prevent roots from getting wet, it is important to consider the height of the groundwater table. If they are close to the surface, it is recommended to drain the area. As a last resort, you can make good drainage of the planting holes.

Constant strong winds interfere with the normal pollination of trees, dry up the soil in summer, and lead to frostbite of young branches in winter. If the garden is on the windward side, you should consider ways to protect it, for example, create a tall hedge or put up a blank fence.

Tips from seasoned gardeners

In order for more ovaries to form on the bushes, three important steps must be taken regularly.

Feed the plants with weed infusion. Fill 2/3 of the barrel with cut grass. Fill the container with water to the brim. To start fermentation, put humus or compost, pickle or sauerkraut.

Close the container and leave to infuse for 7-8 days. Filter the composition. Dilute with water in a ratio of 1/2 and water the bushes - 10-15 liters per plant.

Shake beetles off fruit bushes. Spread a mat under the bushes. Preferably white - insects are better visible on it. Shake the branches early in the morning. At this time, the beetles are inactive and easy to collect. Collect and burn the entire "catch".

Check your strawberry beds regularly. If you notice spots on the leaves that look like saliva, it means that the bushes were attacked by a penny slobber. Prepare a hot (+ 60 ° C) pink manganese solution and spill the plants liberally in the evening.

Catch the moth in time. Build traps. These can be small cans. Hang on the branches of fruit trees. Fill them with kvass or compote. Inspect and destroy the pest regularly. Outwardly, it resembles a large moth.

Protect crops from birds. The first berries appear on irga and honeysuckle. Hang strips of foil on the branches to prevent birds from pecking at the crop. They will scare away birds. You can use grids. Throw them over the plants.

Check your bushes regularly to take timely measures to combat insect pests and various diseases. It's not difficult at all.

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