Verdigris on peach

Verdigris on peach

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Question: verdigris

Hello, not being an expert, by mistake a few weeks ago I gave verdigris to the flowering peach trees planted in autumn and now they are losing their leaves, the peaches seem to be fine, is there a risk that the plants will die? Thank you.

Verdigris on peach: Answer: verdigris

Dear Laura, good morning and welcome to the expert section of our website, the site for those who love greenery. Unfortunately you have used a product completely outside the recommended period and moreover on a plant like the peach tree that can not stand the phytotoxicity of verdigris. Fungicides and pesticides in general are not products to be used superficially because, beyond the fact that an incorrect use can cause serious damage to plants, these substances are still toxic and polluting if released in certain concentrations. Let us remember once again how important it is to get help from experts when we use similar products.

As for the survival chances of your peach trees, it all depends on the amount of verdigris you have given to the plants. The peach tree does not tolerate treatments with verdigris during vegetative activity and even less in full bloom. The verdigris is always better to give it when the plants are in vegetative rest, at least as far as fruit plants are concerned.

If you have given a lot of verdigris, perhaps even with a high concentration, you will easily notice a massive defoliation of your plants. For the moment we advise you to wait and see how the plants react as they could survive but it all depends on the amount of product you have used.

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