Miracle shovel mole and its use

Miracle shovel mole and its use

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In the age of high technologies, the most familiar objects have undergone changes, even a shovel in the 21st century works more productively, and brings less fatigue. We are talking about a miracle shovel, which is called "Mole". Thanks to a good tool in the country or in the garden, time, effort, health is saved, because the hardest work is associated with soil cultivation.

What it is

When we work with a shovel, we take a lot of effort to stick it into the ground. Then, with tremendous tension, we turn out a clod of earth, straining our back and arm muscles, raise the earth, turn over the shovel, and throw this clod of earth. All this brings back pain, muscle fatigue. And then the earth, which was turned out with a shovel, needs to be broken, fluffed up, that is, a second time to walk along the same area with a rake. Very time consuming, long and painful.

The Mole ripper was made to make the hardest part of gardening work easier: digging. Cultivation of the land begins with the preparation of the soil, first the earth is dug up, then it is loosened, only after that planting work can begin. From the time the plantings begin to grow and until late autumn, the gardener loosens the ground, fights weeds. So the craftsmen have created a miracle shovel, which digs up and loosens the earth at the same time. At the same time, he still gets weeds from the ground by the roots. Thus, one "Mole" replaces a bayonet shovel with a rake. Moreover, it facilitates the labor process itself, and significantly raises productivity.

It will not be possible to cultivate virgin lands with this miracle shovel, but if a tractor or walk-behind tractor has already passed through the site, then dig it up again, loosen it, remove the weeds - here the miracle ripper "Mole" will be at its best. Do not use it on very stony ground: if the stones are large, the teeth can be broken. It will not be easier for them to work on solid ground than with an ordinary bayonet shovel, so it's not worth it either.


At first glance, the shovel looks like a wide pitchfork with a small harrow. This miracle assistant is simple enough. It consists of a frame, two forks with five tines pointing towards each other. There is a footrest located above the frame and two counterweights. The counterweight is T-shaped at the back and a skid frame at the front. The pitchfork teeth are 23 cm long, and the width of the working surface of the "Mole" sold in stores is 35 cm, 42 cm or 55 cm. It is made of strong steel and weighs 4.5 kg. This weight is large enough to help the force of the leg to drive the sharp teeth into the ground, while at the same time the Mole does not need to be lifted and carried to another place during operation. While working, a person simply takes a step back, and the tool drags along the ground.

You can buy such an improved ripper shovel, or you can do it yourself. The only difficulty is that you have to use welding, metal pipes and steel rods are not difficult to find. Self-fabrication ensures that the tool is made in accordance with the needs of the site and the wishes of the owner. You don't have to look for a model of the right weight, frame width and handle length. Some craftsmen even complicate the device of the ripper with articulated joints and the presence of two frames.

Video "The principle of operation of the device"

Principle of operation

This miracle cultivator works on the principle of a lever. Above the frame there is a footrest, when pressed, the pointed teeth easily dig into the ground. Then the movement of the hands down makes the ground rise, it is broken by the oncoming non-sharpened teeth and the frame. The raised ground is loosened and the weeds are turned upward without cutting, because the frame is not sharp. The weed is uprooted and even shakes off the ground in the process. It only remains to pick it up.
A person working with a miracle shovel applies force by pressing his foot on the frame, and then presses the handle with his hands and the lever is triggered by the movement of the arms and the weight of the body. It is very convenient that the force is applied downwards and not upwards, which is why the lower back gets tired much less than when working with a bayonet shovel and rake.

Digging up the soil with this shovel, the summer resident does not turn the fertile layer upside down, but loosens it. With such gentle processing, the depletion of the fertile soil layer does not occur. This is what the proponents of organic farming are talking about.


Working with the Mole ripper does not load the back, gardeners talk about this first of all. The person presses on the handle with much less force than when working with a bayonet shovel.

This miracle shovel allows you to work much faster, so in one hour of work you can loosen 2, or even 3 ares. With this work, all weeds will rise to the surface, they are uprooted, rather than cut, which is more likely to get rid of them. The width of the working plane of the "Mole" is greater than that of the shovel, this largely explains the speed of work: one row passed by the "Mole" is much wider than that of an ordinary shovel. But this also narrows its use, it is very convenient to prepare a site for planting potatoes, but it is better to leave a narrow strip with close boundaries to other tools.

The miracle tool loosens the soil just to the required depth, up to 25 cm. But they will not be able to work in the greenhouse and in areas with rigid boundaries. The ripper allows you to work without overloading your back, avoiding fatigue and back pain. It will turn the earth that has caked during the winter into a light fluffy soil, ready for planting quickly and without loss of well-being of the summer resident.

Garden Ripper Video

What is a mole shovel? If you would like to know how to work with this type of garden tool, do not miss the following video.

Miracle shovel: purpose and rules of operation

  1. What it is?
  2. Design
  3. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. Rating of the best models
    • "Tornado"
    • "Vyatsky plowman"
    • "Excavator-7"
    • Volber
    • Forte QI-JY-50
    • "Assistant"
  6. Operating rules
  7. Testimonials

Working in the garden can be very exhausting at times. At the same time, it is performed in parts, which is explained by the colossal physical exertion. A miracle shovel will help to reduce the labor costs of the garden. Being a simple device, it speeds up the work process and can be used on soils of varying complexity. The material of this article will tell you what kind of device it is, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and also what are the main nuances of working with such a shovel.

Various tool options

There are fixtures that, although arranged in a similar way, have important design differences. Further on they are described in more detail.

Soil cultivator without front stop

There is no front stop in this type of design. The clod breaking grid is made without a front bar. This slightly reduces the weight of the mole ripper shovel. However, since there is no need to lift the shovel off the ground during operation, this does not provide a significant advantage.

Soil cultivator without front stop


This option differs from the classic one in that it does not have a front grill. The tool handle is also made in a different way.

The digger consists of the following parts:

  1. It uses a pen made in the shape of the letter "T". Therefore, in the process of work, the shovel is not held as usual. Hold the instrument by the horizontal bars with your hands. This helps to increase the force of pressure on the soil when working. In addition, such a handle is usually made of metal. It can slide up or down. After finding a comfortable position, the handle is bolted.
  2. The pitchfork is attached to the handle at two ends, and not at the central part, as in the classic version.
  3. A stop attached to the back of the tool is more powerful than usual.

The disadvantage of this design is that soil crushing is not provided.


This option can be considered the simplest design. For her, a rectangular metal frame had to be invented, to which a pitchfork was attached, looking down. The stop, made rectangular, is attached horizontally. The front grill is missing.

On a note. Despite its simple design, this kind of miracle shovel is an effective digging tool.

Archimedes' shovel

It bears little resemblance to the classic version. The difference, in particular, is that here, for digging, not a pitchfork, but a bayonet shovel is used. However, the inventor applied a similar principle here: the rule of leverage. This is an invention of Vladimir Kolybelin from the city of Kovrov, Vladimir region.

The Archimedes' shovel is arranged in this way:

  1. It has two shafts: long and short.
  2. The tool blade is attached to a short shaft.
  3. All parts are connected in one piece by the bracket. With its help, a short shaft with a shovel in the middle is connected to a long handle and can rotate.

When working, the tool is stuck into the ground, the long handle is slightly shifted forward. Then they step on the short part, and, taking into account the law of the lever and the length of the arm, the shovel will lift the ground.

Important! Although the arhimedova shovel saves effort compared to conventional tools, it is difficult to use on heavy clay soils.

What and how to make

The designs, as you have seen, are different, but the set of materials will be about the same. Their number differs, but the section and characteristics remain unchanged.

You can use a round or profiled pipe, metal rods or "parts" from the forks

Materials for making

Basically, they start with the manufacture of the frame. It is often made from a profiled pipe, the optimal section is 30 * 30 mm or so. In this case, the wall thickness is important - at least 3 mm. Some models used a corner. The shelf width is also about 30 mm, the metal thickness is at least 3 mm.

The handle can be made from the same profile pipe, you can use a round one. The wall thickness is also important. In principle, having made a retainer, you can use a wooden shovel holder. Some purchased models provide for the installation of a wooden holder.

The focus should be on the material used for the fork teeth. It should be good structural steel. Forks are made from a bar of at least 8 mm in diameter.

What do their craftsmen make of:

  • Cut off from an ordinary pitchfork, welded onto a miracle shovel.
  • Straighten the suspension springs.
  • Automobile springs are cut into narrow strips.

If you can find a good bar - round, square or hex - it doesn't matter, it will be much easier for you. Not a bad option, by the way, with a pitchfork. But you have to take good ones, and that is not cheap. And one more thing: calculate the dimensions of the miracle shovel so that the working forks have 8 pins. Then you will need to buy two common pitchfork jokes.

If the design is chosen with two forks - working and persistent, you can put pieces of a suitable length of a metal bar on the persistent ones. The loads are not so high here, so there should be enough strength. The diameter of the bar is 10 mm, you can use ribbed reinforcement, which is used when reinforcing the foundation.

Dimensions (edit)

Most companies that produce miracle shovels have a range of sizes for this product. Our people are different in build and physical fitness. For men, you can make more massive models, and for women and older people - smaller and lighter. On average, the dimensions are:

  • The width of the working part is from 45 cm to 60 cm. There is no need to do more: it will be difficult to dig and the productivity will only decrease, not increase.
  • The length of the pins of the working forks is 220-300 mm.
  • The distance between the pins is 70-80 mm.
  • The length of the handle is by height, it is more convenient if it ends in the shoulder area.

The dimensions of the miracle shovel can be selected "for yourself" - it is important to work comfortably

All other dimensions are selected depending on the design and the material used.


Working fork miracle shovel Detailing stop and stop forks Full front stop design Single-fork version with support frame at the back Other digger sizes and the design of the stop is different Light-digger with one-piece bent handle

Miracle shovel

Every gardener knows how important it is to properly prepare the beds and cultivate the land for good results. Digging it up twice a year, as well as harrowing after digging, loosening the soil - these are all ways of saturating it with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the yield of the planted crops.

For each of these types of work, you need your own garden tools: a shovel, a rake, a hoe. And in order not to purchase all of them separately, it is better to have one tool that replaces all of them in functionality. It seems that this is from the realm of fantasy, but in fact, such a tool has already been invented and is being used by gardeners with might and main. It is called "miracle shovel" or "miracle pitchfork".

Modern miracle shovel - what can she do?

Such a tool has a rich functionality, containing the capabilities of five different tools designed to care for the land:

  1. Pitchfork.
  2. Rake.
  3. Potato digger.
  4. Harrow.
  5. Manure spreader.

At the same time, you not only replace five tools, but also greatly simplify your work. For example, you have the ability to dig the ground to a certain depth or harrow in order to achieve a certain evenness of the ground. And the long, complex digging process turns into a quick and effortless exercise.

While working with the miracle shovel, you will use your legs and arms, but not your lower back, since you do not need to squat and bend over. So you will feel excellent after cultivating the land.

You can not only dig and harrow the ground, but also rake leaves, branches, tops. You can dig out potatoes with ease and without damaging the root crops.

Of course, you can only work with such a tool on the land that you have been cultivating for more than a year. For the treatment of virgin soil, it is not suitable, since it will not cope with a dense earthy clod.

How to dig with a miracle shovel?

Working with the miracle shovel is a real pleasure. You save tremendous time and effort. It is a large pitchfork that you need to stick into the ground and then lower the shaft. At this point, the ground passes between the forks and the metal pins. As a result, you simultaneously dig up and loosen the earth.

So, the process of digging with a miracle shovel consists of two simple movements - sticking a pitchfork into the ground and lowering the mob. After each "digging", the miracle shovel must be pulled back and thus moved row by row.

Digging and loosening time is three times less than with traditional tools. And if the ground is soft and dry during cultivation, both a woman and an elderly person can handle it.

Which miracle shovel is better - "Excavator" or "Mole"?

All miracle shovels, depending on the depth of loosening and the presence of additional elements, are divided into standard, such as "Mole" and type "Plowman". We will not consider the usual ones, since they, as a rule, are made by hand and consist only of a pitchfork and a back stop.

As for the differences between "Plowman" and "Mole", the first shovel was invented mainly for loosening the earth. Its bayonet length is 10-15 cm, which makes it possible to process any type of soil without much effort. Whereas the "Mole" shovel has a large bayonet length - at least 25 cm, so it is suitable for deeper digging. The pothole made with it can be immediately used for planting vegetable crops. And it takes more effort to work with such a tool.

There are also universal shovels with a bayonet length of 15-20 cm.They are suitable for high-quality processing of chernozems, which in winter do not freeze deeper than 5-10 cm. In more severe climatic regions, it is difficult to work with them.

However, like all other devices, this shovel also has its negative sides. Its disadvantages include the following points:

  • It is difficult to repair.
  • It does not have the function of figured digging of the earth.
  • Lack of the ability to dig holes.
  • For maximum productivity of the event, the weight of the employee must be at least 80 kg.

However, the miracle shovel is perfect for plowing the soil. Depending on the depth of penetration of bayonets, the resulting potholes can be used both for sowing crops and for loosening the soil.

For example, a depth of 15-25 cm (depending on the degree of soil freezing in a particular region) is quite suitable for sowing corn, as well as cabbage, potatoes and many other vegetables. Nevertheless, for cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers that are planted with seedlings, you will have to make holes manually.

Such a shovel is not suitable for garden work: it is impossible to dig in a tree or create holes with it.

Accordingly, it is necessary to understand that such inventory will be most useful to owners of land plots who grow mostly vegetables, while the area processed by such an aggregate should not be less than fifty. In smaller areas, it will be easier to do this job using a regular shovel.

Gradually, people come up with more and more new objects of labor that can facilitate work and make it more enjoyable and less laborious. The miracle shovel or miracle pitchfork, as this recently appeared device for tillage is called, is designed to help the worker on the farm, make his work more efficient and productive, while not having a negative effect on his health and well-being.

2 Shovel Mole do it yourself

Such an improved shovel is sold in stores, but if you wish, it is easy to make it yourself. It is very profitable to have your own tool for quick and convenient processing of the beds. For self-production of "Mole" you will need:

  • stock up on steel bars
  • agree with the performance of welding
  • purchase metal pipes.

A self-made ripper shovel is convenient in that its dimensions will correspond to the length and width of personal beds. In this case, you can adjust the weight characteristics of the tool, the length of the handle and the width of the frame. Many experts skillfully supplement the device with additional frames and articulated joints.
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2.1 Advantages and disadvantages

Practical experience confirms the many advantages of a mole shovel. She became popular due to the fact that:

  1. Possesses great efficiency. For an hour of operation, this device allows you to process up to 3 acres of land. This is due to the fact that the width of the working part of the shovel exceeds the width of a conventional bayonet.
  2. It takes care of the health of workers, since the stress on the muscles is much less than when working with a conventional shovel.
  3. It is convenient to remove weeds, they are turned out by the tool to the surface. It remains only to collect and destroy them. A common shovel can cut roots, which then grow back. And the "Mole" pulls them out of the ground completely.
  4. When using a shovel, the fertile layer does not turn out, but only loosens the soil. This keeps the fertile layer from weathering and depletion.

Even a woman can easily handle a shovel Mole

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  1. A narrow section of the bed cannot be processed with a shovel, since the working part of the "Mole" can exceed the size of the bed itself.
  2. Problems arise when working with a shovel ripper in greenhouses. Its boundaries do not always allow the use of this device.
  3. A hand-made shovel is not always safe, it can be harmful to health with poorly welded teeth.

Whatever the disadvantages of this tool, this does not affect its advantages in any way. It will become necessary and useful to acquire this technique for personal use. Then work on the site will relieve fatigue and constant muscle pain.

Such a shovel can be purchased in Moscow in shops selling gardening tools. Among them is the Leroy Merlin store. Customer reviews confirm the versatility of this tool. The prices for the Mole shovel are quite acceptable for the average buyer. By purchasing a shovel in a store, you can be sure of its quality and safety when using.

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