Tomato Pink souvenir: a wonderful heat-resistant variety

 Tomato Pink souvenir: a wonderful heat-resistant variety

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Most pink tomatoes taste very good. Especially loved are those varieties that also have good yields, which do not take up very much space in the garden. These requirements are fully satisfied by the tomato Pink souvenir.

The history of growing tomato varieties Pink souvenir

Tomato Pink souvenir is already quite old, many experienced gardeners in all parts of our country know it. It was included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of the Russian Federation in 2004 at the request of the St. Petersburg joint-stock company "Sortsemovosch". The company has been operating for 84 years, mainly developing varieties and selling seeds for the Leningrad Region and North-West Russia. However, many of the vegetable varieties of this organization are regionalized everywhere. This also applies to the tomato variety in question: The pink souvenir is recommended for cultivation in all areas. It is intended for planting in small areas of summer residents and small farmers in the open field. Judging by the reviews, this variety has been tested by many amateur gardeners.

Description of the variety Pink souvenir

Tomato Pink souvenir belongs to the determinant varieties: compact bushes, no more than 60 cm high, covered with medium-sized light green leaves. Despite the compactness of the plant, it requires tying up due to a very solid load of the crop. But the variety practically does not need the formation of a bush. Even the removal of stepchildren is not a mandatory procedure: at least: it almost does not increase the overall yield.

The first flower cluster and, accordingly, the first fruits are tied after the sixth or seventh leaf, following after one or two. The brush contains up to seven fruits, in total, before the growth of the bush stops, it manages to tie up to five brushes. Most of the fruits ripen together, the main crop is harvested at the same time. Further fruiting continues until frost, while there are only a few fruits on the bushes.

Tomatoes are rounded, slightly flattened, almost perfect balls. There is no ribbing, the flesh is firm. When fully ripe, the fruit is pink with a characteristic shine. Their mass is small, mainly about 80 g. The fruits are even, without flaws, cracking is not typical for them. By the size and shape of the tomatoes, one would think that the variety was created for canning whole fruits in standard cans, however, according to the description in the official document, its main purpose is salad.

Fruits of about the same size, even pink color, quite beautiful

Characteristics of the variety

Tomatoes of the Pink Souvenir variety are among the first to ripen: often only 80 days from the appearance of the first shoots are enough for this. Their taste is characterized by honeyiness and is rated “excellent”. The seed content is low. The yield is also not bad, given the small size of the plant: it can reach 10 kg / m2... Therefore, especially considering the amicability of the ripening of the crop, something has to be done with its excess. Delicious tomatoes are suitable for all types of processing, you can roll them up in jars.

The seed producer and many gardeners emphasize the variety's ability to set fruit at very high temperatures (above 30 aboutC) when pollen becomes sterile in many other tomatoes. Bushes normally tolerate extreme heat and at the stage of fruit filling. Carries a Pink souvenir and short severe cold snaps, if, of course, the air temperature does not drop below 0 aboutC. The dense skin allows the fruit to tolerate transportation well. Comparing this variety with many others (and now the overwhelming majority of tomatoes belong to salad), of course, it cannot be considered the best, but it is worth putting it at the top of the rating. The pink souvenir has the following advantages:

  • high, for a determinant variety, yield;
  • excellent taste of tomatoes;
  • good presentation of fruits;
  • versatility of application;
  • lack of tendency to cracking tomatoes;
  • highest heat resistance;
  • transportability and long-term preservation of fruits.

Information about the relation of the variety to diseases is ambiguous. There is not a word about this in the State Register, although data on this is given for almost any variety. From the reviews of vegetable growers who planted this variety, it can be assumed that fungal diseases can threaten this tomato in rainy weather, therefore, in cold regions, it is better not to neglect preventive spraying.

Among the many rose-fruited varieties, the Pink souvenir occupies its rightful niche. It so happened that many excellent varieties with pink tomatoes do not have a rounded shape, and their size, most often, is much higher than average. About half of them taste great, about half are determinant. There are very few varieties with small spherical fruits. This is, for example, the Rose Miracle, the characteristics of which are similar to those of the variety in question, but the yield is lower. The situation is similar with the Pink Morning variety, but its fruits are much larger. The main difference between the Pink souvenir and most other varieties is its high heat resistance, which makes it desirable for gardeners living in the very south of the country.

The Pink Miracle tomato resembles a Pink souvenir, and bears fruit even earlier

Growing features

Growing a tomato pink souvenir is pretty simple. It is completely unpretentious in care, does not require anything supernatural, it is an ordinary early maturing determinant variety. In the south, it's not worth getting involved with growing seedlings at all, you can sow seeds directly into the garden. True, the harvest at the same time will not ripen very early, but it will be as considerable, and the variety is not afraid of the summer heat. If you sow seeds directly in a garden bed, say, in the suburbs, then you will be able to harvest the crop only at the end of August. Also not bad, given the amicability of ripening of fruits, but still, usually in the middle lane, seedlings are first prepared.

Seedlings grow without problems, do not outgrow, seedlings can be dived not into individual cups, but into a common large box. Seedlings are planted at standard times; up to six plants can be placed per square meter. This tomato is watered in the usual doses: until the fruits ripen, the soil is kept in a moderately moist state, and then the watering is reduced. This is not done because of the danger of cracking, the Pink souvenir does not suffer from this, but so that the tomatoes gain more sugars.

Seedlings of the Pink souvenir grow well in the common box

With the beginning of fruit setting, the bushes are tied to pegs, which must be driven in in advance, immediately after planting the seedlings. If you don't want to tie up the bushes, you can cover the garden with a layer of dry, clean straw: the bushes will surely fall under the weight of the harvest. The technique of forming a bush is elementary. Only lovers of order lead this variety into three stems, many gardeners, even stepchildren, break out only those that seem clearly superfluous. The lower leaves begin to break off with the browning of the fruit.

If it is supposed to transport the crop, it is better to pick the tomatoes a little unripe, otherwise there is no need for this: they ripen perfectly right on the bushes. Even ripe tomatoes can be kept cool for almost a month.

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Reviews about tomato Pink souvenir

Tomato Pink souvenir is especially interesting for the inhabitants of the south, as it tolerates heat very well. But in other regions it is respected as well, because it gives good harvests of excellent quality tomatoes very early without requiring special care.

Tomato Demidov: reviews, photos, yield, characteristics and description of the variety, advantages and disadvantages

Tomato Demidov reviews, photos, yield, characteristics and description of the variety which are presented in this article, has become very popular with gardeners. For the cultivation of this tomato varieties you do not need to make any special efforts, and the taste of the fruits is excellent. In this article, you can learn about the rules for growing and caring for this variety, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Description of tomato variety Pink flamingo

This is a relatively new, but fairly well-known and popular variety. Its applicants in 2004 were Agrofirma Poisk LLC and the Federal Research Center for Vegetable Growing. After variety trials in 2007, the Pink Flamingo was included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia. The crop is recommended for growing outdoors in personal subsidiary plots.

The originator of the Pink Flamingo tomato variety is Agrofirma Poisk

Growing regions

The plant turned out to be thermophilic, so the State Register issued a permit for the North Caucasus region. But, according to reviews, one can judge that the variety has taken root and bears fruit well in the Central Region. True, in cooler climates, it is grown under film shelters or in greenhouses.


Based on official data, the variety can be classified as determinant, that is, low, self-perforating. Height in open ground, according to the description of the originator, is only 40 - 50 cm. Shoot-forming ability and leafiness are moderate. Leaves are medium in size, slightly corrugated, juicy green in color. The inflorescence is simple, 4 - 5 fruits are tied in each cluster. On the first brushes, the tomatoes are larger than on the subsequent ones. The peduncle is articulated.

The fruit is beautifully rounded, moderately dense, with a slight ribbing at the stalk. Average weight 75 - 110 g... Unripe tomato is light green, with a small varietal dark green spot. During ripeness, the fruit becomes pink-crimson, the stain disappears. The skin is thin, glossy. The pulp is fleshy, sugary at the break, very tender, juicy, but not too watery. Pale pink in color. There are no cavities in the fruit, there are 4 to 6 seed chambers. Taste qualities of ripe tomato and fresh juice are excellent... 100 g of juice contains:

  • dry matter - 5.6 - 6.8%
  • sugars - 2.6 - 3.7%.

The cultivar-tested Pink Flamingo tomato has a rounded shape


  • Pink flamingos are mid-season. Harvesting is possible in 100 - 105 days after the emergence of full shoots
  • after variety trials, the State Register noted a good yield - 234 - 349 c / ha. If we compare it with the Dary Zavolzhya variety taken as the standard, then the minimum indicator of Pink Flamingo is lower - 176 c / ha, but the maximum is higher - 362 c / ha
  • the output of marketable products is not bad - 68 - 87%
  • vegetable growers have a high resistance to the main diseases of the culture - the tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium and late blight
  • thin skin does not save tomatoes from cracking
  • the pink-cheeked variety can suffer from the so-called green shoulders, which are formed either due to too cold weather, or due to a lack of trace elements
  • transportability is not good enough, fruits may crumple during transportation and lose their presentation
  • keeping quality is poor, it is advisable to eat or process the harvested crop immediately
  • the method of consumption is primarily salad, but ripe tomatoes make excellent tomato products. The variety is not suitable for whole-fruit canning - the skin bursts after heat treatment.

If there is a lack of potassium in a tomato Pink Flamingo, green shoulders may remain

Characteristics of tomatoes

Tomatoes ripen together, the fruiting period is short.

The form Oval
Color Unripe fruits are light green, in the stage of full maturity - orange-red
Weight (g) 73-103
TOnumber of nests 3-5
Content of basic substances (%) Dry matter - 5.2-6.0
Taste A great. On a scale in points: the taste of fresh fruits - 4.0-4.6 canned - 4.4
Yield indicators 2.8-3 kg from one bush, in industrial cultivation - 551 c / ha

Tomatoes are used in conservation, for pickles, marinades. From ripe fruits, excellent tomato juice is obtained - rich, thick, with a real tomato flavor. Also, many people prepare dressings for soups, salads, pasta, sauces.

Advantages and disadvantages, differences from other varieties

The merits of the Cio-Cio-san hybrid stem from its description. The main ones can be reduced literally to a few, but percussive phrases:

  • high yield combined with amicable ripening of the crop
  • great taste
  • versatility of use
  • good keeping quality and transportability
  • high immunity to disease.

Relative disadvantages include the fact that you have to constantly monitor the bushes. This is not to say that the hybrid requires special care: no, it is quite unpretentious, but without the formation of a bush, the yield will noticeably decrease, without a garter it will lie on the ground, and fruits not harvested in time can crack on the branches.

The peculiarities of the hybrid that distinguish it from many others are that the number of small tasty fruits that ripen at the same time on the bushes is truly great. At the same time, their number allows you to both eat plenty of fresh tomatoes and prepare them for the winter. Of course, we can say that there are many similar varieties, and this will be true. After all, breeders have bred more than one hundred varieties and hybrids, and many of them differ little from each other.

So, the fruits of the famous De Barao pink tomato are somewhat similar to Chio-Chio-san, but they ripen later and a little larger. The Pink Flamingo is beautiful, but its fruits are twice as large. There are many varieties of pink tomatoes for salad purposes (Pink honey, Pink giant, etc.), but you cannot put them in a jar ... Each variety has its own purpose and admirers.

Pink Flamingo also grows in bunches, but this is a larger-fruited tomato

Characteristics and description of the variety

To begin with, pink honey tomatoes are not a hybrid species, which means they can be left for seeds for further planting in the coming years. The culture can grow in cities with warm to medium climates. The bushes grow up to 80 cm, but with special care they can stretch up to one and a half meters, in principle, tomatoes can be attributed to a determinant variety. The plant needs to be tied up.

To harvest a good harvest, it is necessary to remove the stepsons in a timely manner, forming a bush into one, maximum two stems. A medium-leafy trunk is able to hold 3-7 fruits on one brush, the weight of each will vary from 600 to 1500 g. By the way, the first tomatoes located in the lower part of the bush grow much larger than the subsequent ones.

Examining a pink honey tomato from a photo, you can immediately note its beautiful shape, which looks like a large heart, sometimes the fruits are flat-round in size. The pink skin lends itself easily to cracking, due to its thin density, the tomato is not intended for transportation and long maturation. Tomatoes become ripe on day 115, their pulp is dense, fleshy, with a minimum amount of liquid. The multichamber fruits contain a decent amount of seeds, which will be enough for the next summer. The taste lacks the acid inherent in the tomato culture, this vegetable is the sweetest, because it is not without reason that it has such a name. The variety is characterized as salad, not suitable for canning, due to the density of the peel and large volumes.

An excellent pink-fruited fruitful variety for open ground and film greenhouses, capable of delighting with a very good harvest of large and tasty fruits.

The variety is early maturing, undersized, the first brush is formed already above the 4th leaf, the second over the 6th, the next 2 through 1 leaf, this is the end of the growth of the main stem, an additional crop can be obtained by continuing the growth of the plant by the stepson.

Even in the open field, up to 15-16 fruits weighing about 300 grams are formed on the main stem. Fruits are pink, round, smooth and firm, do not crack. The variety is characterized by increased resistance to fungal diseases. Productivity with good care reaches 5 kg per plant.

Tomato producers "Visibly invisible": Siberian Garden, Helios, Radomir, Seeds of Ukraine, Flora Market and others

Also, any interested summer resident can leave reviews about the tomato Apparently invisibly and add a photo of the crop to the review if desired.

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