Sprayer pump: choose the best one according to your needs

Sprayer pump: choose the best one according to your needs

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There sprayer pump it is the ideal tool if you have a more or less large cultivated land and are looking for a means that allows you to distribute herbicides, organic products or other over your crops.

To choose your best spray pump, however, you will need to fully understand your needs both in terms of extension and in terms of crops present.

In this article we will explain in detail how to choose an appropriate sprayer pump and we will present three different models, classified according to the price range.

Make yourself comfortable. Let's begin!

Sprayer pump: what it is

This tool, as the name suggests, is used to spray your plants with a whole range of necessary products, be they chemical or biological.

The sprayer pump can be of different types:

  • manual, very simple to use and suitable for those who do not have excessive demands; if before they had a lever to pump by hand creating the ideal pressure, now they are equipped with a built-in motor
  • to shoulder
  • to backpack
  • trolley
  • tracking shot

In turn, the various models can be equipped with different motors or batteries:

  • the battery pumps they are suitable for quiet work and that does not require great distances to be covered
  • the electric pumps, suitable for covering larger and richer grounds
  • the petrol pumps on the other hand, they are perfect for the most professional needs and, thanks to their power, they are able to carry out the most tiring jobs

To understand which model and engine is best for you, you need to start with some very clear data: how large is your land? How tall are the trees you need to spray? How much physical strength do you have? And how much are you willing to invest for this purchase?

Of course, if you have small, manageable terrain, hand, backpack or backpack pumps with a battery or electric motor will do. If, on the other hand, you find yourself tending many acres with different plants and trees, then you will need a more comfortable, powerful, but at the same time easy to transport vehicle.


EFFE spray pump: see product sheet!

51.97€38x19x5316 L5.5 kgLeadXA backpackIdeal for the most modest needs

WORTEX trolley pump: see product sheet!

196€44x33x7625 L9.2 kgElectricXTrolleyIdeal for vineyards, orchards and avenues

MM trolley-mounted sprayer: see product sheet!

670€60x120x6250 L37 kgXTo burstWheelbarrowIdeal for professionals and the sanitation of large stables and greenhouses

The sprayer pump suitable for every type of budget

The first model of sprayer pump that we present to you is a lot cheap, but perfect is functional for less demanding growers with little land or garden.

It is an EFFE sprayer, capable of containing 16 liters of product. Being designed for the most modest but still strenuous jobs, it is equipped with a 12V 10AH lead-acid battery.

EFFE Garden sprayer pump

It is a typology of shoulder pump, therefore convenient to carry. It can also be used as a backpack thanks to the presence of two strong and wide belts, while maintaining the pulverization on the shoulder and guaranteeing the same standards of use for right and left-handed people. The lance and the arms can also be closed.

Its weight of 5.5kg and the presence of a ergonomic tank make the pump even easier and more comfortable to carry, while the duration of the charge is around 6 hours.

The price of € 51.97 makes it a perfect product for use in gardens and for cleaning public places, as well as for sanitizing small places dedicated to the presence of livestock.

Performance and ergonomics: this is the solution that reconciles them perfectly

With a mid-range sprayer pump it does not only increase the price, but significantly improves the quality.

We present the TW electric trolley sprayer pump from WORTEX. First of all, increases the capacity: the tank can in fact hold 25 liters. Secondly, the convenience: no longer on the shoulder, but on the ground thanks to the wheels andergonomic handle which will allow you to transport the pump with much less effort, also considering its weight of 9.2 kg.

WORTEX trolley pump

There lithium battery 12 V 1.2 Ah has an autonomy of about two and a half hours, but the 6 meter long tube is ideal for treating very tall trees with minimal effort.

The price is 196 € includes different nozzles suitable for different applications: from garden plant care to vineyards demanding until you get tosanitation of public places even in their most inaccessible points.

The top of the range when it comes to sprayer pumps

A high-end sprayer pump represents the best you can get and is naturally suitable for those who have professionally cultivated land and need a tool that helps to save them time and effort.

We present the MM trolley-mounted sprayer, with a tank capable of holding 50 liters of product and with four wheels that will allow you to effortlessly carry your pump far and wide, especially given its weight of 37 kilos.

Wheeled sprayer MM

It is equipped with a internal combustion engine Rato EHRS100, perfect for the Annovi reverberi AR252 pump which allows a throw of 8 meters, while the hose has a length of 10 meters.

The cost of 670 € makes this trolley sprayer the perfect tool for the more professional jobs, for the disinfestation of stables, greenhouses is farm buildings large.

Summarizing what has been said so far, there is the right spray pump for you and your needs, you just need to know where to look for it; we have identified 3 alternatives different suitable for every budget that surely will not disappoint you.

If you are looking for an excellent product, but for a decidedly limited use, our advice is to focus on the EFFE Garden pump, which lends itself to routine operations and at any budget.

If, on the other hand, you need a functional tool capable of making your operations in the garden or vegetable garden easier, saving time and effort, the Wortex trolley pump will be a valid ally.

In case your need is for manage very large spaces, instead, we advise you to focus on a top of the range unique of its kind, the AR252 MM sprayer.

Do you think the information in this article is incomplete or inaccurate? Send us a report to help us improve!

Buying a house in Casarano: here's why

Salento is a magical land, a place that offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the nature, translation and culture of this territory. Surely, living in Salento has many advantages, including the possibility of living in a genuine environment and in contact with nature.

Choosing to buy a property in Casarano offers you the possibility of being a few kilometers from:

  • Santa Maria di Leuca
  • Gallipoli
  • Lecce

The proximity to these places gives you the opportunity to visit and experience some of the most interesting and famous tourist destinations in our area and beyond. In fact, the town of Casarano is also well known for its history and its uniqueness.

This town has a very suggestive historic center and above all monuments and places of interest that are unique of their kind, including:

  • The crypt of the crucifix
  • The mother church, a beautiful church in the typical Baroque style of Lecce built in the early 18th century
  • The church of San Domenico, a baroque structure built in the seventeenth century and adjacent to the church stands the former Dominican convent
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception, built in 1743 and enriched inside by two beautiful frescoes representing the Madonna Annunziata and the Archangel Gabriel
  • Church and Convent of Santa Maria Degli Angeli, the church was built with the convent in 1582
  • The municipal building, or the former Dominican convent and purchased by the municipality in 1904
  • And many other points of common and religious interest

In short, Casarano as well as being a splendid municipality with a strategic position is also a very important place for its architectural and historical characteristics.

Gallipoli a few steps from Casarano

As mentioned earlier, choose to buy a property in Casarano it is also interesting for the destinations that can be reached in a short time. Gallipoli is one of the most interesting and nearby places, that is one of the most famous and trendy destinations in Salento. Surely, the proximity to this location is a great advantage, a way to reach one of the most sought after destinations in Italy in a very short time and with great comfort.

From the point of view of tourism, Gallipoli it is certainly a very interesting place because it is characterized by beaches considered among the most beautiful in the world. It is a perfect location if you want to experience an experience in contact with nature.

This is why Casarano can be an extremely interesting destination, it is a town located in a strategic and convenient point to reach many places in the Ionian Salento.

5. Intex 57198 - Family Cabana Pool, 310 x 188 x 130 cm, Blue

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Lawn Care: Over sowing in spring

Over-sowing is the process of replenishing grass by spreading grass seeds on a lawn.

Spring is a good time to sow too much, particularly if you are using turf grasses known to grow robustly in these conditions.

However, there is a problem as to whether or not over-sowing for cold-season lawns is effective during the spring.

The new seeds for this type of herb only tend to grow superficial roots since the higher temperatures in the following summer cause photorespiration.

This is the process in which a plant uses more energy than it produces. But if your lawn has turf in warm weather, excess sowing is generally recommended during this time.

Under normal circumstances, you will only need to sow twice a year, unless your lawn has suffered severe damage in the winter.

Рџ "ҐElectric compressors on saleВ (April 2021)

CYCPLUS 140 PSI Pneumatic pump for compressor pneumatic pump with rechargeable ion battery.

  • гЂђAbout usгЂ ‘We have specialized in bicycle products since 2014. Everyone in the CYCPLUS team are passionate cyclists! As seasoned professionals, we know very well what is important to cyclists. The CYCPLUS Mini air pump is compact, simple and multifunctional, able to meet your daily needs. Ride with us and enjoy your ride!
  • гЂђUnique appearanceгЂ‘CYCPLUS has a patent for the design. This aie pump combines practicality and beauty. greets the hand pump. A portable electric air pump is also an ideal gift for families or friends.
  • "140 PSI bicycle pump" The CYCPLUS air compressor has a maximum high pressure capacity of up to 140PSI. There are 4 types of unit values: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg / cmВІ. After connecting to the tire valve, the current tire pressure is displayed, so you can check if the tire is leaking anywhere and anytime.
  • гЂђSafety first! гЂ‘There is a built-in lithium battery protection board пјЊ battery overcharge protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection пјЊ against undervoltage conditions and temperature monitoring function. All products sold by CYCPLUS have a two-year warranty and a lifetime service.
  • гЂђMultifunction tire pumpгЂ ‘The electric pump can be used for all types of bicycles such as mountain bikes, road bikes, BMXs or e-bikes. It is also used for motorcycles, cars, balls or swimming rings. With the integrated LiIonen battery, the pump can also be used as an emergency lighting in the dark.

Portable Compressor for Car Compressed Air Electric Pump 150PSI Digital Inflator Pressure with.

  • в˜… гЂђ Fast charging and low noiseг‘ ‘The Compressor takes only 5 minutes to inflate an R17 tire from 0 to 2.5 bar! It is suitable for bicycles, motorcycles and small / medium cars (including SUV). At the same time we guarantee that the noise does not exceed 50 dB.
  • в˜… гЂђAutomatic stopгЂ ‘Simple and useful technology in the car air pump. When the inflator tire reaches the desired pressure, the car's air compressor will automatically shut off.
  • в˜… гЂђLCD digital pressure gaugeгЂ ‘The portable air compressor has a large, high-precision and bright display that will help you calculate the required values ​​PSI, BAR, KPA, KG / CMВІ.
  • в˜… гЂђLED lighting, compact designгЂ ‘Tire inflation pump with pressure gauge can attract the attention of drivers in an emergency situation. Electric tire pump is light weight and not large. Easy to carry and conveniently stored.
  • в˜… гЂђMultiple usesгЂ ‘Tire pressure monitoring, with 3 additional multiple nozzles, so you can quickly pump cars, motorcycles, bicycles, off-road vehicles, jeeps, sports balls, air mattresses and water toys.

Oasser Portable Car Compressor Air Mini Pump with Rechargeable Battery for Motorcycles, Bikes, Cars.

  • Built-in lithium battery: OASSER stainless steel electric air pump can be used to inflate tires in an emergency quick charge in 1.5 hours and can be connected to AC / DC 110V 12V adapters
  • LCD digital pressure gauge: allows you to preset the wheel pressure and check it at any time. Can reach up to 150psi, suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, small and medium cars
  • 4 kinds of unit value: size of 54.8 * 44.8 * 198mm, it is the smallest portable air pump, you can choose the unit value among PSI, BAR, KPA and Kg / cmВІ
  • Toric LED: Equipped with 2 LED lights to provide the right lighting during emergencies at night
  • Attention: 1.Oasser mini air compressor is not suitable for inflating air mattresses, truck tires (large or larger 4x4 tires) and large inflatable toys. 2.Due to the high pressure, the compressor generates heat during operation. Avoid heat, especially when pulling to remove the air tube. It is recommended to cool the inflator for 10 minutes after about 5

10 minutes of continuous operation

Xiaomi Portable Air Pump, Portable Battery-Operated Digital Compressor with Pressure Sensor for.

  • Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor
  • Portable Air Compressor with rechargeable battery, small size, convenient to carry.
  • Air compressor to inflate wheels (bikes, cars, motorcycles) or balls, mats and more.
  • Portable compressor has 5 keys, display, digital pressure sensor, predefined programs. The package contains USB cable and transport bag. Power supply not included
  • Global version with manual in Italian.

Maintenance tips for your chainsaw

The general recommendations for the correct maintenance of chainsaws include interventions on the guide and on the chain.

On the guide it is necessary:

clean its groove after use.

if present, remove burrs with a file.

clean the lubrication holes on the guide.

before use, adjust the length of the guide: it must be balanced, because when it is too long it shifts the weight of the chainsaw forward, when it is short it shifts the weight of the machine backwards.

usually the upper part of the guide wears out faster than the rest: therefore it is advisable to turn it over periodically.

  • before use, grease the blade holder.
  • The chain must always be checked. A slack chain could come out of the guide: therefore check the tension of the chain and, if necessary, tension it. Check before use that the chain is lubricated and sharp. The chain goes sharpened every 4 hours of work, about.

    When you are done using the machine do a cleaning of filters and air intakes by means of a small compressor.

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