Swimming pools construction

Swimming pools construction

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Choose the pool

During the construction phase of the garden, it is often decided to also introduce the swimming pool which of course must have an adequate size for the space available. The choice must not only be made by the customer, but also confirmed by the retailer who will have to deliver or install the pool. When the space is not large enough to have a swimming pool, it is preferable to choose another model that gives the space a more pleasant aspect. When we talk about the construction of swimming pools we are referring to the inground pool, made of both masonry and fiberglass.


The masonry pool is an inground pool built following the customer's wishes. During the design phase of the pool, the customer himself will define the shape and size of the pool. In any case, it is advisable to choose a swimming pool with a rather regular shape in order to have few problems in finding a cover and cleaning system. Beyond this emphasis, everyone can feel free to give the masonry pool even some rather unusual shapes, but must be aware of any difficulties it might encounter in purchasing a cover and cleaning it. The masonry pool necessarily requires the intervention of a specialized company. It is therefore necessary to contact professionals because before starting the work an inspection is carried out in the garden to define together with the customer the size and shape of the pool itself. Only then will the excavation proceed, which will follow the predefined shape. The size of the excavation will be slightly greater than that of the pool, in order to have greater comfort for the various connections. The inside of the pool will then be covered with concrete covered with tiles or with a sheet. The tiled covering can range from the choice of the mosaic to the classic tiles, when instead you decide to insert a cloth the color is blue. During this construction phase of the pool, all the appropriate connections for the water recycling system must be made. For this reason, the construction times of a masonry pool are quite long, and at the end of all this it is necessary to carry out a test to verify that everything works perfectly. Should any faults occur in the water recycling system, it is necessary to contact the same company that took care of the construction of the swimming pool to have an immediate intervention. The swimming pool made of fiberglass is chosen by the customer and has already established shapes. In the underground version it is always necessary to think that it will be necessary to carry out the excavation inside which to fix this large fiberglass mold which will then be the pool tank. Compared to the classic masonry pool, the coating phase is overcome as fiberglass has always offered excellent quality and guarantees of resistance over time. The construction of the swimming pool has variable times based on its size and has various particularities that can be inserted, such as the desire to have a pool area where you can relax thanks to the use of the whirlpool or where to install counter-current swimming. These are very interesting alternatives that in recent years continue to be successful because they allow the pool not to have the mere role of a tub where to cool off, but also to be able to take advantage of a treatment for your body.


When contacting a specialized company for the construction of a swimming pool, after having carried out the inspection and chosen the pool model, it will be possible to request a quote to get an idea of ​​the costs that will have to be faced. Only in this way will you realize that a larger pool will obviously require a higher cost, especially if you choose a mosaic flooring, compared to a smaller sized fiberglass pool. Everyone will make the choice both in reference to the total cost of the work and in reference to his tastes, without forgetting that an inground pool requires certain permissions that must be granted as it is a fixed element that will become part of your garden.

Swimming pool construction: Authorizations

With reference to the necessary authorizations to run the pool, all the details will be provided by the company, because if the necessary permits are not obtained, excavation cannot be started. For this reason, it is always important to be perfectly informed before starting a similar project, otherwise you risk having to stop the work in progress.

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