Aloe 'Christmas Sleigh'

Aloe 'Christmas Sleigh'

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Scientific Name

Aloe 'Christmas Sleigh'

Scientific Classification

Family: Asphodelaceae
Subfamily: Asphodeloideae
Tribe: Aloeae
Genus: Aloe


Aloe 'Christmas Sleigh' is a gorgeous, dark green succulent with light green parts and vibrant red thorns and accents. This dwarf, starfish-shaped Aloe makes a great pop of color in a container or when repeated in a landscape. The flowers are reddish pink and appear in fall.


USDA hardiness zone 9b to 11b: from 25 °F (−3.9 °C) to 50 °F (+10 °C).

How to Grow and Care

Aloe is a very forgiving plant, and a well-grown plant can be quite beautiful. As with all succulents, it is essential that Aloe is never allowed to sit in stagnant water, and the plant should be carefully monitored to watch for signs of overwatering.

These succulents are not particularly fast-growing and will only rarely need repotting. Repot Aloes in the spring that are tipping over their pots or have ceased growing. Use a fast-draining potting mix with one-third sand or pebbles. During repotting of a larger plant, it is possible to carefully divide the root ball. Some varieties of Aloe will send off offsets that can be potted independently.

Aloe plants need strong, bright light. They can withstand full summer sun, once acclimated. In the winter, provide bright light. It prefers warmer temperatures of 70 to 80 °F (21 to 27 °C), but will survive down to 40 °F (4.5 °C). Feed with a succulent fertilizer in the summer only. Suspend feeding in the winter as the plant goes dormant… – See more at: How to Grow and Care for Aloe


Aloe 'Christmas Sleigh' is a Kelly Griffin's hybrid and involves the crossing of several species over a number of generations.


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Plants→Aloes→Aloe 'Christmas Sleigh'

General Plant Information (Edit)
Plant Habit:Cactus/Succulent
Life cycle:Perennial
Fruit: Dehiscent
Suitable Locations:Xeriscapic
Uses:Will Naturalize
Wildlife Attractant:Hummingbirds
Propagation: Seeds:Can handle transplanting
Other info: Sow seeds in sandy soil. Seeds germinate in a few weeks at temperatures between 68 and 75 degrees F. Seedlings need moist but well-drained soil.
Propagation: Other methods:Cuttings: Stem
Other: Stems cut below a node root easily. Cut a stem that has gotten leggy, let it dry out for at least a few hours to form a seal on the cut surface. Place the cutting in rooting medium kept moist, but not wet, until roots form.
Containers:Needs excellent drainage in pots

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Aloe Christmas Sleigh

Aloe Christmas Sleigh

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One of a kind. Gorgeous. Vibrant. All these terms have been used to describe this amazing aloe hybrid. It truly is the stuff of Christmas wishes. Christmas Sleigh is a dwarf, clumping aloe. Its dark blue-green leaves are covered in bright red teeth along the margins of each leaf as well as red bumps down the center. Christmas Sleigh Aloe has the brightest coloring in cool temperatures and bright light. Is a perfect variety for containers and makes a great focal point when planted with other succulents. Pink blooms in fall. Not cold hardy.
Kelly Griffin (US)

Foliage Color:
Mature Size:
Shipping Size:

You'll receive approx. a 3-4" pot sized plant.
All plants are shipped bare root with an established, healthy root system.

Growth Rate:
Cold Hardiness Zones:

10-11 View Map
Cold Hardy to 35° to 40°F

Succulent Overview:

Succluent plants hail from all around the world, giving you enough diversity to be engaging for a lifetime. With other worldly forms and unreal colors, our tender succulent varieties are sure to be the crown jewel in your gardening project. Tender succulents are not cold hardy so they can't be kept outside year round in cold climates. However, they do make excellent houseplants in the winter. Succulents are easy care plants and share the same basic requirements. Full to part sun excellent drainage not too much water.

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Aloe, Holidays!

Aloe ‘Blizzard’ is a patented (US PP21,408), one-of-a-kind, perfect storm of variegation, attractive blooms, and compact size. Our breeding team wanted to create a white aloe that grew faster and more upright than one of its parents and with brighter color. Great for a windowsill, Aloe ‘Blizzard’ boasts bright white/deep green tones, tubular coral flowers, frequent flowering periods, and a pleasing penchant for multiplying.

Good ol’ St. Nick can only dream of this clumping hybrid succulent serving as his sleigh. It certainly would require fewer than nine reindeer. Aloe ‘Christmas Sleigh’ abounds with red teeth on the margins of its dark green to blue leaves, which also have red bumps down the middle. Reddens up in bright light and cool temps. Terrific as a small container specimen or as focal point in a dish garden with non-Aloe succulents.

Aloe ‘Snowstorm’ features irregular, dense white banding on green leaves, with “flurries” of white teeth on the margins. It’s like wild powder snow on a star-shaped verdant green ground cover. Free flowering with spikes of orange tubular flowers, loved by hummingbirds. Whereas the nominally similar Aloe ‘Blizzard’ is all about upright, tightly clustered growth, the leaves of ‘Snowstorm’ are wider and comparatively flat. Prefers excellent drainage provided by porous soil. Water thoroughly when dry. Can be grown on a patio or in a garden in frost-free temperate areas, or displayed on a windowsill or other brightly lit spot indoors during cold season in less temperate areas. Green coloring takes on chocolate tones in the sun.

Watch the video: The Plant Traveller: Small Hybrid Aloes #aloeChristmas Carol #aloeDZ


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