Prize-winners of the competition "Summer Season - 2006"

Prize-winners of the competition

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Victories in summer cottages - winners of the competition named

It has already become a good tradition that at the "Spring Flora" exhibition, on the eve of the women's holiday on March 8, our editorial office sums up the results of its "Summer Season" competition.

On Saturday, March 4, for the fourth time, an award ceremony was held for the winners and prize-winners of the competition. Our regular readers know that it is dedicated to the achievements, successes, finds of the past season, and since the results are summed up before the start of the new season, both the participants of the competition and the visitors of the exhibition can exchange their experience in order to then apply it in summer cottages and gardens.

Before naming the names of our winners, I would like to mention those companies and organizations without which the competition itself would have become impossible. This is the Directorate of the "Spring Flora" exhibition, which supports the idea of ​​our competition and provides its own podium for honoring the best gardeners. And also sponsors of the competition - firms that establish their prizes for the winners. For the fourth year, the general sponsor was the firm "Life at the Dacha". From her was the main prize - a greenhouse "Convenient" -mini. Firm "Mika" offered two certificates - for 2 and 1 thousand rubles, according to them, at a convenient time for the winners, they will choose the seedlings of fruit or ornamental plants they like. Vegetable seeds were provided for the competition by the Hardwick seed company, seeds and fertilizers - by the Severny Ogorod company. "Gardener's kits" were awarded by the "POISK-Petersburg" company, fertilizers - from the "EKO Volshebniko" company. A special prize - its own film "Svetlitsa" - was offered by the firm "Shar". Ceramic products - Etalon firm. Thanks to our sponsoring friends for supporting the competition. We wish their teams new success.

And now it's time to name those who became the winner and prize-winners of our competition at the end of the past season.

The first place and the main prize was won by the Romanov family - Galina Prokopyevna and Boris Petrovich. Our readers have already been able to familiarize themselves with the experience of their work on the pages of the magazine - they received 180 kg of delicious watermelons from 10 m2, they grew fragrant melons in a greenhouse, as well as an excellent harvest of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes.

Natalia Valentinovna Denisova became the second prize-winner for the second year in a row. She received a certificate for 2 thousand rubles from Mika and the Gardener's Kit.

The second certificate from this company and the "Gardener's Kit" was awarded to the third prize-winner - Tatyana Nikolaevna Razina.

A special prize - a film from the Shar company - was awarded to Valentina Fedorovna Chernyshova.

Incentive prizes - sets of seeds, fertilizers - were awarded to other active participants in the competition. Here are their names: R.F.Shakhmametyeva, L.A. Vlasova, L.V. Popova, Irina Vezhenkova, G.I.Balueva, A. Petrova, T.P. Nikulina, Marina Shumova, O. Goncharova, S. Petrov.

We congratulate the winners with the achieved success and hope that all of them will continue their cooperation with the magazine in the future. Moreover, in May we will announce the terms of our other traditional landscape design competition - "Envy, neighbor!"

The editors will try to make the most of the success stories and photographs sent to this competition on the pages of the magazine. We believe that the experience of the best should be shared by all.

We wish all gardeners a successful season, new successes and discoveries!

In the pictures: the honoring of the winners and prize-winners of the "Summer Season" competition is in progress

E. Valentinov Photo by N. Egorova

Hello, Russian winter, Snow dances of commotion ... Hello, miracle of miracles - Our magical Russian forest! Sergey Vasilievich Khananin.

Hello, Russian winter, Snow dances of commotion ... Hello, miracle of miracles - Our magical Russian forest! Sergey Vasilievich Khananin.


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