XIV WFC 2015 - What is the state of health of the forests?

XIV WFC 2015 - What is the state of health of the forests?

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WFC 2015
What is the state of health of the forests?

The 14th World Forest Congress, which was held from 7 to 11 September in Durban in South Africa, was the first congress on the subject held in South Africa which had as its central theme the state of health of the world's forests.
The aim of the XIV World Forest Congress was to provide an overview of the condition of the world's forests, to propose solutions, be they scientific, technical or political, to promote and safeguard the sustainability of forests and the planet.

Forests are essential for all of us, for the life of the entire world system, for biodiversity, for their mitigating function of climate change, for the eco-sustainability of every form of life, be it human, animal or plant. Unfortunately, however, forests are increasingly endangered, threatened by man, population growth and climate change caused by pollution, such as the increase in greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

he latest FAO report states that 129 million hectares of forest have been lost since 1990. However, there would be a positive side to the matter, which is that deforestation would be decreasing. According to the study The Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015 it is estimated that if in 1990 the forests represented 31.6% of the world territory, today instead their percentage has decreased, they represent 30.6%. What is striking is that deforestation would instead be decreasing, perhaps thanks to greater sensitivity on the issue and greater attention on the part of the legislations that want to make local communities increasingly attentive to forest protection.

The nations that have lost the largest share of forest - around 2 million hectares - are Africa and South America. Deforestation would have affected tropical areas more, while in more temperate ones there would have been an increase in forest areas.

Primary forest areas that preserve biodiversity represent 13% of the total. Defending the world's forests is an issue that should concern everyone. Forests and trees (whose number is increasingly decreasing) are fundamental for everyone and the increasing pollution and carelessness are risking to endanger the future of the planet and therefore of all of us. More attention would be needed.

Silvia Buda

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