A summer kitchen can be so good that you don't even need a country house: a selection of inspiring ideas

 A summer kitchen can be so good that you don't even need a country house: a selection of inspiring ideas

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In the summer, you want to spend more time outdoors. And at this time, the hostesses have to stand for hours at the stove, preparing supplies for the winter. The hood helps to get rid of the smell, and the air conditioner helps to lower the temperature with constant boiling and sterilization, but the summer kitchen is the most convenient and pleasant way to solve these problems. It can be open, closed or combined.

Open kitchens

Such kitchens are more economical in terms of costs and construction time. They will always have fresh air and the opportunity to admire nature, listening to the singing of birds and cicadas.

Kitchen for sunbathers

By installing your kitchen under a tree-lined tree, you can get natural protection from the bright summer sun.

Portable summer kitchen

You can even make a compact summer kitchen that can be easily moved or turned away from the sun.

Open-air kitchen

The summer kitchen can be installed in any corner by attaching a canopy over the working area.

Open veranda kitchen

You can build a kitchen on an open veranda.

Summer kitchen on the veranda of a skyscraper

Even on the veranda of a skyscraper, you can make a summer kitchen. But for this it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permits in architecture, BTI and firefighters.

Closed veranda kitchen

The kitchen on a closed veranda is functional even in rainy weather.

Covered kitchen

Under any permanent canopy, you can build a summer kitchen by installing a stove and a sink.

A small flat area can be made as a summer kitchen

A small area for the kitchen can be leveled with a board, stone, concrete or tiles, raising it slightly above the ground from rain streams.

Stone kitchen with barbecue

If you put a barbecue next to the summer kitchen, you get a multifunctional recreation area.

Stone kitchen

It will always be cool in the stone kitchen under the arches of the house.

Wooden kitchen with transparent plastic roof

Kitchens made entirely of wood beams and planks are the fastest to build. The main thing is to treat the wood with moisture-repellent coatings.

Open kitchen in the corner of the yard

In small areas, the summer kitchen can be positioned in the corner of the yard, using the fence walls as a base for the roof. In this case, do not forget to take permission from the neighbors for the construction.

Open kitchen made of logs

In the interior of a summer kitchen, rough logs look very organic.

Open kitchen with stone base

A stone kitchen takes longer to build, but will last much longer than a wooden one.

Kitchen at home

For the summer period, the kitchen can be taken out of the house using the recreation areas.

Kitchen in an open gazebo

Even in a small gazebo, you can place everything you need for the kitchen.

An open kitchen can be easily converted into a closed kitchen using the pull-down curtains

In addition to mosquito nets for open kitchens, you can use falling plastic curtains, which will protect from rain and from cold snaps.

Closed kitchens

Kitchens of this type lose to open kitchens in communication with nature and the absence of fresh air flows. But they win in protection from rains, cold snaps, insects, and in the heat you can install an air conditioner.

Glass-walled kitchen allows you to admire nature

Instead of single glass for kitchen glazing, you can order ready-made blocks that will allow you to operate the kitchen until late autumn.

Kitchen in the picnic area at the house

If the house has a picnic area, then you can attach a small room for the kitchen that closes for the winter.

Open kitchen converted to closed

From an open kitchen, you can make a closed one for a cool time by ordering moving away walls from double-glazed windows.

Relaxation area in the garden

The summer kitchen can be combined with a seating area by installing comfortable armchairs and sofas.

Summer kitchen made of plastic-polycarbonate gazebo

A closed gazebo can be converted into a kitchen if you install an exhaust pipe in addition to the kitchen equipment.

Closed summer kitchen in winter

In the closed summer kitchen you can drink tea even in winter.

Combined kitchens

Such kitchens meet any request, because they have a closed area for lovers of comfort and open for nature lovers.

Combined kitchen with seating area

In a combined summer kitchen, one part can be closed on all sides, and one part partially, on two or three sides.

Kitchen gazebo

The working area of ​​the kitchen can be made completely isolated, then nothing will interfere with enjoying the forest smells at breakfast.

Two recreation areas in the summer kitchen

A seating area can be attached to a closed summer kitchen, which will allow more people to relax.

Open seating area above the summer kitchen

You can increase the recreation area not only in breadth, but also upward, making it above the summer kitchen.

Summer kitchen from a bar for a small summer cottage

Even a small summer kitchen in the country will add comfort to your stay, especially if the family is not small.

Summer kitchen with a veranda in the yard

The combined summer kitchen in the courtyard will help the hostess to relax, without leaving far from the stove, when something is being cooked on it.

Summer kitchen as a guest house

A summer kitchen with a seating area can easily become a guest house.

Do not forget to take a permit in architecture before building a kitchen, and, if necessary, from your neighbors on the site. Choose the design that best suits your functional and aesthetic requirements. And let the construction of this small structure bring pleasant chores to your family.

Useful little things for giving with your own hands: 11 interesting ideas

Adding an article to a new collection

What can you do yourself for the benefit of your summer cottage, without making much effort? We have found a dozen useful homemade little things that will come in handy in any household. To create them, you will need the usual improvised means, the use of which in a new capacity may seem unexpected to you. But only at first glance.

What to do in late autumn, when the season is already over, and you want even your vacation to be productive? And between making a list of property that is better to take home and what is more logical to throw away, jot down a list of what you might still need to implement interesting summer cottage ideas that have practical applications.

DIY French garden: 10 ideas (photos, diagrams, drawings)

The French vegetable garden is about clarity of lines and simplicity. Having begun its history 300 years ago, it is still relevant today. Today you can make a French garden with your own hands in your country house. We present to you 10 ideas with photos, diagrams and drawings so that you can make a work of art from your infield.

First, let's get acquainted with the options for the ornament of French gardens. Basic schemes 12.

Here is an example of which vegetables should be planted and in what sequence.

Sketch 2: A circle within a rectangle.

And here are 4 schemes for combining a square with other geometric shapes.

A simple diagram of a geometrically verified vegetable garden.

The French garden is original, beautiful and simple.

How to decorate a site with your own hands? Ideas for giving

Outside the city, you can see what beautiful summer cottages, houses can be built with a little imagination. Consider interesting ideas for a summer residence, which are quite simple to implement with your own hands.

The very first and, of course, the most important thing is the interior of the site, which will surround the country house. If the plot is completely empty, then you can create any interior, any interesting design for a small house, even for an economy class. For each owner, an interesting design of the site will be his own, no matter whether it is a garden or a vegetable garden. You can always find beautiful summer cottages, ideas for country houses, photos You need to draw up a plan for the initial work, which includes:

  • Cleansing and removal of unnecessary trees, bushes, stumps from the site
  • Land cover leveling
  • Layout and arrangement
  • Making a list of the required material.

It is very important to understand that the cozy design of a summer cottage largely depends on the area. If possible, you can, for example, look at other beautiful summer cottages, ideas for country houses, photos.

People often post very interesting and unusual ideas on how to make a house, different ideas for site design, for the interior of a house, different beautiful summer cottages, ideas for country houses, photos.

We create a summer kitchen with our own hands: implementation ideas, step-by-step instructions

To create a summer kitchen on your site, you need to take into account many points. We present different ideas for each stage of construction.

Step 1. Choosing a place for the future summer kitchen

The creation of any summer kitchen begins precisely with the choice of a site and a suitable territory. Ideas at this stage can be as follows:

- a separate building near the house

- a building adjacent to the house, which is a complete and functional addition.

When choosing a place for construction, take into account many nuances - communications, practicality in the sun and drafts. The openness of the territory, many are confused, therefore, they choose the part of the site that is examined by the neighbors in a minimum amount.

Remember, it is forbidden to have a summer kitchen:

Think over all the nuances so that your kitchen can become a useful addition to everyday life without unexpected moments noticed after the completion of construction.

Step 2. Arrangement of the stove: ideas for choosing a suitable option for a summer kitchen

Having a functional cooking space is an essential component of any summer kitchen. You must initially think about this point, since the presence of light and gas will become the basis for classic stoves. But the barbecue area in the summer kitchen is an option when there is no way to place an ordinary stove. Remember, a smoker should be thought out under the barbecue, so that it is comfortable not only to cook, but also to relax in such a kitchen. The grill area is a common practice for such a kitchen, think over its location, including elements of open fire, observe fire safety rules.

Step 3. Construction, canopy and facade of the house - a single whole

It doesn't matter what you choose from the ideas for creating a summer kitchen, you must understand that the integrity of the main points is the key to a successful final picture. The design and decoration itself must necessarily overlap with the general appearance of the entire site - this is the main condition for success.

There are unspoken rules, the close proximity of a summer kitchen to a residential building is a signal that the appearance of the kitchen should resemble the decoration of the house as much as possible. If this option is difficult, since not only a house, but also other buildings are available, which are not very similar to each other, connect the main elements of the main buildings and implement them in the construction of the kitchen, in such a simple way you can combine all the buildings into a single idea.

Step 4. Ideas for creating a floor in a summer kitchen

If we are talking about a room, then the floor is a classic component, which does not affect practicality in any way. A completely different attitude to the floor, if the summer kitchen has the option of a veranda or terrace, where everything is in an open space. Here are some ideas for flooring in open kitchens:

- Wooden board is the basis for the floor. This option is considered the most popular, as it is less expensive. If you decide to use a board, do not forget about processing it, open it with special wax or oil, which is used specifically for outdoor work. Many replace it with varnish, but it loses to oil and wax, as sooner or later it will crack and will require restoration.

- Specialterrace board . This option is more expensive, but already processed, therefore it is considered more practical.

- Floor from a special slab for outdoor work. Such material will help create an "eternal" design. Remember, the main condition for laying tiles is the presence of a high-quality foundation. This flooring idea can be very costly.

The color scheme of the floor in the summer kitchen is the preference of the owners, although there are classic ideas that are more practical. So, too dark shades of the floor are best avoided, as any crumbs, dust or even dirt will be conspicuous. An even floor is the key to success, because even a minimal skew is the reason for the formation of stacks and huge puddles after rain.

Step 5. Kitchen arrangement

Kitchen utensils, which include a stove, a sink and a refrigerator, are essential components of a summer kitchen. Furniture should be not only attractive in appearance, but also practical, because this is the only way to create ideal conditions for the kitchen. The best option would be veneered furniture, namely garden furniture made of wood, forged items in combination with pillows and blankets, rattan or special vine furniture, plastic tables and chairs.

Step 6. Light, water and gas - necessary communications

It is difficult to imagine a full-fledged summer kitchen, where there are no elementary means of communication - water and light. The presence of gas is desirable, but not necessary, since the gas stove can be replaced with an electric one. Think over the plumbing, how and where it will be located. Lighting is an integral part of the comfort for a summer kitchen, therefore, if possible, you can experiment with light, separating zones with lanterns, installing backlights and diode strips.

Step 7. Design of the kitchen and the surrounding area

Of course, everyone creates what he likes, but there are popular ideas that you can take on board. Climbing plants near open summer kitchens are not only beautiful, but practical, since the lashes of plants create a shadow and even the most open area is made secluded from prying eyes. The idea of ​​using plants is very practical, since natural beauty can mask errors in a construction site. Use floor and hanging flowerpots, because this way you will definitely turn the summer kitchen into a "living" place where beauty is raging.

The creation of a summer kitchen is the right solution that can not only facilitate the cooking process, but also create a recreation area in a cultural setting, but in the open air. Feel free to experiment by creating your own kitchen using popular ideas.

4. What materials are suitable for construction and furnishing?

It all depends on the elements of our object and the functional areas that you are going to form. For the construction of a summer kitchen, you can use artificial stone or brick. The first one fits well on surfaces made of wood, concrete and drywall, and with an external resemblance to natural stone, it is much easier to process (cutting and laying) and has a more "modest" weight. The second is ideal for building a frame.

Artificial stone or brick is best suited for building a summer kitchen.

Excellent roof it will turn out from a canopy made of wooden or metal beams covered with polycarbonate. The umbrella can be used for a mobile kitchen that is temporarily deployed somewhere in the middle of the garden, but remember to provide it with a solid and solid base.

Cabinets can be of different materials. Stainless steel is distinguished by a long service life and resistance to all weather disasters, wood contributes to the creation of comfort, but at the same time requires constant care - once a year or two you will have to cover the surfaces of such cabinets and shelves with special protective equipment.

A budget and convenient option is plastic.Modern PVC panels can be made for wood, brick or artificial stone, moreover, they are frost-resistant, they tolerate excess moisture and temperature changes well, and they are usually installed on wooden frames.

Dining furniture in the summer kitchen, it must withstand high humidity and temperature extremes, therefore, it is better to refuse the furnishings made of laminated chipboard or MDF, as well as sofas and chairs upholstered in fabric or leather. But other, equally winning options are possible.

Wooden dining room furniture is beautiful, but it will have to be hidden from the rain and cleaned at the end of the season.

If you prefer wood, choose garden furniture that can be put into the closet or hidden in the utility block after the season is over.

If you want exquisite beauty - pay attention to forged items, but do not forget to purchase or sew soft pillows and mattresses for comfort with them. If you love rearrangements, we offer wicker furniture made of natural vine or plastic rattan.

The best beds for STRAWBERRY, which you can only think of (12 photos)

Many gardeners, summer residents and gardeners want to make their beds different from others. Everyone wants to excel at this and you will see in this article the best strawberry beds.

A high bed for strawberries, the ground in it is covered with a special cloth.

An unusual way of growing strawberries, as if in a fur coat.

And this strawberry grows in pockets.

Not a bad option with pots in three tiers.

Option to plant strawberries in plastic pipes.

Garden beds made on fences.

Lots of grid posts.

Hanging beds will ideally increase your planting space, because you can plant something else below.

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