Bach flower wax - What is Bach flower wax and what it is used for

Bach flower wax - What is Bach flower wax and what it is used for

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(Willmottian ceratostigma)

The Bachcerato flower is for those people who live in uncertainty as they are not very intuitive and always indecisive.


Remedy name Bach flower

: waxed

Common name in Italian

: waxed

Scientific name

: Willmottian ceratostigma (FamilyPlumbaginaceae)


The Bach flower remedy waxed is indicated for people who lack intuition and are therefore unable to decide for themselves as they do not believe in their inner self and therefore do not have self-confidence to be able to make decisions. They are people who on the one hand pester others with continuous questions to seek answers and confirmations to their doubts and on the other hand they spend time looking for information.

In practice, they manifest themselves as naive people, full of doubts, insecure even with regard to choices of little importance.

Edward Bach writes: «Those who do not have sufficient self-confidence to make their own decisions. They constantly ask for advice from others and are often misled " (1)


The wax as a Bach flower help to overcome the uncertainty of their choices, to have their own instincts and therefore self-confidence.


If you want to prepare the waxed mother dye of Bach flowers, picking the flowers directly in the countryside, it should be borne in mind that this Bach flower must be prepared with the method of solarization.


It is possible to find the flowering wax plant in the months of August and September.

Strangely enough, this flower chosen by Bach is a flower that is found only grown in gardens and not even in the wild but imported from the Far East, to adorn parks and gardens.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

What are Bach flowers and how to use them: the guide to flower therapy

Let's find out the Bach flowers, 39 flower remedies that can help rebalance energy and control anxiety, panic attacks and depression: let's see how they are used and how many drops are needed.

THE Bach flowers, also known as flower therapy, are a natural remedy based on energetic substances extracted from wild flowers collected in uncultivated places in the early hours of the morning, left in immersion in spring water exposed to the sun or boiled.

Bach flowers for children and babies

The use of flowers on children is particularly beneficial as they dissolve and harmonize potentially conflicting situations early, thus allowing a more peaceful growth and preparing the child for a less problematic growth.

Bach flowers they are particularly suitable for children, because they do not give side effects, they are not addictive, you cannot overdose.
Indeed, it can be said that children are the best users of Bach flowers because they have no preconceptions and react quickly and lastingly.

Bach flowers and ailments

Bach flowers are especially indicated for these problems:

- hyperactive children
- children with learning difficulties
- adopted children
- foreign children with adaptation problems
- abused children
- hypersensitive children
- children who are excessively attached to their parents
- violent and aggressive children

Preparation and dosages for children and babies

Normally for children the dosage of the remedies with Bach flowers is the same as that for adults, however for infants and very young children it is necessary to adapt the preparations to the needs of the moment.

In the case of acute ailments two drops of the single remedy are poured into a glass of water and a sip is given to the child at regular intervals ranging from a quarter of an hour for the most urgent cases to half an hour.

If it comes to children it is possible to put the drops in the bottle or with water or other favorite drinks, as long as they are not hot because the heat interferes or cancels the vibrations of the flowers.

If it comes to newborns it is possible to immerse the tip of the pacifier in a little bit of boiled water (sterilized) to which two drops of the chosen flower will be added.

For the chronic ailments you have to prepare a sterile medicine bottle and in it will go mineral water low in salts and two drops of each of the chosen remedies (from the original bottles).
The preparation lasts 4 or 5 days and then must be redone as it is free of preservative (brandy).

The flowers for non-acute ailments should be taken four times a day in the dose of four drops and the best time would be in the morning on an empty stomach, before the two main meals and before bedtime.

Flowers and symptoms

Here are some examples of flowers among the best known and i symptoms that require its use:

- Aspen: for fear of being alone, of sleeping in the dark, of the "black man".
- Centaury: for the excessive sensitivity to praise and reproaches.
- Waxed: for when at school they continue to correct even if what they wrote is right.
- Cherry Plum: in case of uncontrolled outbursts.
- Clematis: for those who are distracted at school and daydream.
- Holly: to help in cases of jealousy and anger over the birth of a baby brother.
- Impatients: for children who cannot remain seated.
- Larch: when they feel inadequate at school.
- Mimulus: for those who fearfully cling to their mother.
- Vervain: for hyperactive children, difficult to send to bed in the evening.
- Vine: for aggressive children who beat their mates.
- Rescue Remedy: for sudden trauma, such as physical and psychological first aid.

Larch, all about the Bach flower

Larch(Larix Decidua) is a deciduous tree, exactly a conifer with deciduous leaves, present in Europe above 1000 m in mountain areas and its height reaches about 30 m. The larch it has needles that become visible in clumps and that fall in winter, while in spring it blooms with both male and female flowers.

Properties and benefits of Larch

The key word of Larch is "the insecure”, Ie a person who has a profound lack of self-confidence, who never dares, who doesn't believe in himself, who normally doesn't think he can do it in any situation in life, therefore give up before trying and he feels terribly inferior, often fearing bad figures.

This flower helps those who basically avoid any situation in which they have to get involved and who generally say: “I'd like to do this… but I can't…”. Dr. Edward Bach describes people Larch in this way: ". those who consider themselves inferior to the people around them, and less capable of them. They expect to fail and feel they will never achieve success. So they don't risk or try hard enough to succeed in life. ”.

The benefits it brings Larch they are almost magical, in fact, restores confidence in one's abilities, creates self-esteem and reactivates the initiative, accepting therefore the risks and not caring for them, whether they are positive or negative. Furthermore, this remedy leads to a healthy self-critical spirit, thus acting without any concern for the outcome. Therefore, Larch transforms one's critical skills which are used wisely and constructively.

• Initial-inhibited emotions (before taking the flower):

Not enough confidence or self-confidence, inferiority complex, impotence.

• Evolutionary-loose emotions (after taking the flower):

Audacity, self esteem is confidence, restoration of the initiative.

Suitable for

Larch it is indicated to those who are excessively concerned about their health, who consider themselves incompetent and have depressive attitudes, because they simply believe they are not suitable. A person Larch it can also be one Mimulus.

Not to be confused, however, the two types are characteristics in which both fear and lack of trust coexist at the same time.

This flower is particularly suitable for those children who are so sensitive, who are treated by their parents and / or relatives by diminishing or shaming them in front of everyone. The flower can also be used for those who always tend to get sick in order not to face situations.

There are also examples of patients who suffer from tachycardia and arrhythmia, caused by distrust in themselves and here Larch is a panacea. Finally, there are also cases in which the administration of Larch has helped those who have sexual disorders, doubting their strengths, such as performance anxiety, danger of failure.


Valuable for

Larch it is precious for those who no longer want to remain anonymous, who feel ". below... "and that have the constant thought of failure.

The energy of Bach flowers

The energy of Bach flowers it comes from the concept of Vibration: in nature (mineral, vegetable, animal world) everything has its own energy field that vibrates in different ways and with different frequencies and can, in turn, be influenced by other energy fields. Therefore, flowers also have their own energy field that vibrates, influences and in turn influenced by numerous other factors: this is why the process of harvesting, extraction and conservation is very important. These elements, in fact, can determine a variation of modulation and intensity of the energy field of the Flowers.

Within this position of active participation in one's health, there is the awareness of the roots of one's discomfort. If psychiatric drugs in themselves do not constitute a valid help in increasing this awareness, the 38 flower remedies instead promote it, as each of them highlights a negative emotional state, which invites you to reflect on your condition and, as stated Bach, on their "mistakes", while offering valuable help to resume the "right path" of health and a greater understanding of oneself.
This fact reminds us, again, that flower remedies were introduced by Bach as a tool for self-prescription and self-treatment, to the point where no specific training is necessary (obviously only in cases where there is no real psychic pathology), which, both by competence and by law, a non-graduate in medicine it could not do with psychotropic drugs.

Source. The path of the soul
Bach flowers and psychodynamics
by Stefano Boschi, psychologist, psychotherapist, NLP Master Trainer, president of the CFR (Training and Research Center in Brief Integrated Psychotherapy). From his research activity in the field of clinical communication and integrated brief psychotherapy comes the Deep Nuclei Therapy ©, a method that synergistically synthesizes some of the leading systems of traditional psychotherapy. He holds training courses in various Italian cities, addressing mental health professionals and those interested in acquiring the fundamental tools of effective communication.

Flower therapy belongs to the large family of psychosomatic medicine. Professor Rocco Carbone, professor of Natural Medicine at the University of Guglielmo Marconi, reveals the properties of Bach flowers and how they help to live better.

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“For those who don't have enough self-confidence to make decisions. Often they ask for suggestions from others but just as often they are badly advised ”.
Edward Bach

Piombaggine or Cerastio (Ceratostigma willmottiana) is a plant of Himalayan origin, and it is the only cultivated plant that Bach used. Walking through a village on the coast, he saw this rare and beautiful plant in a garden. He liked it so much that he asked to be able to pick some flowers. Cerato is a plant native to distant Tibet, land of monks who seek contact with the spiritual world in the Himalayan mountains. Cerato transgresses Bach's rule of using only local plants, so much so that he tried to replace it, but he never found one that was as representative of the archetype to which it is connected. The plant, introduced in England in 1908 by some explorers, has adapted to our climates and is still grown in European gardens today. With its blue flowers tending to violet, it seems to recall the clear sky of the Himalayas. Bach had found a remedy for those who do not trust their intuition and do not take responsibility for it. The blue flowers, the acrid and pungent taste of the root, the dry and stony places where it grows, betray its Saturnian connotation. Saturn as the last of the visible planets, represents the extreme border of our world, and guards the threshold of the otherworldly world.
As Scheffer says: “He is at the same time the enlightened contemplator who listens to the emptiness of the Hereafter and hears the inner voice that resounds from the cosmic and spiritual depths. He receives from the archetypes the intuitions, the seeds of the spirit, which will take new form in matter ”. Thanks to his sensitive abilities, Bach understood that the flowers of this plant would help those who lived the negative qualities of Saturn, allowing them to hear their inner voice again. He writes: “Cerato individuals are fools. They should be wise teachers, but they seem to give too much importance to the opinions of others and allow themselves to be influenced too easily by external reality ”.

Cerato is connected to the principle of intuition. And for this reason it also has Jovian qualities which, in my opinion are more hidden, more internal, but none the less present. Intuition is perhaps the quality of the human being that most distinguishes us from the animal kingdom. Certainly the one that connects us for the first time (think of Sagittarius) to otherworldly dimensions. With intuition we perceive the real nature of things beyond their appearance in the phenomenal world, we become aware of their higher reality, of their essence. Intuition is direct and immediate knowledge of a truth beyond logical-rational knowledge.

In the blocked state, the Cerato type does not trust his own judgment, does not have the courage to listen to his inner voice, to follow up on his ideas, and therefore becomes extremely insecure, losing his decision-making power. And that's why he starts asking everyone: friends, relatives, teachers, fortune tellers, astrologers, gurus of all kinds. Pester people with the question: what would you do in my place? Everyone knows more than he does and can help him soothe his pain that comes from his personal inability to follow the directions of the Higher Self, making him live constantly in uncertainty. Since the negative Cerato type does not take responsibility for it, Saturn tends to block any messages of an intuitive type. The main consequence is the lack of a real basis on which to make decisions, which inevitably leads to the constant search for external advice and points of support. This becomes a dispersive, extremely doubtful and superficial personality that loses energy due to inadequate actions. He has the feeling of emptiness and lack of a center, he experiences a lot of uncertainty about his own life. For example, if he has to buy something, be it a house for life or a sweater, he often finds what he likes right away, but he doesn't trust that intuition, he doesn't trust his inner voice and goes to see another hundred shops, then asks everyone what they think. When he finally has chosen, he is still not convinced and starts again with doubts. Being always tormented by doubt, and to try to get out of indecision, he is constantly looking for information to help him orient and decide. He asks questions so detailed as to be ridiculous and exhausting for the unfortunate interlocutor. Since he has intuitive abilities, it often happens to him to ask for a thousand tips and then do what he had intuited at the beginning. It is not that he does not decide because he does not know, he does not decide because he does not trust the information that comes to him from within. When he finally makes a decision, it is enough for him to listen to a contrary idea to call everything into question.

The truth for these people is always outside of itself. Being very influenced by the opinions of others, he finds himself floating like a weather vane among a thousand inevitably conflicting information. It tends to blend in by assuming the behaviors and attitudes of those around it, and not by showing its true nature.
Not believing in what he perceives within himself, it may happen that he is undergoing therapy despite feeling that it is not good for him, simply because “the doctor said so” (external authority). Or to follow several therapies at the same time without being able to choose one. When he is ill, the greatest reason for suffering is not so much the concern for his state of health, but the uncertainty about the type of illness and how to behave with respect to therapy.
He is a person who studies a lot, his head is full of information because in this way he "plugs" the hole of his own fear, which in this case is called uncertainty of knowing. He is always afraid of not knowing enough. He constantly attends refresher courses. Being greedy for information, she does not realize she already knows much, and continues to gather information, driven by her perennial uncertainty. Unfortunately, he accumulates information without making it fruitful, so his knowledge becomes sterile, and is lost. He does not accept that it is only from the experience of life that security and trust are born. In this attitude we find many of the Saturnian personalities.
It may be the company executive who, despite having the right idea, does not get it right, because he does a thousand market researches and then lets it go. Often in fact it is a very gifted person who, expressing his brilliant idea, appears "out of place" because, not believing in what he perceives, he does not know how to value it, and always exposes it with doubt and with an intrinsic search for consent.

In the negative Cerato state, the personality refuses to recognize and accept the role of the Soul. He does not understand that only the impulses of the latter can effectively guide towards the realization of one's goal. Then look for the answers in the outside world, often in fashionable theories and doctrines or in the experience of completely different people.
Our society, starting from school, is strongly biased towards the practical and rational aspects of life, almost banning a fundamental part of our being: the imaginative one. We should remember that only the union of rationality and intuition, right brain and left brain, allows us to advance one step on the ladder of spiritual evolution, on the ladder of awareness.
The negative Cerato type suffers greatly from the consequences of his actions as, not taking responsibility for his life, he strongly feels the action of Saturn.

Assuming the essence of the flower and starting to consciously experience the positive aspects of Cerato, we witness the return of the dream activity (Jupiter-Liver), which is valid in general for all flowers, but in particular for Cerato.
The positive pole of Cerato manifests itself with an attitude of serene and solid inner certainty, which no superficial argument can shake. With Cerato the person comes to understand that the right answers for their life are not found outside, but only within themselves. He takes responsibility for his choices, also accepting the errors and trials that daily life offers. Inner guidance is expressed with the voice of intuition, combined with emotions and rational understanding, in order to create that magical and indispensable cocktail for true growth.

The benefits of Cerato

The assumption of Bach flower Cerato brings the person into contact with his own nature. It helps him to listen more to his inner voice and follows it with confidence and joy. He manages to increase self-esteem and immediately the person is finally able to draw on his own wisdom.

This Bach flower helps to connect with your own original impulse, gives confidence. It makes the person less dependent on the judgment of others and more introspective. He knows how to make decisions with courage and intuition. The thirst for knowledge no longer goes to dampen the desire to continue because it is perpetually indecisive, but rather goes to fuel the fire of passion.

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