Problems related to irrigation water

Problems related to irrigation water

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Water for irrigation: a really problematic issue

I believe it is right to communicate to readers the characteristics and problems that frame and loom over my region: I'm talking about the famous and prosperous Tavoliere delle Puglie.

Puglia, it is important to underline it, is geographically located in the south-eastern area of ​​Italy with exposure on the lower Adriatic side: like all regions of southern Italy we boast of the Mediterranean climate but even more being a hilly and flat region we have an excellent exposure. in the sun (an important factor for the sugar content of the grapes).

From Puglia, for those who are not well informed, 80% of the national product starts from the statistics I am completing, especially as regards the wine production sector, the father of the best wines on the market in Italy.

Unfortunately, this year the most serious problem we are facing is the lack of water for irrigation, a problem caused by the low frequency of rains and which weighs heavily not only on our agriculture but also on the agriculture of other Regions: I thought it appropriate to start the issue regarding the essentiality of climatic factors as they constitute the pulse of our agriculture.

A problem that determines the not appreciable size of the bunches and the low production: at least the only factor we can count on is the sugar content.

Considering this great problem, the only measure to keep in mind is to make the production of the sector in question economically viable, by programming a price not per quintal of product but by assigning a fair price to the sugar content to improve the quality of production, because what what counts on the market today is the quality of the cultivated wine grapes, which not only Puglia but also the other southern regions are the authentic masters who can testify to the originality of a DOC product, deriving above all from a fair and accurate cultivation program and phytosanitary defense in order to make the product better in all its characteristics.

Who knows if one day with the help of the Regions close to us, instead of creating a new road that connects two Regions, a watercourse will be created that connects the rivers of two Regions and maybe celebrate with the presence of the only head of the table. : mister wine.

Cesare Imbrici

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