5 plants-amulets that will decorate the garden and protect the inhabitants of the house

5 plants-amulets that will decorate the garden and protect the inhabitants of the house

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For a long time, our ancestors surrounded their yards and homes with certain trees, flowers and herbs. Plants not only fed people and decorated the premises, but also brought happiness, protected from negativity, guarded the house and supported the health of its inhabitants.


In ancient times, it was believed that a viburnum bush should grow in every yard. At the same time, you cannot plant other plants or break flower beds next to it. It was believed that if a tree is not offending and looked after, it cleans the territory of the yard and house from any negative manifestations. According to legends, viburnum was a living amulet and protected from dark forces, evil, unkind people, troubles, misfortunes and sorcerers with witches. She protected the inhabitants of the house from evil eyes, damage, curses, love spells and other magical influences.

Kalina has many useful and medicinal properties and is not inferior in this to many medicinal plants. If you stand next to this tree, then it will fill a person with energy, patience, wisdom and save you from frivolous actions.

Our ancestors considered this plant sacred and it was strictly forbidden to cut it down by customs.

The tree has a very clean and soft energy, it contributes to family well-being, wealth and prosperity.

Kalina was considered a tree of love and a symbol of brides. At every wedding, the bride's hair was decorated with flowers. And the girls who wanted to get married as soon as possible had to tie a red ribbon on the trunk of the viburnum and read their wish to him.


The rowan tree is considered the keeper of the family hearth in the house, it heals, brings good luck, peace and prosperity. This plant is a powerful neutralizer of negative energy, strong resentment, anger and envy. Rabin also protects against bad influences, troubles and directs energy in the right direction. Also, its berries reflect the evil eye, damage and drive away people with impure thoughts.

The rowan tree was recommended for newlyweds to plant. It contributed to the preservation of family union, health and conjugal love. For the child, they also made an amulet from mountain ash, which with its powerful energy field scared away all negativity, and for women it gave attractiveness and prolonged youth.

It is recommended to plant a tree near a window or porch, so dark energy cannot penetrate into the home. Ripe bunches can be put on the windowsill to ward off the evil eye, troubles and misfortunes. A person who has deliberately broken or damaged a mountain ash is in for trouble.


Dill is considered a talisman in many countries. His twigs were hung over the front doors to protect the house from people with evil intentions; attached to the cradle to protect children.

This plant is considered an excellent amulet, its smell cannot be tolerated by evil people and sorcerers. Dill is one of the best remedies for magical effects. It removes the sent spoilage and diseases from the human body.


Mint has a positive effect on energy. She gives strength, vitality and perseverance to achieve prosperity.

Its aroma attracts wealth, enhances material flows and, like a magnet, attracts favorable circumstances to life for earning money and improving finances. For this, it is recommended to carry mint leaves in your wallet.

This plant heals from various ailments, it also brings good luck, enhances creative inclinations, cleans the house of negative energy and improves the quality of life.

Mint is a powerful sedative and also a talisman against representatives of otherworldly worlds.


Poppy is considered a symbol of youth, feminine charm, fertility and fertility. Previously, those who wanted to get pregnant were advised to carry fresh poppy buds with them. Therefore, women braided them in wreaths, and also hung poppy heads in the house to prevent evil forces from influencing the continuation of the family.

This plant was planted around the house so that it scared away people with ill intentions, witches and otherworldly evil spirits. It was believed that the poppy can protect against witchcraft, sent by even a strong magician, and also attract wealth and love.

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