Dried flowers

Dried flowers

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Dried flowers

Drying the flowers can be a good way to make them last a long time. In fact, fresh flowers, some more or less, have a limited duration, while, if dried, the time in which we can enjoy their beauty is much longer. Dried flowers can be used to create beautiful compositions (which we will discuss in another article on our site: "dried flower compositions), decorations, paintings and so on. As we all know, we can buy these flowers ready-made in specialized stores or, with a little patience and commitment, create them with our own hands following certain steps.

Dry the flowers

First of all it is good to remember, for the uninitiated, that not all flowers can be dried, or rather, some of them are not suitable. The flowers that lend themselves best to this type of use are: roses, mimosas, lavender, ivy, hydrangea, daisy and peony, while it would be advisable to avoid the drying of flowers such as tulips and lily, as they have very robust and thick petals.

There are many methods of drying flowers and it should be noted that, even if the names mentioned are well suited to this type of treatment, each of them will be more compatible with a certain method rather than another. Let's take an example: flowers such as roses and peonies can be safely dried by putting them together in bunches hanging upside down in a dry, cool and fairly airy environment; lavender, daisy and mimosa instead, will be placed on a table covered with newspaper; in the latter technique, the necessary distance between one flower and another will be fundamental.

If you do not have a lot of time or you want to have your dried flowers available in a short period, you can put them in a container where, on the bottom, you will have put some sand or washing powder detergent, after which you will have to cover everything with the same material used for the bottom. With this drying method, after about twenty days your flowers will be dry and ready to be used.

Create with dried flowers

When we have dried our flowers, we can use them to create or decorate many objects. Here are some examples: you can make beautiful greeting cards by cutting out a cardboard of your favorite shape and size, stick the dried flowers on the main facade and let them dry for a few hours. Another widely used use is to put these flowers in sachets in order to perfume drawers and linen or in containers to give a delicate perfume to the house. Obviously, for these two purposes, more fragrant and spicy flowers such as lavender, cloves, cinnamon, etc. will be used.

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