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Ondulin, an excellent roofing material in terms of price / quality ratio. Its advantages include low weight, affordable price, great durability and ease of installation. The main disadvantage is instability to mechanical stress

The slope of the roof under the slate roof ranges from 25 to 45 degrees. The lathing for the roof is made of bars with a cross section of at least 50x50 millimeters and boards of the same thickness, with a distance between the rafters of up to 1 meter.

Today roofing material has lost its former demand, and is now used mainly to cover the roofs of outbuildings. Its usual service life is 7-8 years. However, if it is laid according to all the rules, then it can last up to 12-15 years. And even longer ...

How to repair a slate or iron roof on your own

Shingles are a purely natural material that provides the best possible comfort of living in a wooden house. Therefore, it is no coincidence that recently (especially in the West) the cry: "Back to nature!"

No special tools or special skills are required to lay the wood. Each tes fits the entire length of the slope, usually with the long side perpendicular to the ridge. Used coniferous boards with a thickness of 19-45 mm and a width of no more than 20 cm

Roofing - garden and vegetable garden

Dreaming of an early harvest? We will show you how to achieve this.

We will tell you how to competently grow cucumber seedlings at home.

How to grow environmentally friendly, but healthy vegetables on your site?

Your young potato already at the beginning of summer is the dream of any summer resident!

Briefly about the weather and the main works on the site in April.

A selection of annual and perennial flowers with flowering dates and seed sowing times.

What perennials should be planted in your flower bed so that they please with their flowering in the near future?

Is it possible to get a harvest of garden strawberries (strawberries) already in the year of planting?

How to determine the lack of vitamins in the body, and how to fix the situation?

Systematic care is a guarantee of health and lush blooming of your roses. Our rose grower calendar will tell you how to plan a rose care schedule.

Spring is the best time to graft fruit trees. Today we want to tell you about cherry grafting.

The last days of winter are on the calendar. An active sowing campaign is about to start, and the happy owners of greenhouses can already see the first shoots on the window. Are you all set?

Make sure of this by downloading the latest release.

Everything about soil, seed preparation, seedlings, fertilizing, watering, treatment and shaping of bushes in one file.

Diagrams and tables with accessible and visual material.

Everything about planting seedlings, shaping the crown, feeding, watering, treatment and care in one file.

Diagrams and tables with accessible and visual material.

Everyone knows that the first greens can be harvested in May. What about cucumbers and radishes?

Let's talk about the most popular drugs that are used for spring garden processing.

Do you want the fruit to not get sick in summer, not break and give a good harvest? Then urgently in the garden, before the start of the sap flow, you need to do something!

How to help seedlings grow strong and healthy?

Let's talk about the most popular drugs that are used for spring garden processing.

10 helpful tips for growing strong, healthy seedlings.

We will tell you how to competently grow cucumber seedlings at home.

If you don't know how to preserve birch sap at home, see our selection of recipes!

Dreaming of an early harvest? We will show you how to achieve this.

See for yourself how many different dishes you can make with potatoes!

We understand what a Bordeaux mixture is and how to properly use it in the garden and vegetable garden.

March is approaching, which means it's time to take care of the safety of the garden - to protect trees and bushes from diseases and pests.

Recommendations for grafting trees in spring in your garden.

Berry bushes are among the first to wake up. This means that it is impossible to delay spraying currant bushes in the spring - diseases and pests are not asleep!

Correct pruning of roses in spring is a guarantee of rapid growth and lush flowering of the queen of the flower garden.

Schemes, photos and videos of spring pruning of garden trees.

We understand what a Bordeaux mixture is, what it is used for and how to prepare it correctly.

Everything you wanted to know about the most famous nitrogen fertilizer.

Eat at night and even lose weight? It is possible, we will prove it to you!

Simple and intuitive instructions for spring pruning of grapes.

Proven ways to save oversalted food.

The main types of work on growing cucumbers are in the 2021 Lunar Calendar.

Natural and pharmaceutical remedies to protect seeds and soil from infections

"Fasco" is a formula of love for plants.

Garden Center Greensad

Garden video school "Shining"

It would seem that not so long ago you rolled up cans of pickled and pickled vegetables in the sweat of your brow, but now you have to think about what to do with your "surplus production".

Chicken broth and fried chicken - what more exotic can you make from familiar meat?

Why you should pay attention to soy wax candles if you care about your health.

What to play on cold winter evenings in anticipation of the start of the season?

17 variants of original Christmas trees that will create a festive atmosphere in your home.

Low maintenance, simplicity and naturalness are the three pillars of modern landscape design.

Catalog of goods for a summer residence and a garden on the Kolkhoz yard

We have collected for you an assortment of very different products that will be very useful in the country. Moreover, you can immediately purchase all this in one place, and not travel around the city in search of the right product.

We took care of everything. For example, what kind of rest in the country without barbecue and barbecue? And we have on sale a large selection of barbecues, smokehouses, barbecue products. Also, for a comfortable out-of-town pastime, we have presented such goods for home and summer cottages as outdoor stoves, fireplaces, tandoors, wood chips for smoking and the like.

Well, to keep you warm in a country house, regardless of the weather outside, we have a range of heating stoves, fireplaces, boilers and heaters. And we are ready to please bath lovers with a wide range of sauna stoves, tanks and other accessories designed specifically for those wishing to take a steam bath.

We have not forgotten about such an important element of suburban life as country toilets. They will be indispensable for you on the site.

In addition, to make it beautiful and cozy at the dacha, so that the harvest will please you, we have prepared a special section “goods for the garden in Yekaterinburg”. It includes hotbeds and greenhouses, fence grates, garden tools, irrigation supplies, barrels, canisters and much more.

Come to the shopping center "Kolkhozny Dvor", and our products for the garden and vegetable garden, as well as items for the country house and the local area, will delight you with their assortment, as well as value for money.




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Interesting advice. I cut off the sprouts of sprouted potatoes and use them as a growth stimulant: the plants grow almost before our eyes.

I no longer throw out the sprouts of sprouted potatoes, but use them as a natural and powerful stimulant Show in full. growth for plants and trees.
The question of accelerating the growth and development of plants always remains relevant. You can prepare a growth stimulant yourself without spending extra money on it, because almost everyone has natural ingredients.

In order to prepare the solution, we need - water and sprouts of sprouted potatoes. Few people know that these seedlings are a source of plant hormones that stimulate the growth and formation of roots in various crops. Such a growth stimulator, prepared from the components available to everyone, has managed to prove its usefulness and effectiveness.
Cooking: pour about 350 g of sprouted potato growths into 2 liters of water, but before that we grind the seedlings in our hands, leave the jar to infuse for 7 hours in a warm place, then filter or use it as it is. The solution should be slightly oily.

We use: we use such a solution for watering and spraying plants, as well as for soaking seeds. If the weather is too hot or too cold, then the plants can experience some stress, so it is best to spray them with the prepared infusion. If the seedlings have slowed down their growth and development, then it is optimal to water it with infusion along with nitrogen fertilization - the plants will grow almost before our eyes. Best diluted 1: 6.

With such a simple and affordable infusion, which is a powerful organic growth promoter for plants, you are unlikely to throw away sprouted sprouts, which are rich in growth hormones, next time.
Bountiful harvests for everyone!

Mustard is in a hurry to help

Citizens of summer residents, stock up on mustard powder in advance! Especially if you are an ardent opponent of chemical treatment of your gardens.

If slugs are your number one enemy, Show in full. has long and productively spoiled your strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, etc., do not wait for the moment when you will not get anything at all. Spread the powder between the plants, to which hordes of gluttonous slugs crawl carnivore, and the result of your labors - the harvest - will only go to you.

Mustard infusion is an excellent remedy for fireflies, sawflies, bedbugs, aphids, thrips, apple moth and other leaf-eating parasites. Take 100 g of mustard powder, pour 10 liters of water and leave to infuse for two days. Then strain, dilute with water 50x50 and add 40-50 g of liquid soap to each bucket of solution (for stickiness). With this solution, you can spray apple trees every 15-20 days after flowering, and berry trees - at the beginning of summer.

Wild garlic is valued primarily for its high content of nutrients. Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, PP, folic acid, niacin, iodine, fluorine, calcium, selenium, zinc - which is just not there! Show in full.
In the wild, wild garlic grows in forests and meadows under deciduous trees. This symbiosis is very important: the plants receive the sunlight necessary for development until the leaves bloom on the trees. In summer, the aboveground part withers, and the entire colony of bulbs goes into hibernation.

Recently, more and more people dream of growing wild garlic in their country house. For growing wild garlic, two methods are used: seed and bulbs. The main condition for successful survival, good growth and a rich harvest is to create conditions for the plant that are as close to natural as possible.
Break a bed for wild garlic in the shade of trees, as well as the north side of the fence or structure may be suitable for planting it. But wild garlic planted in a sunny place will also grow well: it will divide more often, the seed productivity of plants will be much higher.
Although wild garlic is a moisture-loving plant, it does not tolerate stagnant water, therefore good drainage is needed in flooded places.
Apply humus (compost, peat) as fertilizer to the area chosen for planting wild garlic. So the soil will become more fertile and more crumbly and light, as in nature.
Wild onion leaves can only be harvested 3 years after planting. At this time, the bulbs gain sufficient mass, the plant becomes an adult. You cannot cut off all the leaves, since they will not have time to grow over the summer, as a result, the plant will not accumulate nutrients, and a new bulb will not be able to form.

Despite the beneficial properties of wild garlic, it should be consumed in small portions, otherwise it can exacerbate gastritis, gastric ulcer, colitis. The most popular are spring wild garlic salads. They can be composed to your liking by combining different ingredients.

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