Can I Grow Jackfruit From Seed – Learn How To Plant Jackfruit Seeds

Can I Grow Jackfruit From Seed – Learn How To Plant Jackfruit Seeds

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By: Mary Ellen Ellis

Jackfruit is a large fruit that grows on the jackfruit tree and has recently become popular in cooking as a meat substitute. This is a tropical to sub-tropical tree native to India that grows well in the warmer parts of the U.S., like Hawaii and south Florida. If you are thinking of growing jackfruit from seeds, there are a few things you need to know.

Can I Grow Jackfruit from Seed?

There are multiple reasons to grow a jackfruit tree, but enjoying the flesh of the large fruits is one of the most popular. These fruits are enormous and grow to an average size of about 35 pounds (16 kg.). The flesh of the fruit, when dried and cooked, has the texture of pulled pork. It takes on the flavor of spices and sauces and makes a great meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians.

Each fruit may also have up to 500 seeds, and growing jackfruit from seeds is the most common method of propagation. While growing a jackfruit tree with seed is fairly easy, there are a few factors to consider, such as how long they are viable.

How to Plant Jackfruit Seeds

Jackfruit seed propagation is not difficult, but you do need to get seeds that are fairly fresh. They will lose viability as soon as a month after the fruit has been harvested, but some may be good up to about three months. To start your seeds, soak them overnight in water and then plant in soil. It takes anywhere from three to eight weeks for jackfruit seeds to germinate.

You can start the seedlings in the ground or indoors, but keep in mind that you should transplant a jackfruit seedling when there are no more than four leaves on it. If you wait any longer, the taproot of the seedling will be difficult to transplant. It is delicate and can be damaged easily.

Jackfruit trees prefer full sun and well-drained soil, although the soil may be sandy, sandy loam, or rocky and it will tolerate all these conditions. What it will not tolerate is soaking roots. Too much water can kill a jackfruit tree.

Growing a jackfruit tree from seed can be a rewarding endeavor if you have the right conditions for this warm-climate fruit tree. Starting a tree from seed does require patience, but jackfruit matures quickly and should start giving you fruit by the third or fourth year.

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Jackfruit are a very productive tropical tree and a relative of mulberries, breadfruit and figs.

They also are capable of bearing the largest fruit on the planet.

Image from Sin Chew Daily

The guy on the left is like “TAKE THE PICTURE ALREADY!”

Inside the jackfruit and around the seeds is a delicious, tropical-sweet flesh like nothing else on earth.

The trees bear abundantly and require little care to cover you in Jackfruit. Even in South Florida, somewhat outside their normal range, jackfruit can do excellently – as my friends Chuck and Sarah can attest.

But how do you grow your own jackfruit tree?

Let’s germinate some jackfruit seeds, shall we?

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  • Avoid using garden soil or standard potting soil to start seeds, the microbes in the soil are likely to cause the seed to rot before it germinates.
  • Jackfruit trees develop deep tap roots early. Due to the tree's size and the long tap root, growing jackfruit inside is not recommended.

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How to grow jackfruit tree

  • Kathal is a tropical tree, so for its implementation, a tropical and humidity environment is necessary. Its trees are sensitive to the growing cold.
  • They flourish in rich, deep, and somewhat porous soil very well. A mixture of soil, sand, and perlite is appropriate for proper drainage.
  • They constantly prefer the humidity of the environment. That is why it requires constant water. Water should not log in its plant, roots may rot if it is too wet near the roots.
  • If all the above requirements are met, then you can plant it by its seed. Well, its medium of propagation is also a seed, which is a month’s self-small life. Germination takes 3 to 8 weeks. Germination can be sharp if you soaking the seeds in 24 hours before germination. You can also use its stem cutting and by air, layering to expand its plant.
  • Once the seed gets germinated, and its 4 leaves go out, you can transplant

Planting In Ground

  • If you planting in a ground Jackfruits grow faster and have big trees, so in 18 feet rows and if single trees are planting then there should be no tree or bush on 10 feet all around.

Harvest, Ripening, and Storage

Jackfruit may be eaten as a vegetable when picked at an immature stage or eaten fresh when picked at a mature stage and allowed to ripen. Immature fruit are usually 1 to 3 months old, are green and may be harvested for cooking.

Mature fruit have 35% to 40% edible flesh. However, it is not easy to determine when the fruit is ripe. There are several fruit characteristics that may be used alone or together to indicate a particular cultivar is mature. In many cultivars the skin color changes from green to light green or yellowish-brown. Maturing fruits usually develop a strong aroma and the peel spines flatten and widen. Green fruits have a solid sound when tapped whereas ripe fruits have a hollow sound.

Harvest fruit with clippers or loppers. The cut stem will immediately exude white, sticky latex this latex will permanently stain clothing. Wrap the cut end with a paper towel to make handling easier, or set the fruit on its side until the flow of latex ceases. Care should be exercised not to let the fruit drop to the ground and be damaged. Pickers may want to wear gloves when handling the fruit. Place fruit in the shade until the latex stops exuding from the cut stem.

Mature fruit will ripen in 3 to 10 days at 75°F to 80°F (24–27°C). Before consumption the edible flesh is separated from the rag. As with harvesting, latex may exude from cut surfaces when extracting the flesh. To make clean-up easier coat hands, knife blades (not the handle), and work surfaces with vegetable oil. To clean the fruit, cut in half and remove the central core then proceed to separate the flesh, seed, and rag.

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