Tarragon: medicinal properties, method of use and benefits

Tarragon: medicinal properties, method of use and benefits

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Artemia dracunculus





The tarragon, scientific name Artemisia dracunculus L., belongs to the family of Asteraceae (formerly Compositae) and is a plant native to southern Russia and Siberia. In Europe it is only recently that this plant has begun to appreciate again not only for its culinary use but also for its therapeutic properties. In its spontaneous state it is not found in Europe except for having escaped cultivation.

Tarragon is a perennial herbaceous plant, which forms beautiful bushes up to 80 cm tall with very branched stems. The leaves are lanceloate - linear of light green color. The flowers are very small of yellow-green color carried by inflorescences gathered in panicles. It blooms from July to October. The fruits are achenes.


The properties of tarragon are: antiseptic, antispasmodic, emmenagogue, stimulant, vermifuge even if it is not used much for therapeutic purposes but more for food purposes.

Used fresh in salads or as an infusion, it is useful in the case of meteorism and aerophagia.


The flowering tops and the leaves of the young twigs are used, collected from June to September.

They are used fresh or dried.


In cooking it is used (preferably fresh) to flavor roasts, salads and sauces.


Tarragon is also known as tarragon and serpenteria.


There are no reports or contraindications regarding the use of tarragon.

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