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Bidens - - Create the garden of your desires

Bidens - - Create the garden of your desires

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(Bidens aurea)

A scent of a wild garden ... of autumn

Bidens is a fairly invasive plant, ideal for wild gardens, but which can still be used in beds. It is a plant that knows how to gain height ... The flowers sometimes stand more than 1 meter above a thin - linear - foliage for a rustic and elegant aesthetic.

Type of plant

• Perennial plant

• rustic

• Easy in the garden


Resistant to cold (-10 °).

Benefits to the garden

Bidens is a fast growing, fairly long flowering period that lasts from early summer until frost.


Pale yellow flowers with a golden yellow heart, light, about 5 cm in diameter, dense, dense green, bushy, fine and slightly serrated foliage that grows high, gives Bidens the aesthetic of a wild plant.

Gardener's Info

Easy bidens, it grows perfectly in any type of soil on the sole condition that it is sufficiently drained.

At the right time

Place the buckets in the ground or in pots in March or April.

Other varieties

Bidens with fiery leaves, the "little sister", flowers of a denser yellow, in number. It measures more or less 40 cm in height.

Agrees with

Perennial begonias, giant aster ...

With or without a garden ...

In the garden, at the bottom of the massif, alone in a meadow or wild garden.

And without a garden? Plant the Bidens in a medium sized perforated terracotta pot. Make a mixture of geranium potting soil and sand (1/4) to drain.


Rather long flowering - from July to October



High. and Width

Space between
the plants



In period

1, 2 x 0.7 m

60 cm

Do not bury
the collar

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Discover our exclusive collection of 3 assorted Bidens and benefit from the qualities of 3 high-performance, flowering and easy-to-succeed varieties at a low price!

Planted together in suspension, balcony planters and even flower beds and borders, they bloom generously from May to frost in warm tones. They also harmonize with many other summer flowers in easy-care, long-blooming and very spectacular compositions ...

Our collection of 3 assorted Bidens consists of:

- 1 Bidens Lemon Moon covered with unique light yellow star flowers with a cream tip

- 1 Bidens BEEDANCE ® Painted Red Sunbidevb 2 in the original orange-red color with a yellow center

- 1 Bidens Tiger Bee with many yellow star flowers spotted with reddish brown

Each plant is labeled and packaged separately.

They grow in a semi-drooping, spreading cushion and flower continuously from May until frost. They usually reach 30/40 cm high.

How to succeed the Bidens?

Delivered from April to the end of May at the best time to plant them, the Bidens succeed easily by full sun, in a good potting soil such as "geranium soil" or a house mix made up of one third of topsoil (or garden) and two thirds of good quality planting potting soil. They appreciate regular watering without excess, and can tolerate episodes of transient drought. A little fertilizer for geraniums or flowering plants promotes the continuity of flowering.

Not rustic, the bidens wither away with the onset of frost. However, in very mild climates, they can be perennial.

Where is the collection of 3 Bidens planted?

It's in pots, balconies or suspensions that the Bidens are the most spectacular! They are perfect in floral associations with drooping verbenas, CRACKLING FIRE ® begonias, Calibrachoas and MILLION BELLS ®, ivy or zonal geraniums, etc.

They also settle in full ground and decorate borders, flower beds, rockeries or low walls throughout the summer and fall.

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Golden rain ! Bidens is a plant with very fast growth, with very thin and very cut leaves, and very abundant yellow star flowers. They are resistant to bad weather.
Association ideas : an ideal plant with Geraniums, Scaevola, Verbena, etc.

Use: ground cover, tubs, suspensions. sunny exposure. Flowering: spring until frost.
Space 25 cm in a planter and 40 cm in the ground.

Adult height of Bidens: 40 cm.
Supplied in a 9cm diameter pot.

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