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And the dace is well done

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Fishing tales

Coming to fishing in the Vyborg Bay, my constant companion Vadim and I always stop at the caretaker of the sanatorium Fedotych. So we kill two "birds with one stone" at once: we have guaranteed housing and a boat.

On our next visit, when we were putting the gear into the boat, getting ready for the evening bite, a small punt moored next to us to the footbridge. A middle-aged man with a cage full of fish got out of it. Here, on the walkways, he began to sort the catch: he neatly packed the rather large roach and perch into his backpack, and poured out the rather crumpled dace and a few small roach on the grass.

“Whoever wants can take this small fry,” he suggested, looking from us to the fishermen from the sanatorium, who surprised them from the footbridge.

“But don’t you need this fish yourself,” one of the audience asked.

- Is it a fish? - the man grinned and, throwing the backpack on his back, added: - this is not a fish, but a pure misunderstanding ...

Nobody responded to his offer, and he, without looking back, went to the station. The fish remained lying on the shore. True, when we returned from fishing late in the evening, the fish were gone. According to Fedotych, the catch was taken by a local pensioner ... for a pig. “To catch Yeltsov is to feed the pigs,” Vadim jokingly summed up.

A few weeks later we met another fisherman, whose catch was also mainly dace. That morning, Vadim and I were fishing from the same footbridge in the sanatorium, when a motor boat crashed into the shore not far from us. After muffling the engine, the guy in the tracksuit tied the boat to the post, scooped up the water and, picking up the cage with fish, went ashore. Looking at the catch, Vadim and I looked at each other in surprise. And there was why!

In the cage were not just dace, but calibrated, as if matched to each other large fish. The questions naturally began: "What and how?" The guy turned out to be quite sociable and willingly shared his secrets. And that's what he told. He catches dace with fly fishing, a fishing rod without a sinker and a float, on natural large flies and horseflies. The length of the line is five to six meters.

Having chosen a place near the coastal bushes or trees, from which all living creatures fall into the water, he throws the bait so that it is carried away by the current until the line stretches out in a straight line. An insect swimming with the stream invariably attracts dace, which grab the bait. There are practically no gatherings. Moreover, large bait does not allow pecking small fish.

And yet, according to him, fishing with small grasshoppers (gray filly) is the most successful. This is the bait that the largest daces take.

- These fish keep mainly in deep sections of the river, in thickets of vegetation, - our interlocutor finished.

- And do without bait? - I could not resist.

- The bait, of course, is good, but large daces keep one by one, and therefore there is no point in feeding everyone.

On that we parted. It would seem that two fishermen were catching the same fish - dace, but what a striking result! An abandoned change from one and a large one from another. The question naturally arises: why? Because one knew where and what to fish for, the other did not.

“It turns out that a dace can be a good fellow,” Vadim repeated thoughtfully, looking after the retreating successful fisherman.

True, I must admit: Vadim and I never had a chance to catch large dace, that is, these very good fellows ...

Alexander Nosov

Summary of the lesson in the senior group "Autumn is a generous time"

akhlestina tatiana
Synopsis of the lesson in the senior group "Autumn is a generous time"

Clarify the idea of ​​vegetables and fruits. To consolidate the concept of a garden and a vegetable garden to form an idea of ​​some ways of eating vegetables and fruits. To acquaint children with an unconventional way of drawing. (by nitrography).

To develop color perception, the ability to select appropriate color combinations for your composition.

Learn to use glue carefully.

To cultivate the ability to listen to the interlocutor.

Material: illustrations to the topic "Garden", pictures of fruits and vegetables, glue, brushes, rags, woolen threads (for the image of vegetables and fruits, patterns of vegetables, fruits, simple pencils.

Vocabulary work: canning, fruits, vegetables, garden, vegetable garden.

Preliminary work: viewing illustrations garden, vegetable garden,conversations on the topic: "Vegetables", "Fruits" a training technique for laying out a drawing with colored threads on paper.

- Guys, what time of year is it? (Fall)... Right. What are the signs autumn you know (birds fly away to warm lands, leaves are crumbling, the sun is not so hot, cold, cold rains, fogs.) Well done!

Walks autumn in our park,

Donates autumn gifts for everyone:

What autumn gives us?

Guys, what do you think autumn gives us (vegetables fruits)... Of course autumn gives us vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms. What kind of fruit do you know? (apple, pear, orange, lemon, banana, plum, apricot)... Well done. And where does the fruit grow (On the trees)... Where do vegetables grow? (in the beds, in the ground)... Now I will check how well you know vegetables and fruits. Let's play a game "What grows where?"... (children attach fruits to trees, vegetables to the garden. They check the correctness of the task). Well done. Guys, what do your mothers and grandmothers do when they harvest (make jam, compote, salads, pickle cucumbers, tomatoes)... Yes, many make preparations for the winter, canning vegetables and fruits... (individual and choral pronunciation «canned») Want and you will today canning fruits and vegetables (Yes)... What do we need for this? (cans, fruits, vegetables)... On the tables are templates for jars, fruits, vegetables and strings. I suggest that you take each one according to the jar template, and the fruit or vegetable that you want preserve and accordingly, the color of the thread, which is the fruit or vegetable.

We sit down at the tables. We will be with you preserve unusual vegetables and fruits, we will have them made of strings. Need to circle on "Jar" by pattern what you will preserve... Spread glue around the pattern you circled and fill the entire space with threads. Children get to work.

Well done guys, you did a good job today. How many blanks we have made today. Lena, what are you today canned (cucumbers)... Masha, what did you make compote from? (from Apples)... You've got an apple compote. Well done. Guys, you liked making preparations for the winter. (Yes)... Was it easy or difficult? Whose job do you like the most? Why (the work is neat, there is a lot of fruit in the jar. (answers 3-4 children) Well done guys, you are all today tried.

Scenario of the holiday "Autumn Generous Time" in the younger group "Autumn Fairy Tale" Scenario of the holiday in the younger group To the music, children flock into the hall, examine its decoration, go to their own.

Photo report about the holiday "Autumn is a generous time" Again autumn, again birds In a hurry to fly to a warm land. And again an autumn holiday, Comes to us in kindergarten. Congratulations to everyone today.

Abstract of cognitive activity "Autumn is a generous time!" Purpose: to generalize the ideas of children about autumn as a season of the year, to consolidate the ideas of children about the connection between living and inanimate nature in the autumn period.

Summary of excursions in the senior group "Autumn is a beautiful time" Purpose: to show children the multicolor nature of the surrounding world, the beauty of autumn nature. Tasks: Educational: - to consolidate the knowledge of children about seasonal.

Master class "Generous autumn" Good evening, Colleagues, for your attention I would like to present a master class of autumn crafts. We all know that autumn is the most generous time. In it.

Summary of GCD in the middle group "Autumn is a glorious time" GCD in the middle group "Autumn is a glorious time" Purpose: the development of speech and cognitive activity in children about autumn through the expressive.

Autumn festival "Generous autumn has come" in the middle group Generous autumn has come "- this was the name of our autumn holiday, in which the children of the middle group took part. It's memorable for the guys.

The project "Autumn is a glorious time, it's time to go to the forest to pick mushrooms" in the middle group of general developmental orientation MDOBU "Sertolovsky DSKV No. 2" Vsevolozhsky district, Leningrad region Project: "Autumn is a glorious time, it's time to go to the forest to pick mushrooms" (average.

Scenario of the holiday "Autumn is a generous time" Scenario of the holiday "Autumn is a generous time" The music hall is decorated with autumn leaves. The vases contain bouquets with the latest autumn flowers.

Thematic week "Autumn is a wonderful time" in the senior group of combined orientation Purpose: to create conditions for the development of children on the theme of autumn through various activities. Objectives: • To systematize children's knowledge of.

Favorite petunia flowers

I really love petunias, I dream of growing them with fluffy ball bushes. On the Internet, I found out that they need to be fed every day. And water it at least once a day. And each time not with plain water, but with fertilizer (green fertilizer, yeast, mineral). Flowers in pots are especially in need of feeding. Next year I will try capsules with fertilizer (they are buried in pots for the whole summer and nourish the roots) plus a hydrogel.

What do Ganichkina and Malysheva have in common (berries of the same field)

Many years ago the director of one plant told me a brilliant phrase about himself - a loved one: “I can work everywhere. At least command an army, at least build a bakery. " And he just learned ... to lead.

I understand that the opinion of the common people on such specialists (masters of a wide profile :) has long been accepted to express two sayings. Although these fixed expressions contradict each other, but only at first glance.

On the one hand, if someone can OK to do several things at once they say: "A talented person is talented in everything." (Well, if it's real done OK, why not?).

But on the other hand, about those who do a lot of things badly, they say with mockery: "And the schner, and the reaper, and the player on the pipe ...".

I am now thinking just like in kindergarten. I ask a strange question: "What is good and what is bad?" And I painfully search for answers to it, but I do not find it. Don't believe me? Want a simple example with Elena Malysheva?

Once Elena Vasilievna proudly said that she had taught her sons the most important thing in this life. She taught me how to work. (Well done:). This is good?

But for some reason I only remember the program in which she talked about men's problems. And since the style and all the decorations there are designed for the visual perception of six-year-old children, the "two testicles" (sorry) were portrayed by her sons.

One son is older, the testicle, which is larger, the second is younger, the testicle, which is smaller. She says, showing her sons in costumes of "testicles": "You see, it's always like this ... One more, the second less ...". What a deep thought and insight for the audience!

Guys, this is how you need to teach your sons to work :)) But that's me, just by the way. Because there are a great many such stories with dressing up.

But Ganichkin is closer to my garden theme. To be honest, here I basically have no words (or only obscene ones). When in my presence someone quotes her books or theses from TV shows, then the methods of the Inquisition become clear to me: he wants to burn all her creations at the stake :))

But I wanted to devote the article not to the creativity or worldview of these authoritative (in some circles) presenters. And how much they are ... (unexpectedly) similar.

Here are the three main similarities between these characters.

Firstly: Both are always, as they say, "on the positive." Satisfied, smiling ... with a slight touch of falsehood.

Secondly: Both of them are often criticized. My traumatologist, therapist, district pediatrician (and others) advise never to listen to Malyshev. And my personal experience of many years of truck farming and gardening (as well as friends, neighbors, acquaintances) does not recognize Ganichkina.

Thirdly: They got out and it is impossible to "push" them back (sorry). Because either 1). all ratings are purchased, or 2). people have spat on everything for a long time, or 3). people do not ask.

In conclusion, I will say that they are just one field of "berries". But on this field there are more ... "berries". And I will add that this is only my personal opinion, I do not impose it on anyone.

Summer blouses for women with knitting needles for the summer of 2021: schemes and description

Hello dear needlewomen! I met in the news feed such beautiful, interesting and unusual models of summer women's blouses with knitting needles! I wanted to share with you. So let's start knitting to catch up with the new 2021 season.

I liked that they are of different styles, quite fashionable and suitable for both obese women and other body sizes, it will only be necessary to adjust the calculations for yourself.

It is recommended to use cotton or linen - highly breathable threads, not synthetics, and knitting needles appropriate to their thickness.

I think that you will also be interested in the models of summer knitted tops.

Where to get and where to put ash?

This is where firewood is heated, ash is abundant. For the overwhelming number of summer residents, obtaining it has already become (taking into account changes in the legislation regarding the burning of something on the site) a problem. All hope is for the grill, although now everything is not so simple with it. That is, those who have wood-burning stoves become the owners of a very valuable resource. But they, more often than not, do not care about him.

Therefore, it is definitely useful to make friends with the local local population who have a wood-burning stove. Or actively use the grill, barbecue, as well as regularly steam in the bath, whoever has it.

Well, here, for example, we ate kebabs, steamed in the bath, in the morning we got half a bucket of already cooled ash. The first step is to make an ash solution in the ratio: a glass of ash to 10 liters of water. It is a universal balanced top dressing for almost all plants, except for those who like acidic soils.

First, it is advisable to feed those plants that have tied up and pour the fruits - with potassium dressings, all the fruits are tastier. Strain and spray the plants over the leaves. Not only is this a good foliar feeding, but also the prevention of fungal diseases.

Pour the remaining thick between the bushes of garden strawberries to poison the existence of slugs and weevils. If, after spraying, the ash still remains, it is not bad to make an ash solution again and pour it around the crown of the trees that have set fruit - it doesn't matter which one. They will all be grateful. But stone fruit - especially.

It will not be superfluous to look back at the weather forecast: if rain is expected, you can simply pour ash into the root zone of the plants, a glass per square meter.

If suddenly the steam room and kebabs stretched out for a week and the ash remained, you need to collect it and store it in a metal container, closed with a lid, somewhere under a canopy or indoors: potassium is quickly washed out of the ash with water, and ash dust (if suddenly blown away by the wind) is very harmful to the respiratory tract.

In the absence of a stove for ash production, it is useful to actively use the brazier, barbecue, and also regularly steam in the bath, who has it

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