Description and characteristics of a tomato variety explosion

Description and characteristics of a tomato variety explosion

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Burst Tomatoes are incredibly appealing to all gardening enthusiasts. This is a promising new variety of tomatoes bred by the Russian breeder V.I. Kozak. In fact, the "Explosion" variety is a hybrid of "white filling" tomatoes and other varieties. It is very unpretentious because it is recommended for areas with unstable farming. This variety is recognized by gardeners as best hybrid variety of 2016.

Characteristics of the tomato variety Explosion

He differs, first of all, in his early maturity: he needs from 90 to 110 daysto make the tomatoes appear. In addition, this variety justifies all the efforts in the garden.

The tomatoes themselves are delicious, fleshy and dense. Tomatoes are very suitable for salads, tomato paste and pickling. The dry matter content in them is moderate.

So, in more detail: "Explosion" is an early maturing variety that won the sympathy of gardeners for the following characteristics:

  • Stable surviving in all weather conditions;
  • Not susceptible to disease due to climatic features;
  • Very easy to clean;
  • High yield: from one plant about 3-4 kg;
  • Resistant to diseases affecting all types of nightshade.

Fundamentally, the main feature is the simultaneous ripening of fruits on one branch.


Tomatoes "explosion" according to the description, slightly ribbed, rounded ripen by weight up to 120 g, and for experienced gardeners, the lower fruits can reach and 250-300 gr.

These tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins such as: A, C, K, as well as a high content of lycopene. Taste properties on top, popular and easy to cook.

Tomatoes are very fleshy, there are not so many seed chambers in them, somewhere around 5-6. However, being a hybrid plant does not provide seeds to grow, new seeds must always be purchased.

The plant itself is small in stature approximately 45-60 cm... The leaves are not wide, and not thick, light green in color.

Variety reviews

Anna: “Among the bushes in the rows, due to the weather changes, covered under the film, the Explosion looks the most cheerful of all - even last week, barely visible fruit ovaries were hanging. But at this time, tomatoes already weighing presumably 100 grams, only so far green ... However tomatoes are gaining weight quickly - really explosive speed! "

Aleftina: “From the video I first heard about the wonderful“ Explosion ”hybrid. It has been the third year now that I have been planting these tomatoes on open soil. After 5-6 days, the first loops appear. I do not pamper the plant with fertilizing, there is simply no need. Grow very well... The harvest exceeded all expectations: the taste is excellent, for pickles and salads, I highly recommend it. "

Yana: “A variety of tomatoes - five! Planted for two seasons, and every year the harvest deserves respect. It should be admitted that this summer is not very warm. Collected tomatoes until late autumn, the taste of tomatoes is relatively juicy and not bad, it is possible to collect and green, they ripen at the same time, and are stored for a month and a half. "

Taisiya: “I planted it with seeds, under the film. They grew together, yet the first ovary at the Explosion occurred much earlier than other varieties... With night frosts in June, the bushes were covered with plastic wrap. Harvest, there are simply no words, but the trunks of the plant propped up with planks, otherwise they would have been lying on the ground. "

Planting methods

A statement that it is intended only for planting in open soil, corresponds to reality. Only a few experienced gardeners, he bears fruit in greenhouses without problems.

This can be explained by the fact that tomatoes love direct sunlight.

Therefore, a careful selection of a place for a garden of these tomatoes is the main condition for productivity. But this is not a fundamental feature, the nightshades, for the most part, love the sun.

Sowing and growing

"Explosion" is possible to land and seedlings and directly into the beds (only in the southern regions).

Having bought seeds, before planting in a seedling place, it is important Hold for 6 hours in melt water and in aloe juice... Then, after a little dry, sow in warm, slightly sour and saturated, moist soil. This method, in fact, will help to harvest an excellent harvest.

When and where to plant

The soaked seeds can be planted in cups, so that later, when the seedlings grow, without removing them, it can be transplanted into open ground.

You need to plant in the second half of March, or in April... The care includes: access to sunlight with rational watering. When 3 - 4 formed leaves appear, it is recommended to remove the first lateral leaves.

Care requirements

Seedling bushes, at the time of planting must be aged 50-60 days... When transplanting, it is best to take into account the distance between the bushes, it is great if it is: 40cm X 60cm.

"Explosion" is very sprawling and undersized. As for watering, the plant needs one bucket per week... And when tomatoes appear, 2 buckets per week.

Tomatoes "Explosion" in terms of fertilizers are usually simple. It is only worth feeding the bush with compost 2-3 times per season. Tomato bushes are resistant to late blight and root rot disease. Easily tolerates windy weather and sudden temperature fluctuations. As for pests: Explosion also has its own immunity to them.

Do these tomatoes go on

In order to obtain fruits of considerable weight and size, it is important to carry out pinching of the plant.

However, when pruning leaves and blank stems, removing stepchildren's leaves is required, since they take nutrients from the tomatoes.

You need to do it right: do not cut off young shoots, since fruit ovaries are still able to form. In addition, if already ripe tomatoes are removed in time, you can significantly increase the yield. Only by the time the harvested tomatoes contribute to the further growth and ripening of young tomatoes.

Globally, burst tomatoes are beautiful and highly recommended for early harvest... We can safely say that V.I. Kozak, inventing this variety, very carefully took into account all the possible nuances of truck farming. Efforts are justified. The variety is excellent in both fertility and ease of care.

Tomato "explosion": variety description, characteristics, reviews

The choice of tomato varieties for growing in personal plots is huge. Some prefer varietal plants, for some there is nothing better than a hybrid. At the same time, everyone is trying to choose fruitful, unpretentious plants with tasty fruits. Tomato "explosion" fully meets these characteristics. The variety, magnificent in its characteristics, fell in love with many gardeners. Bushes that do not require special care, delight with a good harvest and excellent taste of the fruit.

Why beef tomatoes are good

These tomatoes have many virtues. Among them:

  • great taste
  • high content of vitamins and nutrients
  • a wide variety of varieties and hybrids
  • high yield
  • large fruits, there are record holders up to 2 kg in weight
  • suitability for many culinary delights
  • good resistance to the main diseases of tomatoes.

In order not to get lost in a wide variety of varieties and hybrids, we will help with the choice and recommend one of the best tomatoes of this group - Beefsteak, give it a full description and characteristics. The reviews of most gardeners about the Beefsteak tomato are positive, and the photo below gives a complete picture of its fruits.


Characteristics of diseases. Tomato variety Explosion practically not susceptible to disease, thanks to high-quality selection, however, it can suffer from harmful insects. For the prevention of insect pests, timely treatment of tomato bushes with insecticidal agents, which can be purchased in shops for gardeners, will help protect.

With proper care, you can get a bountiful and tasty harvest from tomatoes of the Explosion variety, regardless of climatic conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Those who planted the Babushkin secret variety highlight not only its advantages, but also disadvantages.

Also, the Granny's secret tomato, according to some gardeners, has a dry pulp. According to their assurances, the tomato lacks juiciness. Others write this feature of the variety into advantages. Therefore, the dense, non-watery structure of the pulp can be attributed to both the advantages and disadvantages of this tomato.

Watch the video: How to avoid Exploding Tomatoes!


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