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What's this

The pergola is able to create a covered space in the garden where you can have lunch even during the sunniest days. There are two versions: attached and independent. The leaning version must be leaning against a support structure, in this case it is the wall of the house, while the freestanding version can be inserted in any space of the garden. The pergola has a rectangular shape and is also able to adapt to the customer's needs. The independent pergola can be compared in function to a gazebo, even if the shape is different, it is obviously a matter of tastes regarding one structure rather than another.


The pergola is a space sheltered from the sun that is used during the summer, can be used as a dining area or as a relaxation area, and be furnished accordingly. According to the type of material used, it requires different maintenance, the classic pergola is made of wood treated with specific substances to make it more resistant. The wooden pergola gives the garden a rather classic and timeless look, it is sold unassembled also because it is quite simple to assemble it. Ground fixing is essential because it makes the entire structure stable and also allows it to withstand the elements. The instructions indicate how to fix it and after each winter it is advisable to make sure that the pergola is always stable. The area below can also be paved, especially if this area is used for dining. The pergola cover can also be made with waterproof fabrics or with sheets that can be opened and closed if necessary. The pergola with the canopy, perhaps made of wood, offers an example of how this structure can also integrate with a more contemporary style. The pergola is able to cover any space indicated by the customer, many companies, beyond the standard measures, also offer the possibility of customizing it. The attached pergola is located at the back of the house. The convenience of this type of structure is that it does not occupy a space in the garden and can also be an excellent solution for having the kitchen close at hand. If the house needs to be designed and the outdoor space is to be allocated to a swimming pool, the leaning pergola is the best solution on which to orient yourself.

How to make it

The pergola can also be built personally because the structure is rather simple. Fundamental are the measurements and choice of material, and all the accessories for fixing to the ground. Following a classic model as a reference, the shape is rectangular and the cover can easily be made with a sheet. Often, instead of the cloth there is an awning, two very interesting solutions. Both the tarp and the tent can be purchased from a specialized shop, and replaced when they appear to be worn. The construction of the attached pergola requires the same skill, the main difference is in the construction of the support structure, in this case a part must rest on the wall of the house. All construction operations must be carried out in total safety, which is why it is recommended to get to work only if actually capable.

Where to buy

The pergola is sold at outdoor furniture stores, in this case the choice is quite wide and the pergola can also be customized by choosing a particular fabric as a cover. Do-it-yourself shops obviously sell the disassembled pergola and in some centers it is also possible to buy the material to make it. Anyone wishing a pergola with an unusual and rather personalized style will have to move towards an entirely handmade product and if they want an iron structure, they will have to go to a blacksmith. The Internet is a large showcase for these products, the customer can comfortably view the different models and choose the most appropriate solution for their garden. Many sites, in addition to exhibiting the models made by the company, also sell, so that the customer purchases directly online. Of course, the pergola is delivered directly to your home but it is disassembled, so the customer will have to provide for the assembly. The site contains all the instructions for making the purchase and how to behave in the event that the pergola has defects or does not match the desired model. Before making the purchase, it is important to know how to behave in certain cases.


The cost of the pergola is certainly lower if you buy it at a DIY center than if you order it directly from a craftsman. The market is able to offer a vastness of products that can satisfy different needs both in terms of price and size. Furthermore, it is a constantly evolving sector that is always able to reserve pleasant surprises for those who love to buy the latest trend model which obviously will certainly cost more than a traditional pergola.

Pergolas and garden sheds: Pergolas

Do you think that the time has finally come to dedicate yourself to the choice of pergolas, as regards the process of furnishing your garden? Then you will certainly find the information that we will try to provide you with in this new section very useful, considering that we are talking about a context that has suddenly become more complex than before.

What will our goal be? We will aim to make you always make decisions in full awareness, always making sure you maintain a certain stylistic coherence with regard to the way to furnish the green corner. In this sense, we will provide you with useful information on the characteristics of the various types of pergolas, leaving nothing to chance.

Aluminum pergolas

Production of bespoke aluminum pergolas, custom structures that can be perfectly integrated into any architectural context.

We have different types of coverings, in compliance with municipal constraints or simply in parallel with the shading needs of the living area you dreamed of.

All our structures are compatible with perimeter or glazed closures or drop curtains.

Product images are purely illustrative and may not match those in the assortment.


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Choose a Gibus pergola or awning for shelter your terrace from the sun and UV rays,
living the open space serenely.

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