Pergola lighting

Pergola lighting

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Application: arbor lighting

How does a pergola light up and how can you have light without keeping the door open from where the power line comes out?

Answer: arbor lighting

Dear user, thank you for writing in the questions and answers section of our website. A pergola is a very good and pleasant solution in a home, a simple construction that allows you to experience an outdoor space even in bad weather conditions, without having to move the furniture you have outside every time the weather changes. To better enjoy this area of ​​the house even at night, it is certainly necessary to make an electrical system, bringing the current outside with cables. The lamps to be placed in the pergola must be chosen with taste, trying to respect the style of our building, choosing something that fits perfectly with it. To choose the model, you can go to any hobby, DIY or lamp shop. As for the system, however, it can pass the wire by creating a hole in the wall or somewhere else depending on the solutions that arise in its specific case. However, an excellent idea is to call an electrician for these things, so that the installation is done in accordance with the rules of the art.

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