Tunisia - Story of my trip to Tunisia

Tunisia - Story of my trip to Tunisia

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The land where culture intersects with oases

tests by Antonietta Peroni
photo by Giovanni Camici

April 26, 2014

: departure from Rome at 16:30, arrival inTunis 4.45 pm, baggage claim, money exchange, bus transfer to the city center, until you reach the very comfortable Hotel della Paix. Dinner at the restaurant below, with couscous with vegetables, olives, all accompanied by bread sprinkled with harissa, ending with an evening stroll along Avenue Habib Bourguiba, tasting various sweets and sipping a mint tea.

April 27, 2014

: transfer by bus from Tunis to Kairouan, the fourth holy city for Islam after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, there are three hundred mosques and it is enclosed within the walls. The landscape you cross is very similar to ours, along the road you can see olive groves, vineyards, plantations of prickly pears. After about two hours of travel we arrived at our destination, at the station we were attracted by the makroud (pastries with dates), we were willing to buy some, but the seller wanted to give them to us.

Kairouan - Typical sweets shop

Kairouan - City walls

Kairouan - City walls

Kairouan - City walls

On foot we headed to the city center and here we stayed at the Sabra Hotel, left our luggage, went to visit the Great Mosque, the most notable monument in Kairouan.

Kairouan - The great mosque

Its minaret is similar to an ancient lighthouse and the courtyard majestically surrounded by arches, tall carved wooden doors, which open onto the prayer room, which unfortunately we could not visit as it is accessible only to the Muslim faithful, but from the threshold we could observe and photograph the interior.

Kairouan - The great mosque

Kairouan - The great mosque

You will find other photographs of my journey on the pages:

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