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Sorrel (lat. Rumex) is a genus of herbaceous and semi-shrub annuals and perennials of the Buckwheat family. The Russian name of the genus comes from the Proto-Slavic language and has a common root with the word "cabbage soup". Otherwise, this plant in its homeland is called sour, sour, sour, sour, sour, sour. Representatives of this genus are found on all continents where there is vegetation, but the main area of ​​sorrel covers the temperate latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere: forest edges and ravine slopes, meadows, lake shores, swamps and rivers.

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Your garden and vegetable garden are under a constant, growing threat of ruin. And you don't pay any attention to it? Your enemies - pests must be destroyed. Pests in our gardens are a very serious problem that spoils our life during the harvest season, takes away the joy for our seasonal work.

Therefore, it is very important for a person who grows vegetables and fruits on their own land to know how to deal with parasites. The main habitat of all enemies of gardens and vegetable gardens is, of course, the soil. And therefore, it is in the soil that the overwhelming majority of pests winter. Although there are insects that spend the winter on the trunks of trees and shrubs, in various buildings. It is in the buildings that the larvae of all sawflies, beetles, pupae, ticks and weevils prefer to winter.

In the soil of the garden and garden at a depth of twenty or thirty centimeters, the Colorado potato beetle winters. Under it, at an even greater depth, an ordinary bear prepares itself for wintering. Flea beetles gather at a very shallow depth in the soil or under uncleared, fallen leaves. There comes a period in your garden between the harvested crop and the onset of a real winter, when the first snow falls and the first frosts bind the ground. This is the most favorable time to fight the enemies of your garden. It was at this time that most pests settle down for the winter, preparing their own moves and climbing into the soil to different depths.

And now is the time to apply some of the simplest and most effective methods of fighting and exterminating insects. The most effective method of combating parasites in the pre-winter time is digging the soil around the trunks of fruit trees, between the beds and on them. Such soil cultivation with a shovel allows you to extract most of the pests to the surface, where they simply freeze out or are destroyed by birds.

It is worth noting that if a large number of fruit trees grow on your land plot, then pests overwinter on their trunks and crowns. In the entire lower part of the tree, in cracks in the bark, in various crevices of wooden fences, caterpillars of the apple moth are arranged for the winter. On the trunks and thick branches between the wood and the bark of trees, the larvae of the bark beetle overwinter in prepared tunnels.

The golden-tailed caterpillars braid the fallen leaves with dense, silky cobwebs and make nests for themselves, folding a few leaves. At the base of the buds of fruit trees, aphid eggs and copperheads are located in the stage. These pests prefer young trees and shoots. Many insects hide in various structures: caterpillars of the apple moth, cabbage pupae, flea beetles.

Whitewashing of their habitats and caring for insectivorous birds helps in the fight against pests. Additional feeders should be arranged. Such activities will pay off during the harvest season.

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