Easy Garden Arbor Ideas – How To Make An Arbor For Your Garden

Easy Garden Arbor Ideas – How To Make An Arbor For Your Garden

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By: Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

An arbor is a tall structure for the garden that adds visualappeal and serves a purpose. Most often, these arbors are used as planttrellises, but they can also serve as interesting focal points. When it comes to the addition of a garden arbor, designsto create enjoyable greens spaces abound.

Creating Garden Arbor Designs

Garden arbor ideas are limitless, and can serve a multitudeof purposes within the home landscape. While some arbors may be purelydecorative, others can be used to create a welcoming seating area.

Regardless of its beauty and usefulness, many gardeners arehesitant to add these structures into their yards. For growers who are morebudget savvy, the cost to purchase and install garden arbors can be quiteexpensive. Luckily, for adventurous homeowners, the internet is filled withtutorials and instructional posts regarding how to build your own DIY arbor.

While more ornate garden arbors may be difficult toreplicate, less complex types can be created at a mere fraction of the cost.Familiarizing yourself with the process of building a garden arbor will help todecide whether this type of DIY project is right for you.

How to Build an Arbor

For those looking to make an easy garden arbor, the firststep will be to acquire design plans. When choosing to build a DIY arbor, itwill be important to obtain the design plans from a reliable source. This willensure that the finished structure will be sound and is safe for its intendeduse. Professional plans will also ensure that builders are using the correctlumber and hardware. These aspects will be important, as they will help to makesure that the arbor will last in the garden for many years to come.

In choosing to make an arbor, it will also be important tochoose a DIY project that is compatible with your own level of expertise. Whilemany plans to build an arbor call for the use of power tools, those withoutcompetence for their safe use should opt to complete a less complicatedproject. Since most garden arbor designs are quite tall and large, themagnitude of the project may prove difficult for many. Being familiar with yourown physical limitations will be imperative.

Those with construction skills and experience will likelyfind the process of building an arbor to be exceptionally easy. With a littleresearch and effort, many homeowners will be able to create a beautiful gardenstructure for a fraction of the cost. This investment will not only save money,but will also add valuable appeal to home green spaces.

Garden Arbor Ideas

The following DIY arbor ideas can be tweaked to fit yourskill level, pocketbook and garden style:

  • Rustic arbor – You can construct a rustic looking twig arbor using random sticks that are laying around the yard. If you have any willow trees handy, even better, as their branches are more pliable and can be easily bent into an arch shape.
  • Wooden arbor – There’s always the old standby of the traditional wooden arbor, generally built using a couple wooden posts that are secured into the ground with a wooden beam across the top of the posts, connecting them together. These are your sturdier arbors.
  • Arbor from ladders – You can use ladders to create an interesting arbor for the landscape. Whether it’s just one ladder opened up for plants to climb on or two ladders (one on each side) joined together with lattice across the top, these can make easy (and cheap) arbors for smaller plantings.
  • Metal arbors – If you’re handy with metal then you might consider crafting an arbor using metal rods or other pieces of recyclable materials.
  • Arbor of pots – There are some deigns for arbors that use plant pots in their construction. While a bit more complex, this type of arbor is great for the adventurous gardener.

There are many options for making your own arbor for thegarden. As long as you stick with those that fit your particular skill set andknow how, the ideas are limitless.

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20 Chic and Easy DIY Arbor Plans | DIY Arbor for Wedding

The garden, front yard or backyard spaces are always exposed to the sun, and we can walk here and there in our green areas as the blazing sun would burn our skin! We always need some shades in our green spaces where we can sit, can gossip with friends and can also enjoy the drinks and foods with family members and guests! While talking about the garden shelter or shades, the arbors and pergolas just come first to our mind!

The arbors are the shades that come with the vertical pillars that support the cross beams and durable open lattice for instant shade and shelters! There are different diverse styles of the arbors that you can install to your green spaces to create a perfect look of them! If you are willing to sit in your comfortable with amazing sun protection, then you can build the arbor benches to your garden! Next, you can also make a unique wedding arbor to your garden that will serve as the enticing gateway for your wedding area! Next, you can also install bigger arbors around your outdoor sitting areas to get sun-protection in style!

There are just several different benefits of the garden arbors like they just bring both, style and sun-protection to your green spaces! Are you looking forward to installing some custom arbors in your garden? Buying the supplies from the market and hiring the arbor installation profession can be a matter of more significant investments, so build your perfect garden arbors at home and also install them by yourself, this will save tons of your money, and you would just be your boss! No matter if you do not have any skills, we have done it all for you, just check out these DIY arbor plans and arbor for wedding projects that will make you learn all from building the arbors to their professional installation! This collection will also amaze you by providing the list of materials and free wood sources that can easily reach and grab to build some perfect arbors in your garden over the walkways, passageways and also over the sitting areas!

A freestanding garden arbor will look great on any pathway or entryway.

The arbor is built using 4×4’s and 2×4’s.

This simple to build garden arbor has a simple design making it easy to build in just one day. Great design to use as an entry arbor or for a pathway.

This arbor features a triangular top. This arbor is designed to allow robust plants to climb. This project will take about one day to build. This project is built using 4×4’s, 2×4’s, and 1×3’s.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens | Fix Link

The design for this arbor may look difficult, but the easy to follow instructions will make it possible for anyone to build. This project can be completed in just one weekend. This arbor has a solid support to mount the store bought swing.

This arbor will make a romantic entryway once the flowers are established. The main support is built with 4×4’s, the arch is cut out of 2×8’s.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens | Fix Link

Here is an affordable yet elegant entry arbor. Built with 2×4’s, 1×4’s, 2×2’s, deck spindles, and lath.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens | Fix Link

This arch arbor uses 4×4’s for the post, 2×6 for the arch, and 1×6 stock ripped. This arbor makes a great gateway for any change of space in your landscape.

This arbor features benches on both ends and a rafted canopy on top. The easy to follow instructions are in video format making it easy to follow along.

This freestanding arbor measures 60-inch-wide, 30-inch-deep, 86-inch-high. This arbor is designed for comfort and built to last. Free arbor plans.

31 Backyard Arbor Designs and Ideas

This guide will show you 31 backyard arbor designs and ideas sure to get you thinking about adding an arbor to your garden after the winter!

Welcome to our gallery highlighting the beauty and versatility of arbors in backyard gardens.

Often confused with pergolas, trellises, and even gazebos, arbors are closely related, incorporating elements of several other structures.

By definition, an arbor incorporates a trellis into its structure to create a tunnel-like passageway into another area of the yard or garden. They can be freestanding or connected to another structure, like a fence.

Arbors tend to have lattice work throughout, creating an effective climbing wall for climbing flower and vines. Arbors are typically arched, but they may also resemble pergolas, as the above arbor does.

So why add an arbor to your garden or backyard? While they may seem a little pointless, with the right vision and proper placement, arbors can be used to direct traffic throughout any landscaping. With the proper climbing vines and flowers, they can be a spectacular and fragrant structure.

While we tend to think of arbors as backyard structures, they can also make an excellent impression in the front yard, when combined with a security gate.

Materials and Cost

Arbors can be made from anything from pine to redwood, stone or stucco, or even metal anything that may reflect your home’s unique architecture and style.

The most affordable of these materials is a prefabricated metal kit or a simple white vinyl, which are low maintenance and long-lasting. Cedar wood isn’t a bad choice either, but it will require more care than vinyl or metal.

So how much can you expect to pay? Well, arbors can vary widely depending on whether they’re prefabricated or custom, what material you choose, the size, and the design.

Custom wooden arbors should be built by a licensed contractor, and will be on the costly side. Expect to pay $2,000 – $4,000 for a basic wood model, $5,000 – $10,000 for a mid-range wood model, and as high as $15,000 for a high-end wooden arbor. (Source: Landscaping Network)

Prefabricated arbors are much less expensive, but you have fewer options. Of course, if you can find the right one with the design you want, this is an amazing budget-buster. Like with custom, material and size will effect the cost of the arbor.

Expect to pay between $600 – $800 for a large vinyl kit for an entryway arbor, while a cedar arbor kit of the same size will cost more like $300 – $600. An iron prefabricated fence is the most expensive, coming in at $600-$1,000. (Source: Landscaping Network)

Backyard models seem to be a tad more narrow than entryway arbors, although they can certainly be mixed and matched depending on your needs. For vinyl, expect to pay $200 – $350 $150 – $400 for a cedar wood kit, and $90 – $500 for an iron kit. (Source: Landscaping Network)

If you’d prefer an arbor with a double gate, a metal model will run you $150 – $550.

For budget-conscious buyers, prefabricated kits are definitely the way to go, but if you’re looking for a more luxurious look, custom is still an option.

If you’re still not sure an arbor is for you, check out our definitive backyard guide to find different options.

We hope this gallery will help you define exactly the kind of arbor you want!

This classic white wooden arbor is tucked neatly into a lush garden, providing a portal to another section of yard. Climbing vines with bold flowers are being trained to cover the structure.

This is a gate arbor in a distinctly Asian style that provides entry into a Japanese Zen garden. An arched “roof” is shaded by lush trees.

This beautiful vine-covered home has two cedar arbors leading into the pool area. The wooden arbors have thick vines trained to grow over them. Right now, we can see the skeletal branches of the plants that aren’t in bloom yet. Source: Zillow Digs™

A thick white wooden arbor with a single gate attached to a modern style decorative fence. The sunburst design on the gate is gorgeous.

The incredibly ornate arbor has standard lattice sides, but the top has a decidedly more ornate, yet quaint, cottage feel.

A simple aged trellis with a flat pergola top is equipped with benches, which is an option for custom builds. If you prefer an aged look like this one, you shouldn’t power wash your structure too often, so the wood gets a soft moss stain.

This vinyl arbor sits on a concrete base and acts as a portal under an enormous hedge. The design is fairly plain, since most of the arbor is hidden by the branches.

Arbors don’t necessarily have to be a thick portal either, as these show. Simple arbors can be made up of 2x4s, which more easily become part of the landscape. Placing multiple arbors helps create a tunnel-like effect on a garden pathway. Source: Zillow Digs™

This delicate arbor is partially covered in climbing vines and is connected to a small fence-like section on either side.

This incredible arbor is designed to become a unique green tunnel after the plants mature and grow over both sides. See more of this home here. Designed by Miller + Miller Real Estate.

A tropical garden with bold flowers and totally overgrown arched arbors creating a fantastic tunnel.

A wooden arbor with a curved top and attached to a tall privacy fence with lattice detailing. This acts as an entrance into the fenced-off garden.

A simple wooden pergola-topped gated arbor with fence sections on either side. This arbor is great for any backyard, particularly for homes that have an Asian flair. Learn more here.

An entryway arbor that rests over the top of a concrete pathway leading through the front yard and up to the small porch.

A simple cedar arbor with an attached screen on either side that are fully covered in vines. The shrubs are paired with simple containers filled with flowers.

This freestanding arbor is wide and contains both a regular bench and a swinging bench. This is more of a solid structure, sort of a mix between a traditional arbor and a gazebo. Learn more here.

This simple wooden arbor rests at the entrance to a backyard patio to one side of a shed. The patio is squared off by a simple picket fence.

This is a unique patched together ensemble of a picket fence, a wooden gate, and an iron arbor trailed with climbing roses.

This is a more modern example of an arbor, with a non-traditional lattice pattern. Wooden steps lead up to the arbor before transitioning into soft, thick grass. Learn more here.

An ultra-wide arbor with a simple lattice pattern in wire. The climbing vines are necessary to really flesh out this design.

This wide arbor has a pergola top that is nearly invisible under the thick Wisteria along the top. A picket fence surrounds a small lookout and picnic area that has a gorgeous view.

A more unique metal arbor with decorative ends at the top. The lattice is small and separated, which might not be best for trailing vines or flowers. Learn more here.

A simple metal arbor blends neatly into the thick foliage along this brick walkway.

This is an incredible custom built rustic arbor with sunburst details made out of branches. The construction is so unique, no flowers are needed to beautify.

This simple arbor has small cedar flower boxes at the base of each side. The classic lattice is perfect for nearly any style of home. Learn more here.

This thicker, sturdier version is custom made to support any number of plants and withstand the burdens of time and weather.

This is a non-traditional arbor created as a simple arch in a hedge, with only a gate as the structure.

This row of metal arbors are trailed with beautiful roses alternating between magenta and a soft ivory.

This incredibly simple prefabricated metal arbor is pointed at the top, much like a lamp. The design is easy to implement. Learn more here.

An arbor marks the entrance to the deck from the backyard, and the whole of the deck is swathed in lovely, fragrant flowering vines.

A unique arbor in a circular design with a foliage motif as the lattice. These would look fantastic as the beginning of a green tunnel. Learn more here.


Free arbor woodworking plans - arbor garden plans, grapes arbor plans, lattice arbor building plans and other easy arbor plans to build. As well as other related building information.

Beautifully detailed drawing of a garden arbor gate. Will dress up any landscape. DXF Format

At the Lowes site you will find free woodworking plans to build an outdoor arbor. Hang your favourite swing from this structure and you are ready for a relaxing afternoon.

Building a swing arbor is a fun weekend project that can really spruce up the landscape without requiring a lot of out-of-pocket expense. Plus, the project is fairly easy to build, requiring only basic carpentry skills, and can provide years of outdoor enjoyment.

This freestanding swing is a perfect perch for enjoying the garden. The wooden part of the structure is not difficult to build if you have intermediate woodworking skills and basic tools.

Build this obelisk arbor using these step-by-step instructions and free downloadable plans.

This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for an arched arbor with lattice on the sides. You will need the SketchUp software to download this drawing and its freely available online. We do not provide support for this software. Most drawings do not have instructions, its assumed you can build it based on the completed drawing provided.

Build a peaked roof arbor using these free woodworking plans.

Once you set the posts for this triangular arbor, the rest of the build will go rather quickly. Here are the instructions.

These step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to create a Spanish-style arbor topped with distinctive tiles that lend a bit of sophistication to a patio.

Build this house shaped arbor for a walkway or path in your yard. Here are the free plans to build it.

Watch the video: How to build a TrellisGarden entrance arborstep by stepTips part 2


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