Adventitious: definition and meaning

Adventitious: definition and meaning

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An adventitious organ is defined as any organ that develops in an anomalous point, for example the roots born on the stems (adventitious roots); the buds that form at the axil of the leaves but in other places of the plant (adventitious buds) etc.

The term adventitious is also used to indicate plants introduced from other regions, spreading into the new environment and behaving as indigenous and entering into competition with native plants.

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1. that comes from outside, from another place: people, adventitious population | adventitious ideas, (filos.) in Descartes, those that originate from the senses, as opposed to innate ideas and facts | adventitious tunic, (anat.) the outer tunic of the vessel wall | adventitious roots, (bot.) those that originate from the caule

2. (extens.) unstable, temporary, occasional: employee, personal adventitious I earn adventitious s.m. [f. -a] who has been hired on an extraordinary and temporary basis, spec. in precarious public employment.

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