Flower beds made of wheel tires

Flower beds made of wheel tires

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If you have your own summer cottage, then you are a happy person. You have a great opportunity to create, craft and do something with your own hands. Like any summer resident, you probably dream of your territory being skillfully decorated and pleasing with its aesthetic appearance. We invite you to consider how to make flower beds and flower beds from scrap materials... Photos on our website will help you find the design options that best suit your taste preferences.

Flower beds from scrap materials, photo

Novelties of handicrafts for the garden from improvised means with a description

The first thing that comes to mind is to take all sorts of unnecessary things and build something extraordinary. Among the garbage and rubbish, you can find and find ordinary bottles that remain constantly. And litter our streets

And of course, it is better to devote a separate article to this topic, and in this one I will show only a few examples.

Easily and simply, you can lay out with them or fence off a piece of land. Take the bottles and spout them into the ground. And the bottom can be painted with acrylic paints. To make it more fun, use only different colors.

You can make such a funny bird out of old sneakers, or anyone, whatever your imagination. You will also need metal sticks.

The most unexpected option for me was the layout of the path around the house. Imagine the owner made it not from cement, but from cork.

The works made of stones look great too.

And another creator of thoughts generally managed to arrange ordinary beds. And that is convenient and moisture does not run away in all directions.

For beginners, I suggest watching a video from YouTube and conquering everyone with such a tree as a plastic palm tree.

And here they generally used drain fittings.

You can make someone out of a metal bucket, for example, a lumberjack, by the way, mayonnaise can also be adapted.

Or take barrels. The result is beauty.

From birch logs or some other forest, maybe even coniferous trees, you can build funny men or guards. All sorts of animals and brownies are also popular.

Works from logs look original. Such a cute caterpillar and a fungus.

Or such cool ideas for products made from ordinary plywood.

Wow, they thought up and laid out a well and the hemp turned out to be the chairs. Ha, even galoshes were used.

And here it looks like who is on what. An old machine and even a washing machine were used. And how cool the kettle looks. Plus, the two-wheeled bike was able to adapt and, as you can see, the toilet.

Old ceramic or clay pots are suitable to somehow decorate your summer cottage or garden.

Mushrooms can be made from pebbles and basins painted red.

And here, see what the owner came up with, made a ladybug out of a shovel.

This work, too, could not pass by. Such a mischievous and cheerful cockerel.

From wheel tires, I think they saw flower beds, but such vehicles?

Ah-ha, the children's boots have gone.

I also saw such options from computer disks, take a look at this handsome peacock.

Or it can be simpler, but it will also turn out to be original and stylish to hang on the fence.

Unusual tire crafts

Many bright and interesting things can be made from old car tires. If you have unnecessary tires lying around in your garage, do not rush to throw them away - think if you can give them a second life.

Perhaps you should try the option of garden furniture in the country? Or maybe you want a bright exotic detail in the form of an unusual flower garden made of tires?

The answer to all these questions can be original crafts from tires, which you can make with your own hands. Even if you consider it unacceptable for yourself to use old tires in the country, I think you will be surprised at the imagination of our summer residents.

Garden and country furniture made of tires

It's hard to believe, but even furniture is made of tires: ottomans, tables, armchairs. all this can be done from an old tire. The easiest way is to make ottomans: put several tires of the same diameter (or not) one on top of the other, fasten them from the inside with self-tapping screws. Fill the top with dense furniture foam rubber, sew and put on a cover. If you wish, you can attach the legs: at least screw the furniture wheels. It is easier to move on wheels and the floor does not stain, the second way is to fix the felt from below (on staples from the stapler).

Below are laid out step-by-step photos, which capture the main stages of creating a table or ottoman from a tire. You will need two more circles of plywood or fiberboard of a suitable diameter; hemp rope is used for finishing. From the materials at hand, you will need glue and a glue gun, as well as varnish and a brush for applying it. To connect the circles with the tire, you will need a screwdriver and self-tapping screws - 8-10 pieces on each side.

An ottoman or table from an old tire

Next, we take a glue gun and heat up the glue, apply it to the sidewall. If there is no such luxury in the household, take glue, which is in a larger tube, such as "liquid nails". It is easier for them to work with an assembly gun. Apply a strip to the sidewall, glue the hemp rope. So - to the very top.

We glue the sides with hemp rope

Using the same technology, we decorate the table cover (ottoman). You need to start laying from the middle: apply glue, lay the rope.

Finishing work - applying varnish. We do it slowly, soaking well. This is what you should get as a result. If you made a table, you can put glass on top - a rope, even varnished, is not the best covering for a table, although it is beautiful ...

Such an ottoman-table turned out to be both an old tire and a hemp rope

Variety can be achieved with the cover. It can be sewn from a dense material you like.

Can be knitted - large knitting looks interesting.

Knitted large knit cover - looks interesting

If you don't want to sew and knit, you can use old knitwear cut into strips. They are cut into long strips 3-5 cm thick, wound into balls and then wrapped around an ottoman. It turns out interesting, especially if several colors are combined.

Cut the old knitwear into stripes, roll it into balls, wrap the ottoman with the top. The result is in front of you The same technique in different colors

If you need a taller ottoman, twist the two tires together with self-tapping screws, and work with them in this form.

How to make a high ottoman This is the result of labor

See another option in the video

Watch the video: 40 Amazing Uses for Old Tires


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