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The shredder helps to keep the garden tidy because it allows you to always have everything perfectly clean. When the plants are pruned, when the dry leaves or the flowers fall, everything is collected and can be disposed of through a shredder. Only in this way can this heap that would have become garbage be used as fertilizer. This is an important process that helps reuse what should be thrown away. Especially those who have a rather large garden can benefit from the use of the shredder or buy it so that it can be used by the person who takes care of the garden cleaning. The models on the market today are quite silent and run electrically or on petrol. All plant-derived debris can be safely inserted into the shredder, the compound obtained must be distributed as a fertilizer and its action will be intensified by the rain. If the customer does not want to use the compound obtained as a fertilizer, he still has an important advantage in having used the shredder, because this allows to considerably reduce the volume of the material. In any case, despite having many positive characteristics, it must be emphasized that its size is quite considerable and therefore it is also necessary to have a covered internal space where the machine can be stored when it is not in use. It is obvious that there are also smaller versions on the market that still have a rather impressive structure. The cutting systems inside the shredder are different also based on the power of the same machine. The multifunctional machine is able to very quickly shred everything that is inserted inside. Being a machine equipped with blades in its own structure, it must be used only by adults who must have carefully read all the instructions before using it. Anything that should get stuck inside it can be removed thanks to an inversion device that allows you to remove the jammed material without any problem. Naturally, the shredder can also be equipped with safety devices.


Each model of shredder has specific characteristics. Some may be equipped with wheels while others may not, the choice may be the shredding capacity or the power of the motor. When you go inside the shop, in order to choose the shredder, you need to carefully read the descriptive sheet that shows all the characteristics of each model and then give the customer a clearer idea in reference to the certain characteristics present. Some models also allow chipping, a system capable of shredding wood. The operations take place naturally inside a closed container, so the user does not run any risk. In addition, the system is also equipped with wheels that allow easy transport of the same machine. Also based on the size of the garden it is possible to choose the most suitable model of shredder, because those who have a rather small garden need to shred a small amount of leaves compared to a rather large garden. Once the material has been shredded, the composting obtained must be kept. The degree of humidity must be adequate for the microorganisms to correctly give life to decomposition. To speed up the process, the decomposed material can be mixed with lime.

Shredder: Where to buy

The shredder can be purchased at stores that deal with garden care or do-it-yourself. It is quite a popular piece of equipment because it allows you to use everything that should be thrown away. In this way the garden is always perfectly clear of dry branches or whatever, in a quick and easy way the shredding process gets the composting. The purchase can also be made through the Internet, of course always contacting specialized sites and always checking the quality of the product before ordering it. Naturally in this case it will be necessary to be satisfied with a descriptive card and a series of photographs, while in the traditional shop the customer will have the opportunity to personally check the shredder to also realize its capacity. Furthermore, it is essential to choose the shredder that is best suited to the size of the garden, especially to support an adequate cost for your needs.

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