Can the bridal orchid withstand rain?

Can the bridal orchid withstand rain?

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Photo: Singkham

I have several year old bridal orchids Phalaenopsis, which I usually put out on the balcony, under cover in the summer. Now we have just moved to a villa, can I exhibit them in the garden? Have heard that Phalaenopsis in particular can not stand to stand in the rain.

Response: You are right that some books say that Phalaenopsis cannot be kept outdoors. They believe that water ends up in the leaf rosette which is destroyed by the moisture.

My own Phalaenopsis, however, is always out over the summer, with no roof over your head. In the fresh air and in the cooling summer rains, they feel so good. The leaves turn healthy green and new stems and flower buds begin to develop which give flower splendor when the orchid is taken in. Place the orchid firmly anchored so that it does not blow over. The pot must have drainage holes so that excess water can drain away. One must assume that the bridal orchid, just like its wild equals, which grow up in the treetops in the rainforest, does not say no to a refreshing rain from time to time.

TEXT: Eva Rönnblom

To plant the roof terrace - the most beautiful plants for the roof

Trees are usually very easy to care for and can often be cut as desired. They are also robust and can withstand both sun and rain and are often even hard. Here is a selection of the most beautiful trees for the roof terrace:

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SurnameBotanical namePlaceEvergreenHardyfurther
yewTaxus baccataSunny to shadyYesYesToxic!
BarberryBarberry vulgarisSunny to partial shadeNoYesToxic!
ThujaThujaSunny to partial shadeYesYes
European bookFagus sylvaticaPartial shadeNoYes

4. Peace call

Robust, flowering and an excellent air purifier - it's not for nothing that the peace skull is a popular indoor plant.

The green plant prefers filtered sunlight and over 15 degrees. During spring and autumn, you do not have to skimp on the water, but reduce the amount and opportunities during the winter. Weak nutrition is advantageously given once or twice a month from spring to autumn and it feels best if you replant it every year.

10 indoor plants for both sun and shade

Let shade-tolerant jungle plants feel at home in a north window and the desert flowers get direct sun in the south. We suggest which flower thrives where.

By Hus & Hem, Published 2015-01-29 15:41, updated 2016-04-20 16:27

Some jungle touches that can withstand the shadow of a north window.

Many of the plants we have in pots at home originate in the rainforest. Even though they feel warmer and wetter there, they actually feel at home on the Swedish windowsill when it comes to one thing - the lack of light. The rainforest consists of very tall trees and most plants live in deep shade of other greenery, such as the orchid. If you have a south window with scorching sun, you should of course think the opposite, especially if you can not or do not want to exhibit your potted plants during the summer. Desert flowers that are used to dry out completely and still come back, such as the desert rose, are a safe choice. But there are many other exciting plants that can handle both too much sunbathing - and sloppy waterers.

Water properly

Water less if the plant is shady, or in a north window. It is easy to water to death a plant that is shady. If it is bright, warm and sunny, it obviously needs more water.

Let the soil dry between waterings without becoming snuff dry. Feel with your finger before.



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